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Urban renewal, real-estate, construction and infrastructures

Shoval – Yosha, Law-Offices and Notary
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Established: 2009
Line of Business: Urban renewal, real-estate, construction and infrastructures
Address: 9 Masada St., Bnei Brak, 3rd BSR Tower
Phone: 972-3-6914444
Fax: 972-3-6914440
Email: [email protected], [email protected]
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  • Roi  Shoval, Shoval – Yosha, Law-Offices and Notary

    Adv. Roi Shoval

    Founding partner

    Shoval – Yosha, Law-Offices and Notary

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    Roi Shoval
  • Amit Yosha, Shoval – Yosha, Law-Offices and Notary

    Adv. Amit Yosha

    Founding partner

    Shoval – Yosha, Law-Offices and Notary

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    Amit Yosha
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About Shoval – Yosha, Law-Offices and Notary

Shoval – Yosha, Law-Offices and Notary has been practicing urban renewal since 2009. The close support that the firm provides its clients with, its extensive knowledge and the vast professional experience that the firm’s lawyers accumulated throughout the years, position it amongst the leaders in this field. With dozens of successfully completed projects, and current involvement in numerous other project where thousands of new apartments are expected to be built – the firm presents capabilities that only very few other firms can match.

Shoval - Yosha is ranked as a leading urban renewal firm in all of the law firm ranking tables. In addition, the firm has been ranked first, for the third consecutive year, at Madlan’s and the Real Estate Center’s ranking tables as a law firm in the field of urban renewal, representing tenants.

The firm provides legal services and facilitation for all types of urban renewal projects, including Tama 38/1, Tama 38/2 and Pinui-Binui projects. The firm is one of the pioneers of the urban renewal field, and is considered to be a highly-experienced and reputable firm in such projects.

Thus far, the firm led more than 250 urban renewal projects, mainly in central Israel, with more than 100 of them are under construction or completed. In the great majority of projects, the firm represents apartment owners rather than initiators. 

The firm follows two core guidelines through all of its operations:

The first – is to avoid conflict of interests. The firm strictly maintains its integrity and fairness and refrains from conflicts of interests and situations that may lead to conflict of interests, and accordingly it would never represent apartment owners in a projects vis-à-vis an initiator which is part of the firm’s clientele.

The second principle is being pro-active with continuous active involvement in the projects in which the firm is involved.

The firm’s lawyers are involved in the management and promotion of the transaction also beyond its legal aspects, support and counsel the apartment owners in every matter, thus leading to a very high percentage of projects that are signed by the legal majority and successfully completed and populated.

The firm is also very experienced in facilitating Pinui-Binui projects (As opposed to demolition and construction in the framework of TAMA 38), which are still relatively rare. The firm boasts the facilitation of several such projects, including a large Pinui-Binui complex in the neighborhood of Kiryat HaYovel in Jerusalem which successfully passed all of the planning, bank support and evacuation procedures, and is currently under construction – after the apartment owners received all of the required bank guarantees and evacuated their old apartments, and the buildings were demolished.

The firm’s extensive and practical knowledge and experience are expressed not only in the facilitation of projects, but also in the invitations that its lawyers receive to lecture in various forums on the topic, in numerous publications of articles in the media and in involvement in legislation and legislation amendments concerning all aspects of urban renewal.

Owing to the many years of operations of the firm in the urban renewal field, its partners are considered to be experts on all aspects of urban renewal – including tax aspects, the required legal proceedings vis-à-vis the various authorities, the conduct through the planning committees, the finance arrangements, the pledges and the guarantees.

The firm believes in thoroughness, professionalism and excellence, which are expressed, inter alia, in the meticulous drafting of the contracts and relevant documents, in the framework of both the contractual agreement between the apartment owners and the initiator and the contractual agreement with the project’s financiers. Thus the firm manages, time and time again, to reach broad agreements both between the apartment owners and the initiator and between the apartment owners themselves, and enable the execution of the project. 

The integration between the vast experience that the firm accumulated and the personal involvement and first-class professional capabilities of the partners, enable to firm to lead numerous transactions to successful closure within a short period of time, on the basis of a broad agreement between the apartment owners.

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The firm supports numerous business and private clients in the real-estate sector, and represents them in a wide variety of complex real estate transactions and projects, and apartment and yielding properties sales And rental deals, including acquisitions from receivers.

The firm has extensive experience in asset-exchange transactions and it accompanies contractors in projects for the construction of residential apartments, including the sale of apartments, and the registration of buildings being built as multi-occupancy houses.

The firm believes in high involvement in the commercial design of the transactions it handles, and accompanies its clients throughout all of the transaction’s stages, from the deal and project planning, through betterment and permits, financing and land purchase, to the completion and registration of rights, with a constant combination of great professionalism with fast and creative solutions for efficient and quick execution of transactions.

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