The Transportation & Vehicles Forum 2019

On 13/05/2019 we held Dun's 100 annual forum in the field of automotive industry in Israel at the Dun & Bradstreet offices.

The forum, led by Ariel Schreiber, VP of Marketing , Service & Sales, Efrat Segev, Chief Data & Analytics, and Moderated by Lior Gutman, transportation and infrastructure reporter at Calcalist,

Following Ariel's opening remarks, Efrat presented the participants with an interesting review of the automotive field in Israel .

In the forum, we discussed the burning issues in the industry, such as: The changing car market, public / cooperative transportation in Israel, the future of the autonomous vehicle in Israel, the regulatory difficulties faced by the sector and other issues

The forum was attended by:

Uri Sirki, CEO, Israir Aviation and Tourism, Eyal Zebida, CEO, Shlomo Zbeida Holdings; Ilan Alkobi, Owner, Ram Shan- Services and Investments; Ilana Shneur, VP of Underwriting and Credit , Liss Car, Arik Abutbul, Director of Traffic & Control Management, Netivei Israel; Itamar Ben-Meir, CEO, Netivei Ayalon, Elias Azam, Head of Economics, Department of Transportation; Guy Blankstein, CEO, Pacific Automotive and Transportation; Gil Stav, VP Sales & Marketing, Israir Aviation & Tourism, CEO, BYD Shlomo Motors, Electric Buses; Dafna Orbach-Biran, Partner, Orbach Halevy Engineers; Jacob Dee, owner, trade leads; Moti Barton, CEO, Shlomo Leasing Private, Meital Lehavi, Deputy Mayor and Head of the Transport and Logistics Sector, Tel Aviv Municipality; Moshe Mano, Chairman, Mano Maritime, Omer Zohar, CEO, Fenden - Advanced Transportation; Ofer Kazum, CEO, Otto Modiin Group, Eran Vaknin, Chairman, Delek Ten; Karen Schiff, VP Marketing, CAR2GO- Shagrir Group, Roni Seri, CEO, Baran Israel; Shay Sidon, VP Sales & Marketing, KLS Capital; Shelly Ochovsky, CEO, Perry Yeruham - Car Vehicle;

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