Planning and execution of underground infrastructure, Horizontal drilling, Micro-tunneling, and advanced methods of line replacement

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Established: 2001
Line of Business: Planning and execution of underground infrastructure, Horizontal drilling, Micro-tunneling, and advanced methods of line replacement.
Address: Main office: 14 Bir Dovel St.,
P.O.B 5166, Dalit al-Carmel
Phone: 972-4-8393820
Fax: 972-4-8395383
Email: [email protected]
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Leading Executives

    Karmi Wahba CEO
    Nazia Wahba CEO of Solo Kiduhim
    Amar Wahba CEO
    Hader Wahba Chief Financial Officer
    Hamza Wahba Head of Boring Manager Division
    Farag Wahba Head of the Replacement Lines Division
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Slman Wahba & Sons Ltd. is a leading company in the field of underground infrastructure, horizontal drilling, application of latest technologies, and special works in the field of civil engineering. The company’s activities began in 1979, when the company’s founder, the late Mr. Slman Wahba, began working on the IEC’s nahariya area as a main contractor. He founded the company in 2001, in parallel with the acquisition of its first heavy equipment and the execution of large-scale works for the cable companies.
Today, the company, which has developed over the years and has grown to become one of the leading contracting companies in the field, is managed by Slman’s six sons, who make sure to carry on their father’s values and expertise.Using advanced technologies, the company performs horizontal drilling, tunneling, and excavation, providing its customers with all the underground infrastructure services they need under one roof. With its extensive experience, the company can advise its clients on the best types of technologies and methods for completing various projects of all kinds, and perform them efficiently while maintaining continuous activity on the sites.
The company adheres to conservative and prudent financial management, enjoys a high ranking in the banking system, and carefully selects its customers according to their financial soundness. The company’s broad customer base includes government, public and private entities, including the IEC, the Ministry of Defense, all communications companies, all gas companies (including Natgaz and Negev Gas), Mekorot, Shaham-Mekorot, water and sewage corporations (including Raanana water, Aviv water, Carmel Water and others), private clients, large real estate construction and development companies, energy companies, kibbutzim, drainage authorities and many others.

Professional and dedicated human capital and safety above all

Slman Wahba & Sons Ltd. employs more than 200 employees with specializations in every aspect and area of the infrastructure industry and takes care to provide them with professional training frequently, including training in Israel and abroad. Safety is a top priority for the company, which employs a safety consultant on a regular basis and offers periodic safety workshops to its employees.

CMA system, technology, and constant renewal

Electronic and engineering equipment used by the company is highly professional and innovative, and is a solution for every project and type of work. The diverse equipment is used in all areas of business and can be used in any environment. The company aims to provide its customers with the most comprehensive, technological, and best solutions while ensuring quality, safety, and professionalism. It follows all innovations and developments in the global infrastructure field and brings them to its operations in Israel.

Areas of activity

Flexible horizontal drilling (HDD) Technology that enables the laying of new underground infrastructure in integral drilling with minimal disruption to the environment, and is an ideal method to perform in locations where excavation is impractical, including urban areas, under existing roads, railway tracks, and buildings, including drilling into the sea. The company has extensive experience and expertise in HDD drilling, as well as advanced equipment that allows complex HDD drilling.
Auger Boring Auger boring is one of the common techniques to perform horizontal drilling work that is carried out in a straight line for laying infrastructure on any type of ground under roads and railway tracks or any place where excavation is not possible.
Mini Micro Tunneling This advanced technology allows the company to perform drilling with a maximum accuracy without deviation from the design, to create infrastructure for steel and concrete pipes in all types of soil with a slope of up to ± 0.1%. With the compact machine, this process is done quietly and accurately without causing any environmental disruption. The company has a variety of equipment in this field which allows drilling in all diameters.
Micro-tunneling Using this method is ideal when long lines need to be laid without finish shafts or when the work needs to be performed below groundwater level or under frequently used public infrastructure, such as roads or railways. This technology is very efficient and accurate, ensures horizontal drilling with an exact slope of up to ± 0.05%, and is carried out without disrupting daily life.
Channeling, and trenching works - Solo Kiduhim The Solo Kiduhim subsidiary is the group’s canalization division and provides a variety of excavation and canalization services, including excavation and laying of pipes for drains at the highest accuracy levels (slopes of ± 0.01%) using an advanced laser system. As well as excavation work for laying sewer infrastructure, the company performs rock quarrying and rock crushing with heavy tools up to 320 cm wide.
Line renewal and shattering technology - Oz Salman Technologies, in collaboration with the Oz Control Group Oz Salman Technologies is responsible for using advanced technologies to renew the company’s lines. These innovative technologies make it possible to repair and replace outdated infrastructure of any kind without excavation. The company offers line shattering using Pipe Bursting and Pipe Splitting methods, sleeve and renewal of water pipes, as well as threading large-diameter fiberglass, steel, and polyethylene pipes.

Professional and comprehensive heavy equipment

The company owns an extensive fleet of heavy equipment and highly advanced professional excavation machinery that is considered the backbone in all construction divisions, including about 12 HDD machines in a variety of sizes, 3 Auger boring machines, 3 microtunneling machines, and two mini-micro-tunneling machines, about ten large trenchers, special equipment for all types of shattering and sleeve work, advanced electronic equipment for monitoring and measuring drilling, as well as a support fleet of backhoes, and trucks.

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