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Established: 2006
Line of Business: Real Estate, Planning & Construction, Civil-Commercial Law and Inheritances
Address: 5 Hahilazon St., Granit Tower, Ramat Gan 5252269
Phone: 972-3-5757170
Fax: 972-153-35757180
Email: [email protected]
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  • Tzvi Shoob, Tzvi Shoob Law Offices

    Adv. Tzvi Shoob

    Owner & Manager

    Tzvi Shoob Law Offices

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    Tzvi Shoob
  • Yifat  Ben-Arie, Tzvi Shoob Law Offices

    Adv. Yifat Ben-Arie

    Head of Building and Construction and Litigation Department

    Tzvi Shoob Law Offices

  • Amir Dremer, Tzvi Shoob Law Offices

    Adv. Amir Dremer

    Real Estate and Urban Renewal Dept. Manager

    Tzvi Shoob Law Offices


    Ayelet Tzur
    Keren Zukin
    Gilad Shimon
    Eyal Oliker
    Libby Kopaigarotsky
    Sapir Zilber
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About Tzvi Shoob Law Offices

Tzvi Shoob Law Offices is one of Israel’s leading real-estate law firms, including all aspects of planning and zoning, facilitation of real-estate and urban renewal transactions, real-estate tax, and litigation. The firm has expertise in promoting and managing planning and zoning procedures and real-estate betterment, including objections to plans (including merger and parcellation plans, preservation etc.), betterment charges, compensation claims for planning-related damage and appropriations, preferred residential zones proceedings (promotion and objections), planning and permits proceedings, including representation before various planning authorities and various government agencies.

In addition, the firm has expertise in facilitating real-estate transactions – combination, sales, Tama 38, revenue sharing, Pinui-Binui, and purchasing groups transactions, Israeli Lands Authority lands transactions, wills preparation and real-estate taxation. The firm has extensive experience and expertise in managing legal proceedings for partnerships break-up, eviction and dislodgment, endowments, tort claims, estate and inheritance management and more, before the various tribunals. The firm is headed by Adv. Tzvi Shoob, an expert on legal, planning and commercial aspects of real-estate and planning and zoning. Adv. Shoob founded the firm in early 2006. Formerly, he worked for many years in the real-estate departments of his father’s – The Late Adv. Moshe Shoob, one of the leaders of this Practice area – firm. Adv. Shoob is an associate member of the Chamber of Appraisers and a member of the Appraisal Academy, and lectures in professional conventions, The Lawyer Training Institute of the Israeli Bar Association, the Appraisal Academy, the Chamber of Appraisers etc., and regularly publishes articles in professional journals and the media, and serves as the chief editor of “Real Estate”, a real-estate bimonthly. 

The Firm’s Practice Areas

The firm’s practice is divided into two departments – the Planning and Zoning and Litigation Department and the Real Estate and Urban Renewal Department, which handle the following topics:

The Planning and Zoning and Litigation
Handles the following topics:

• Plan promotion and real-estate betterment – representation of rights owners before the various planning institutes, authorities and tribunals in all aspects of the promotion of planning procedures in order to increase and realize the value of properties – including merging and parcellation, planning and permits, with the support of the required consultants, such as architects and real-estate appraisers. For example, rezoning agricultural land, promoting detailed plans under general master plans, development agreements and more.

• Expertise in handling preferred residential zone plans, promotion/objections.

• Handling betterment charges in order to reduce or annul them, including proceedings before deciding appraisers, appeal committees, and courts.

Supporting objections to harmful plans – representation objectors before planning institutes and representation of initiators against objections to the plans they are promoting.

• Handling expropriation claims and compensation for harmful plans (Provision 197 of The Planning and Building Law) – representation of landowners and entities which were harmed by plans and/or expropriations, including roads and railways expropriations, including taxation aspects of the proceedings. Extensive experience in increasing the compensation sums and complex lawsuits vis-a-vis various authorities: The National Road Company, Israel Railways, local commissions and more.

• Litigation in various complex real-estate -related cases: counseling and litigating on real-estate, planning and zoning and lands issues, concerning the essence of land rights, possession and use aspects, partnerships break-ups, contract law, evictions and compensations, protected residence and more, both privately and before various authorities and courts, all from a comprehensive view of the proceedings, encompassing the planning and zoning laws, the commercial real-estate aspects and the title aspects, and managing them optimally in order to maximize the clients’ rights in accordance with their needs.

The Real Estate and Urban Renewal Department Handles the following topics:

• Legal counsel and facilitation in real-estate transactions – the department provides overall counsel and facilitating from feasibility checks, property-sharing agreements, commercial negotiations, comprehensive handling of various agreements, finance and financial support agreements, representation before various authorities, and up to the transaction’s completion and rights registration.

• Legal support for residents and initiators in Tama 38 and Pinui-Binui projects.

• Supporting initiators, contractors, construction companies and private clients in various real-estate transactions, including urban renewal transactions – facilitation of complex real-estate transactions on private/Israeli Lands Authority lands, including Tama 38 and Pinui-Binui, sale/purchase for residential/commerce/industry and yielding properties, supporting construction execution transactions, combination, revenue-sharing, and purchasing group transactions, facilitation of all of the projects’ construction and marketing procedures, sharing agreements, gifts and wills, including real-estate taxation counsel and planning for various transaction, support for finance procedures, permits, unit sales, registration and regulation of the real-estate, contracts with executing professionals, and proper advisory for optimal execution of the transaction with the coordination and to the benefit of the client.

• Real-estate and Municipal (betterment charges) Taxation – representation vis-a-vis the real-estate tax offices, assessment objections and appeals, reduction of real-estate tax and representation in municipal tax issues, particularly in complex betterment charges.

• Handling privately-owned and Israeli Lands Authority lands, leasing, development areas and more.

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