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An engineering and project management company that operates in Israel and overseas in the fields of industry, energy, communication, construction, and infrastructures. Accompanies its clients from concept to perfect implementation.

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Established: 1979
Line of Business: An engineering and project management company that operates in Israel and overseas in the fields of industry, energy, communication, construction, and infrastructures. Accompanies its clients from concept to perfect implementation.
Address: Baran House, 5 Menachem Begin Rd., Beit Dagan 5020000
Phone: 972-3-9775000
Fax: 972-3-9775001
Email: [email protected]
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  • Meir Dor, Baran Group

    Meir Dor

    Founder and Chairman

    Baran Group

  • Sharon  Zaid, Baran Group

    Sharon Zaid

    CEO Baran Group

    Baran Group

  • Sasson  Shilo, Baran Group

    Sasson Shilo

    Senior VP and CFO

    Baran Group

  • Izek  Frank, Baran Group

    Izek Frank

    CEO Baran International

    Baran Group

  • Roni  Seri, Baran Group

    Roni Seri

    CEO Baran Israel

    Baran Group

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    Roni Seri
  • Ronen Chitterer, Baran Group

    Ronen Chitterer

    Chief Engineering and Technologies Officer

    Baran Group

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About Baran Group


Baran Group has been leading the Israeli market through numerous engineering projects in Israel and abroad for hundreds of clients. Over the past four decades, the company has cumulatively executed thousands of projects and gained extensive experience and reputation in the provision of project management and engineering services at the highest level of service and professionalism. The group has strong engineering capabilities and a broad range of engineering and operational solutions that enable it to lead and execute diverse projects, from low-scale to mega-projects, of varying complexities and with solutions for unique requirements, all in accordance with the requests of the developers and project orderers.

Baran Group serves as the engineering partner and operational arm of Israeli developers and technology suppliers to other countries.

Baran Group employs more than 900 employees, most of whom are engineers, and its shares have been traded on the TASA since 1992. The Group has offices in Israel (Haifa, Omer, Beit Dagan), Europe, Asia and Africa.

For the past two years, the company has been implementing a plan for focusing its business on countries and projects where it has structural advantages and high profit margins. Since mid-2018, the company significantly increased its orders backlog after winning numerous projects valued at more than NIS 2 billion in total. Most of the revenues from these contracts are expected over the next few years. In 2020, the company signed a cooperation agreement with Mekorot for executing international projects, where the parties would plan and execute together water-related projects globally, while Baran leads the execution and Mekorot provides water consulting.

A Commitment to Excellence

Baran group is committed to social-environmental responsibility and OSH. Baran Israel has the Gold Mark of IIS and is ISO-9001, ISO-18001, and ISO-14001certiifed, for quality, safety and environmental protection, respectively.

Core Areas of Operations in Israel

Infrastructure: Infrastructure: leading, managing and supervising infrastructure projects of roads, railways, light rails, residential neighborhoods, marine infrastructures, water infrastructures, etc. The projects include the upgrading of Road 65-85 Golani-Amiad, Road 60, access road to Ashdod Port, Light Rail Purple, Red and Green segments, interchanging Road 77, the Kiryat Gat-Be’er Sheva and Harish rail tracks, Eilat Port, residential neighborhoods in Ma’ale Adumim, Nahariya, Tiberias, Sh’ab, Ablin, Tamra, Lod, Karmit and many other projects.

Construction: Leading, managing and supervising construction projects. The unit managed the planning and construction of a wide variety of projects, including the Ilan and Asaf Ramon Airport, The IMI Southern Pass, the Assuta Hospital in Rishon LeZion, a commerce and offices tower in Kfar Saba, IDF camps, the Nano-Tech and Environmental Sciences facul-ties of Tel Aviv University, the Neuroscience Faculty of The Hebrew University, the Knesset, police stations in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Lod and Eilat and more.

Engineering and Building Services: Management, coordination and supervision of construction and infrastructure projects, managing the erection of projects in the chemical, process and pharma industries, professional supervision in every field of engineering, mechanical, electric, civil engineering, quality assurance and control, preparation of schedules and budget control, procurement and contracting, and supervision of pre-fabrication.

Handling a broad variety of projects including chemistry, food, pharma, metal and petrochemical factories, clean rooms and more. Some of our clients include: ME Pipelines, Teva, Ministry of Defense, OPC, Siemens, Haifa Chemicals, Bazan Group, Gilam, Adama, Avik, Israel Ports, Unilever, Paz Refineries, Paz Energy, Osem, ICL, Tamam Food Factory, PEI Ltd., EAPC, Tara, Mekorot and water corporations.

Communication and Defense: planning, executing and building cellular infrastructures including base stations and switches and advanced homeland security systems; Optical fibers infrastructures and microwave transmissions; Installation of satellite infrastructures; Border defense and surveillance systems.

Telecom: Locating, developing and erecting wireless sites, fiber optics and advanced communication infrastructures. In this framework, thousands of cellular sites were built for a variety of wireless operators in Israel and abroad. In addition, the group manages thousands of cellular sites annually.

PMO Services: Project management services, defining and implementing management and control methodologies and techniques, developing decision-support tools and presenting a high-quality situation report for complying with the schedules and budgets, creating a multi-project integrative plan, including risk management, planning and managing dynamic time tables.

Our Clients Include: The Israel Airports Authority, Jerusalem Municipality, Ministry of Defense, Transportation Master Plan, Israel Ports and others.

Additional Operations

Kal Binyan Ltd.: In 2014, Baran Group acquired Kal Binyan Ltd. as the group’s contracting arm which specializes in sewage treatment facilities and pumping stations, planning and executing for groundwater lowering systems, digging deep wells, clearing subterranean pollution and many other complex engineering projects. The company has the highest con-tractor classifications in the sub-industries: 100 (construction), 200 (roads), 260 (sewage, drainage and water lines) and 500 (pumping stations).

A.D.Y.R Constructions Ltd.: Held by Baran Group (50%), founded in 1997, builds and manages ports and marine environment, power plant and chemical factories projects.

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