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Established: 2015
Line of Business: Construction Contracting and Development
Address: 54 Herbert Samuel St., Hadera
Phone: 972-54-2277425, 972-4-6324240
Fax: 972-4-6213701
Email: [email protected]
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Company Executives

  • Yaniv Bel, Towers Holdings & Development Ltd.

    Yaniv Bel

    CEO and Partner

    Towers Holdings & Development Ltd.

  • Eli Genis, Towers Holdings & Development Ltd.

    Eli Genis

    CEO and Partner

    Towers Holdings & Development Ltd.

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About Towers Holdings & Development Ltd.

Towers Holdings & Development Ltd. is a leading real estate development and execution company which operates across Israel. The company was founded in 2015 and during its years of operations it has made a name and a reputation for itself as a professional and reliable company of the highest level. The company’s excellent reputation has led it to build hundreds of residential units to date, both high-density construction and detached houses, most of which are located in the city of Hadera.

The company’s mission is to provide its clients with apartments of the highest levels of quality and design, while maintaining professionalism, reliability and a warm and dedicated service, paying meticulous attention to every detail, big and small, and meeting the schedules and the company’s commitments. The company’s team includes engineers, work managers and employed construction workers, and the company also hires subcontractors (in according with the requirements of each project). The professional human capital that the company has enables it to complete projects even before the deadlines that it committed to, a very rare thing in the construction industry.

Executive Team

The company was founded by the businesspersons Yaniv Bell and Eli Ganish, who specialize in initiating and building unique residential projects. They wanted to bring a new revelation to the real estate market – premium-level professional service and reliability alongside with personal attention and meticulous care to every buyer from the belief that the apartment buyers are the most important factor in every project.

They also greatly emphasize the aesthetics and design, and for this purpose they hire leading architecture firms which design impressive and luxurious projects for them. These are some of the reasons for the fact that a significant share of the company’s customers are returning customers or customers who arrive to the sales offices following recommendations from longstanding customers.

Development and Execution Under One Roof

One of the secret’s of the company’s strengths is its status as both the developer and the execution contractor in its projects. This combination provides the customers with the assurance that Towers Holdings’ team would accompany them throughout the entire project to its completion, and the peace of mind that comes from knowing that they have someone to turn to for questions and requests at any given moment.

The combination serves as a tremendous advantage also internally, as it enables the management team to control the time schedules of the planning and construction, to closely supervise the implementation of the plans in the field and to handle situations of manpower shortage, engineering complexities and unexpected planning difficulties. Furthermore, it enables the company to offer attractive and fair prices.

Financial Strength and Stability

Towers Holdings and Development benefits from solid financial strength which stems mainly from refraining to take unnecessary risks and the preliminary capability to identify the real estate opportunities with the highest returns. The company’s financial resilience is one of the reasons for the full trust that the company receives from buyers, financing banks, suppliers and subcontractors.

Notable Projects

Soho: a unique residential complex that combines different worlds and enables the residents to remain at the heart of the action, is located near green fields and the Hadera Dreams Park, near shopping, entertainment and leisure centers, with access to the city exit roads. The project includes 3,4 and 5-room apartments and has 179 residential units in 4 buildings.

New Soho: A project on the corner of the Sheshet HaYamim and HaNasi streets in Hadera. As appropriate for a building at the vibrating urban center of the city, the project is a textured building with 21 apartments and 3 floors of parking areas. A commercial ground level floor faces the main streets, with an offices storey above it and 3 textured residential storeys. The sixth storey is a separating storey for the benefit of the residents, which includes a residents’ club, a gym and a large and spacious roofed balcony. Above this storey rises a 14-storey tower. The project has a total of 120 apartments.

20 Tsahal St.: A 19-storey tower in a mix-use residential, commerce and offices project, 96 apartments, 2,3,4, and 5-room apartments, 2,210 sq.m. of offices and 1,000 sq.m. of commerce areas. The project is located at the city’s eastern entrance and is adjacent to the exits to roads 2, 4 and 6 and to the East Hadera Railway Station, which renovation will soon be completed. The project is unique as an innovative designed tower, with huge balconies of 20,30 and 40 sq.m. and an innovative and modern architectural design.

Smilanski: A Pinui-Binui project at the city’s center. The proposed construction includes a 3-storey parking basement, a double commerce floor with three office storeys above it, and above them two 20-storey residential buildings with 3,4 and 5-room apartments.

Adenei Paz, Hadera Seaside: A luxury project in the neighborhood of Givat Olga and includes a 9-storey residential building with 27 apartments. The project was completed and delivered to the customers to their full satisfaction before the contractual deadline.

Beit Yosef, Hadera: A luxury residences project at the center of Hadera’s Piazza. The project was built in a mix-use model with commerce and offices areas and it includes 55 luxury apartments in two residential buildings with 8 and 9 storeys. The project has 4 and 5 room apartments alongside garden apartments and penthouses. The apartments are particularly spacious with a lavish technical spec.

Towers HaGiborim, Hadera: A 6-storeys boutique building with 19 apartments on the corner of HaGiborim and Shmidt streets. The building’s apartments mix includes 4-room apartments, garden apartments and two penthouses, and the whole project is characterized by a particularly luxurious design with an upscale lobby, a lavish technical spec, private storage, a parking space for every apartment, unique lobby lighting, and upscale fast elevator and more.

10 Sheshet HaYmim, Hadera: A 5-storey boutique building with only 2 apartments per storey. The building is located in the central street of Sheshet HaYamim, a few walking minutes away from shopping and entertainment centers, health clinics and education institutes, and it includes a special rooftop apartment and an upscale lobby.

Jabotinsky, Hadera: A boutique building on Jabotinsky street, a few minutes away from education, culture and leisure institutes. The project includes eleven 4 and 5-room apartments and a particularly large, spacious and luxurious penthouses.

Bukstein House, Hadera: A high-quality project being built in front of a HaMayesdim Garden in the city. The building has 7 storeys and 11 apartments – 3,4 and 5-room apartments and a penthouse. The building was built with advanced construction methods and is paneled with luxury marble which provides it with a particularly impressive look. Furthermore, an emphasis was made on the environmental development which was designed by a landscape architect and the building includes a particularly upscale lobby and intercom and CCTV systems.

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