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Established: 2018
Line of Business: Import and Marketing of Steels
Address: 3 HaMada St., Ashdod, Israel
Phone: 972-8-6869200
Fax: 972-8-6869222
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.a-albo.com
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Company Executives

  • Avi Albo, AVDAR ALBO

    Avi Albo

    Chairman and CEO


  • Sefi Albo, AVDAR ALBO

    Sefi Albo



  • Oren Magen, AVDAR ALBO

    Oren Magen

    VP Sales


  • Corin Ben David, AVDAR ALBO

    Corin Ben David

    HR & Administration Manager


  • Regev Levi, AVDAR ALBO

    Regev Levi



  • Udi Maoz, AVDAR ALBO

    Udi Maoz

    Sales Manager


  • Meni Carasenti, AVDAR ALBO

    Meni Carasenti

    Sales Manager


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As a leading company involved in steel imports and metal supply to industries, Avdar Albo strives to uphold its values of excellence and service in all its activities. For every final product from a factory abroad to Israel, Avdar Albo provides comprehensive solutions. The company specializes in flat steel products, professional iron, coils, pipes, nets, and fencing products.
Avdar Albo’s customers include locksmiths, construction companies, finishing contractors, factories that make air conditioning ducts, and the door industry, among others. Since the company’s salespeople maintain the highest level of professionalism, the level of service provided by the company’s employees is of the utmost standard.
Avi Albo, who has over 30 years of experience in the steel industry, founded Avdar Albo to provide first-class services to various sectors including construction, distribution centers, light construction, infrastructure, and other fields.

The company, which was established in 2018, began its activities in 2019, but commenced its journey back in 1993, and at all times maintains first-rate professional knowledge that it has accumulated over decades of activity and expertise in its field. Avdar Albo is managed by former Iskur employees including owner Avi Albo, who founded the company when Iskur was sold to the Israeli Kidma Fund. Avdar Albo has been a success since day one as a result of the extensive experience of its employees, and the specialization in the field of its owners. Avdar Albo’s annual turnover amounts to approximately NIS 250 million. In order to lead the steel market in Israel, Avdar Albo intends to continue its significant growth momentum.

International Standards, Groundbreaking Innovation

Located at the forefront of its areas of expertise, Avdar Albo maintains its logistical efficiency, representing manufacturers around the world to meet the raw material needs of its customers. The combination of the significant benefits that the company offers to its customers, including fast delivery, significant cost savings, and a complete offering of essential products for various industries by a single professional supplier, is what creates the value that the company’s customers enjoy.
In terms of quality, Avdar Albo adheres to international standards. Moreover, the company makes sure that its raw materials are priced competitively so its customers can enjoy first-rate products at an affordable prices. The company operates according to the values that have guided its activities since its inception, and at all times maintains groundbreaking innovation in its entire field of activity, strict, orderly, and efficient working procedures, and a supply chain that is tailored to the needs of all its customers.

Comprehensive Solutions in Uncompromising Quality

In every phase of its activities, Avdar Albo maintains uncompromising quality, from purchasing with years of experience to efficient and orderly work procedures, to suppliers meeting strict standards, to excellent finishing. Customers of the company receive a range of comprehensive solutions covering purchases for all sizes as well as specific needs, including products that are routinely imported by the company. Among these products are professional iron, flat products, and pipes.
Many of the employees of Avdar Albo have been with the company for many years. During these years, the company’s employees have gained invaluable professional experience, and accompany the company’s customers with a commitment to customer satisfaction throughout the process.

Contributing to the Community

Contributing to the community is of utmost importance to Avdar Albo, which is committed to continual support. The company makes significant donations to a variety of organizations throughout the year.

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