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Established: 2003
Line of Business: Law Firm
Address: Electra City Tower, 58 HaRakevet St., Tel Aviv 6777016
Phone: 972-3-6400600
Fax: 972-3-6400650
Email: [email protected]
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70% International Activity


International Activity

Operating Since 2003

Operating Since


Average Age of Employees 35

Average Age of Employees


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  • Michael Barnea, Barnea Jaffa Lande

    Michael Barnea

    Managing Partner

    Barnea Jaffa Lande

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    Michael Barnea
  • Simon Jaffa, Barnea Jaffa Lande

    Simon Jaffa

    Senior Partner

    Barnea Jaffa Lande

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    Simon Jaffa
  • Zohar Lande, Barnea Jaffa Lande

    Zohar Lande

    Senior Partner

    Barnea Jaffa Lande

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    Zohar Lande
  • Zvi  Gabbay, Barnea Jaffa Lande

    Dr. Zvi Gabbay

    Senior Partner

    Barnea Jaffa Lande

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    Zvi Gabbay

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    Elder Adato
    Terry Almozlino Arnon
    Shai Avnieli
    Hagit Ben Moshe
    Moran Bickel
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    Irit Brodsky
    Netta Bromberg
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    Mayer Winkler
    Andrey Yanai
    Mayer Winkler
    Eran Winner
    Alon Wolner
    Maya Zisser

    Of Counsels
    Dror Arad-Ayalon
    David Barnett
    Amichai Cohen
    Ariel Nadler
    Niv Polani
    Amos Rosenzweig
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About Barnea Jaffa Lande

Barnea Jaffa Lande is a leading Israeli commercial law firm with an esteemed reputation in the international arena. About 70% of our firm’s activities have international aspects. The firm’s international capabilities, which include commercial knowledge, innovative thinking, and a broad network of relationships with foreign law firms and industries, enable us to respond to clients’ needs in all spheres of their business activity. The firm is ranked as a top-tier law firm in Israel by leading international and local directories: Legal500, Chambers & Partners, Who’s Who, IFLR1000, Dun’s 100, and BDI Code.

Our Areas of Expertise

Corporations, Mergers and Acquisitions - Corporate law is at the core of the consultation services we provide to clients throughout all stages of their activities in Israel and abroad. Our long-standing corporate practice attracts praise for its cross-border capabilities. We frequently counsel clients on M&A transactions, corporate restructuring, private and public financing, purchase offers, takeovers, splits, and shareholder activism.

Infrastructure and Project Financing - Our firm has been involved in numerous high-profile and complex projects in Israel in recent years, including the light railways, the construction of the IDF training complex, the construction of pumped-storage hydroelectric and solar-thermal power stations, road and tunnel projects, and water desalination and natural gas projects. We possess particular strength in all aspects of complex projects and offer advice throughout the life cycle of a project, including during the construction and operation periods.

Litigation - We offer pragmatic advice, legal guidance, and bespoke services in order to resolve our clients’ disputes, whether our clients are public or private corporations in Israel or abroad or high-net-worth families and individuals. We successfully represent clients in all types of litigation, meditation and arbitration procedures.

Capital Market - Our firm is one of the first firms to offer a comprehensive solution to companies seeking to raise capital from the public (whether through an IPO or in more innovative ways). Our rich experience includes advising the largest public companies traded on the TASE, dual-listed companies, underwriters and distributors, investment funds, trading houses, private companies seeking to undertake an IPO, and boards of directors. In addition, our firm has a unique reputation for advising on issues of control struggles in companies listed in Israel and abroad. 

Technology - Barnea is a key player in the technology ecosystem. We are well respected for the legal advisory services we supply to technology companies throughout their life cycles. We offer a deep, wide-ranging, and innovative approach to our clients in their various sectors-fintech, life science, cyber, automotive, foodtech, and more. Clients include startups, international and multinational companies, venture capital funds, private equity funds, and private and angel investors.

Real Estate - We boast a full-service real estate practice with the skills and depth to handle large and complex real estate transactions, combination transactions, acquisition groups, “demolition and construction” projects, and National Outline Plan 38. We advise private, public, and government companies, construction companies, contractors, purchasing groups, and commercial centers.

Banking - We act for Israeli and foreign banks, investment houses, insurance companies, financial entities, and various financing and brokerage entities. We advise on licensing and permit issues in the financial field and provide representation before local regulatory bodies (Bank of Israel, Israel Securities Authority, Capital Market Commissioner, etc.) We also advise on collateral and insolvency laws, liens, bank issues, and the implementation of compliance plans. We work closely with the compliance officers of banks and sometimes even serve as compliance officers.

Employment - Our clients enjoy a highly experienced team that counsels on the entire spectrum of employment law. The team possesses the ability to handle complex international employment issues, M&A transactions, litigation, incentive plans, and benefits for executives. We have a high-profile client base of employers, including both international and local companies.

Regulation - Our firm offers compliance solutions for corporations contending with diverse regulatory requirements, including in the fields of antitrust, infrastructure and energy, the capital market, communications, privacy, gambling, financial trading, food, health, veterinary services, environmental protection, credit cards, and banking. We also represent our clients before the various regulatory authorities.

Antitrust - We provide a full spectrum of legal advisory services relating to antitrust issues, as well as handle legal proceedings involving cartels, restrictive trade practices, abuse of monopolistic power, and various violations of antitrust laws. We also advise during a wide range of transactions, including joint ventures and mergers and acquisitions involving various issues pertaining to trade restrictions and competition.

Tax - Our firm has a proven track record in a wide range of corporate tax matters, including international tax planning that considers the impact of local and foreign income tax laws, international tax treaties, VAT, and other indirect taxes. We also consult on all taxation aspects of domestic and international transactions. In addition, our firm advises on the tax implications of the relocation of senior executives in international organizations to and from Israel, and provides representation before the Israel Tax Authority.

Investment Funds - Our firm possesses extensive expertise in handling the legal matters of private equity, debt, real estate and infrastructure, and special-purpose financing funds. We represent both Israeli and international investment funds from various industries and global markets, providing them the full spectrum of legal services, including from the preliminary stages of structuring.

Private Clients - We are one of the leading law firms in Israel retained by high-net-worth families to assist in intergenerational wealth transfers. Our services include planning the preservation and management of family wealth, structuring family holdings, creating an optimal legal structure, and handling capital and asset transfers.

White Collar - We represent high-profile clients, including multinational corporations, corporate executives, and individuals. Our extensive experience covers a variety of fields, including money laundering, fraud, bribery, antitrust cases, financial reporting violations, and the use of insider information. In addition, our firm has a track record of managing large-scale document discovery cases for litigation in the US.


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