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Commercial law, labor law, and litigation

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Established: 2010
Line of Business: Commercial law, labor law, and litigation
Address: 2 Pal-Yam Ave., Eshel Building, Haifa
Phone: 972-4-8661112 
Email: [email protected]
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  • Eyal Soref, Soref & Co., Law Offices

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    Soref & Co., Law Offices

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    Eyal Soref
  • Alex Vais, Soref & Co., Law Offices

    Alex Vais

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    Soref & Co., Law Offices

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About Soref & Co., Law Offices

Soref & Co., Law Offices is a leading boutique firm that provides legal services of the highest degree regarding labor law, commercial law, and litigation. The firm is regularly ranked in the most prestigious Israeli rankings.

The firm, which has been renowned for over a decade for its professional excellence and vast experience, specializes in labor law, providing its clients with comprehensive legal representation for all their fields of expertise as a one stop shop, delivering solutions to all their business needs. Among its clients are large scale companies and Israel’s leading industrial companies.

Soref & Co.’s unique forte lies in its ability to provide its clients, among which are companies and industrial factories, with comprehensive legal services, which includes regular personal accompanying to all of their legal activities.

The outstanding service for which the firm is renowned is provided by a selected team, while the firm’s founder is personally involved in every case and in every transaction. The combination between the firm’s comprehensive legal services and the exceptional personal service is that which creates the added value from which the firm’s clients benefit.

The firm’s clients include international corporations that operate in Israel and leading Israeli companies.

Determination, Professional Excellence and Uncompromising Quality

The firm provides its clients with uncompromising legal services of the highest degree, in order to lead them to the numerous successes for which it is known, in light of its professional excellence.

The determination, the personal service and in-depth knowledge which the firm accumulated, create the added value for its clients.

Areas of Expertise

Labor Law
The firm provides comprehensive legal services regarding all aspects of labor law, including admission to work, work agreements, social and pension rights, termination of employee-employer relationship including the right for a hearing, severance pay, add-ons orders and collective agreements. The firm accumulated profound experience regarding the representation of employers in regional labor courts and national labor court, and it maintains vast experience pertaining to successfully managing employees’ lawsuits against employers and maintaining the finest results in various cases. Soref & Co. law firm maintains extensive experience regarding the representation of its clients in thousands of cases at labor law courts, among which are arbitration and mediation. In addition, Soref & Co. examines and drafts various labor agreements for hourly employees, daily employees, monthly employees, and seasonal employees, as well as work agreements for limited periods of time, work agreements for trust servers, senior positions and executives, and drafting and examining independent contractors’ and freelancers’ agreements.

Commercial Law
Soref & Co. represents leading local commercial companies and industrial factories, as well as international companies working in Israel. The firm also specializes in the representation of Chinese and East Asian companies regarding their work in Israel. Soref & Co. provides clients with second-to-none legal services in all areas of the company’s activity, including various commercial agreements, among which is cooperation agreements, agreements with suppliers or customers, finance agreements and sale and purchasing agreements. The firm also specializes in accompanying and counseling its clients pertaining to partnerships, company foundation, company dissolution and representation vis-à-vis state authorities.

Soref & Co. provides its clients with representation in various courts, including the Supreme Court, district courts, magistrates court, labor courts, both regional and national, various appeal committees, mediations, and arbitrations. The firm manages large scale complex cases pertaining to commercial litigation, in addition to litigation cases in its other fields of expertise, among which is labor law and real estate. The firm maintains proven records pertaining to winning many cases in court, as well as precedents regarding labor law and company law, and shareholders and executives’ personal responsibility.

Adv. Eyal Soref

Adv. Eyal Soref founded the firm over a decade ago. Adv. Soref maintains vast experience and ample knowledge regarding labor law, corporate law, contract law, real estate transactions and litigation. Adv. Soref serves as counsel to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Haifa and the Northern region, and as regular counsel to many corporations, both international and Israeli. Adv. Soref lectures in conferences and seminars regarding his fields of expertise. Adv. Soref is a renowned expert in his fields of expertise and has published dozens of articles, both in national media and on professional websites.

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