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Initiation and contracting company

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Established: 2004
Line of Business: Initiation and contracting company
Address: 11 Tar’ad St., Ramat Gan,
36 Sheinkin St., Givatayim
Phone: 972-77-2151900, *3660
Fax: 972-77-2151901, 972-77-2151901
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Company Executives

  • Shaul  Shtekler, Shatban Inc.

    Shaul Shtekler

    Owner and Founder

    Shatban Inc.

  • Chen  Shtekler, Shatban Inc.

    Adv. Chen Shtekler

    Legal Council

    Shatban Inc.

Leading Executives

    Sarit Shtekler CFO and Owner
    Erez Sapani Director of Marketing & Business Development
    Omer Shaked Chief of Operations
    Avraham Harari – Director of Sales & Public Relations
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About Shatban Inc.

Shatban Inc., is a veteran, leading company in the field of initiation and contracting that specializes in Urban Renewal of residential buildings according to TAMA 38/2 (NOP 38), and is among the first companies in Israel to have conducted projects involving demolition and reconstruction according to TAMA 38.
The company’s numerous successes, its top-tier reputation, and its proven liability stem not only from its years’ long experience but also from the extensive knowledge it holds, by being both a contracting and an entrepreneurial corporation, which insists on uncompromising quality of construction in every project it spearheads.
Shatban is run by Shaul Shtekler, a contractor and entrepreneur with 30 years experience, a member of the Israeli Association of Builders and the Organization of Contractors and Masons (Tel Aviv branch, as a member of the oversight committee). Shaul acts both as a contractor and as an entrepreneur, and his operations include several construction realizations, which include contracting (execution), entrepreneurial work, combination deals, and demolition-reconstruction (Pinui Binui) deals.

Focusing on the Tenants

The welfare of the residents is always at the crux of the company’s activities, which advocates personal and dedicated treatment of tenants, that are always welcomed to contact with their needs and demands. This particular strength of the company is manifested in the fact that Shatban will always be settled for the benefit of the denizens, even at the expense of the company’s profits. This comes from intimately understanding that, when purchasing an apartment, the future residents make the biggest financial decision of their lives. This is understood by the Shatban, and therefore it will always strive to do best by its clients. This is evidenced by the clients living in the many projects already occupied. 

Comprehensive Solutions

In the course of its activities, the company works on initiating and investing in real estate projects, planning, consulting and liaising with local authorities.
Shatban specializes in “Evacuation-Reconstruction” (Pinui Binui) deals, combination deals, Israel Lands Authority (Rami) tenders, private lands, ground-floor villas, and commercial buildings.
The projects are designed and built in cooperation with leading professionals and architects, and these provide a rich and luxurious interior, coupled with the most advanced, and highest quality building materials available. Since the company is responsible simultaneously for the execution of the project it itself initiated, clients know they’re getting a building characterized by the highest standard.

Financial Stability

As a company with years of experience in its fields of operation, Shatban enjoys complete financial stability. All projects are accompanied by leading banks in accordance with the Law on Apartment sales and purchases. The peace of minds that our clients enjoy, alongside the uncompromising quality for which Shatban’s projects are known, serve as the primary benefits rendered unto its clients.

Prominent Projects

Under development

New Kernitsi (Kernitsi HaChadasha), Ramat Gan - The neighborhood of New Kernitsi is characterized by environmentally-friendly construction and a pastoral, rustic atmosphere.
In this residential quarter, which is situated between Kfar Azar and Tel HaShomer and currently being developed, there will be 5 buildings, 3-4 story houses, garden/rooftop duplexes, and ground floor flats. These are located next to a 40 dunam park, which is also in the process of being established. The neighborhood has access to main roads, kindergartens, and schools, and is directly adjacent to Bar Ilan University and Tel HaShomer hospital. Shatban will soon be constructing duplexes of the garden/roof variety with a high-quality interior.
Additional projects under development: Nizana 18, Givatayim; Reines 12, Givatayim; Le’an 5, Ramat Gan; Kakal 23, Givatayim; HaKnesset 31, Givatayim.

Project under construction

6 HaShushan St., Ramat Gan - a unique boutique installation which includes 21 housing units, is situated at the heart of a quiet, Ramat Gani neighborhood, in a pleasant and modern community setting. The project offers a high quality of living, a rich communal life, close proximity to parks and esteemed educational institution (e.g. Ramat Gan college), and a plethora of activities for the entire family.

34-36 Bar Kochva St., Ramat Gan - this boutique project, which includes two buildings with 2 apartments per floor, offers a quiet and upgraded living experience. Each building houses 8 floors and a penthouse floor, for a total of 18 apartments of 4 rooms. Bar Kochva St., located next to the luxurious Marom Nave quarter, a park and commercial area, offers a variety of leisure activities and is positioned close to quality educational institutions.

4-6 Mordei HaGetaot St., Givatayim - located in the prestigious and well-established Borochov quarter, includes 2 boutique edifices with 4 to 5 room apartments, and a penthouse floor. The project is found close to schools and educational facilities and offers community life and excellent neighbors. The street is adjacent to the Diamond Exchange in Ramat Gan and the exit routes to Tel Aviv.

29-21 Golomb St., Givatayim - one of the best known and highest quality quarters of Givatayim hosts a high-standards, elegant and modern residential project, which offers high quality of life, in a quiet and environmentally friendly. The building is 6 stories high, with a penthouse floor, and features a variety of apartment sizes. The tenants enjoy living in one of the best school districts in the country, as well as lush parks and rich community activities, as well as leisure centers.

Completed projects

A TAMA 38/2 (NOP 38/2) project on 16 Sanhedrin St., Ramat Gan, which saw 2 residential units evacuated and demolished with 36 constructed in their stead.
A unique project on 15 Mordei HaGatoat St., in the course of which a 7 story building was erected, featuring a swimming pool and a gym, as part of a combination deal.
Hafetz Haim 23, Tel Aviv; HaSne 7, Ramat Gan; Gnesin 26, Givatayim; HaMeorer 5, Givatayim; Amal 8, Givatayim; Barkay 7, Ramat Gan; Kedma 7, Ramat Gan; Tarpab 17, Ramat Gan; Nahal Itzchak 37, Tel Aviv; Ahalihav 10, Ramat Gan; Yehuda 8 Ramat Gan; Tarpab 19, Ramat Gan; Rishonim 21, Ramat Gan; Rosh Pina 38 Ramat Gan; Ein Gedi 4, Givatayim.

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Total Projects

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4 Total Projects after building permit


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