The 2017 Construction & Real Estate Leaders Forum

On Sep 6th 2017 we held the annual DUN'S 100 Construction & Real Estate Leaders Forum

The forum was led by Yehuda Sabag, Dun & Bradstreet's Executive Vice President, and Dror Marmour, Globes' real-estate editor, was held with the participation of the Minister of Housing and Construction, Yoav Galant as well as the participation of top executives and firm's leading the sector.

The forum handled current topics, such as: are real-estate prices increasing or decreasing? The consequences of the Israeli government's actions to reduce prices on the developers' ability to sustain the market for long, are average marketing periods of housing projects increasing? Is the "Mechir LaMishtaken" plan a deception or will it have positive affects on the market? What trends should the sector anticipate in the upcoming year? Etc.