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A real-estate group that specializes in the development, management and marketing of various real-estate projects

Itzik Tshuva Group
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Established: 2005
Line of Business: A real-estate group that specializes in the development, management and marketing of various real-estate projects
Address: 5 Mefi St., Poleg Industrial Area, Netanya
Phone: 972-9-8855881
Fax: 972-9-8855322
Email: [email protected]
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  • Itzik  Tshuva, Itzik Tshuva Group

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    Itzik Tshuva
  • Izi Inbar, Itzik Tshuva Group

    Izi Inbar


    Itzik Tshuva Group

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    Itzik Tshuva Group

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About Itzik Tshuva Group

Itzik Tshuva Group specializes in project initiation and execution in a range of Israeli real estate areas, including residential and commercial real estate, as well as office buildings. Itzik Tshuva Group is one of the few groups in Israel that have organized and completed five purchasing groups of large projects that were completed for a price that was promised from the beginning and were built to a high standard. The company was established by Itzik Tshuva, a son of one of the most prominent and prosperous families in the Israeli business world. As part of its widespread activity, the group promotes and manages a large number of prestigious projects for residence, commerce, employment, and urban renewal, in the most attractive locations in Israel. As a result of the years of experience and knowledge of Itzik Tshuva and a team of real estate professionals adjacent to him, those projects are characterized by an uncompromising commitment to quality, excellence, and perfection. In addition, the group combines optimal architectural design with a high level of finish, thanks to its collaboration with the best architects in Israel, like Ilan Pivko, Gidi Bar Orian, Yair Zik, Gabi Tetro, Rami Wimmer, and others.
All the projects are supervised by supervision companies pursuant to the strictest standards, and are legally accompanied by some of the most famous law firms in Israel, such as the firm “Fischer Bachar Chen & Co.” The projects, which were carried out to the highest professional and engineering levels, earned Itzik Tshuva Group an excellent reputation from customers and business partners, establishing its position as one of Israel’s leading real estate groups.

Currently Marketed Projects

Metropolin, Netanya - In the most attractive location in the new Poleg industrial zone and within easy reach of major highways, Itzik Tshuva Group is establishing the Metropolin project, an innovative and prestigious business complex that includes commercial and employment areas spread over six floors and includes 26,000 square meters of high and meticulous construction designed by architect Rami Wimmer. The project includes green gardens that cover large areas, as well as a green roof for the enjoyment of the complex residents and visitors.
Shlomo Hamelech, Netanya - 3 boutique buildings developed in cooperation with the Israel Economic Development Company, located about 200 meters from the Nitza promenade and the beach and within walking distance of Kikar Ha’Hatzmaut. The buildings include 3, 4, 5 room apartments, mini penthouses, garden apartments, and penthouses. The apartments are spacious and have a rich specification of brands, each apartment has a sun terrace, storeroom, and underground parking space.
Beit HaSofer, Tel -Aviv - Itzik Tshuva Group is proud to present the Beit HaSofer project, a prestigious and unique boutique building at the back of the mythological Beit HaSofer on Kaplan Street, within walking distance of the cultural and entertainment centers of Tel Aviv.
HaMatmid, Netanya - On one of the best streets of Netanya, just steps away from Kikar Ha’Atzmaut and within walking distance of the sea, a luxury tower will be built in place of two old buildings that currently include 27 units that will be demolished as part of Pinui- Binui. The project is designed by architect Gabi Tetro.
Jerusalem Blvd., Netanya - An urban renewal project located in the heart of Netanya, within walking distance from the sea and Kikar Ha’Atzmaut. The apartment complex is comprised of a variety of apartments with elaborate specifications and meticulous planning.
Up Town, Netanya - A special and spectacular project located in the heart of the city of Netanya at the intersection of Ussishkin and Remez streets. In this urban renewal project, a 29-story tower will be constructed along with a variety of uses.
BBC, Rishon Lezion - In the best location in the western industrial zone of Rishon Lezion, a new and prestigious business center is currently being established. The commercial ground floor of the complex will include shops, restaurants, and entertainment centers as well as seating areas surrounded by greenery and decorative pools.

Populated Projects

Migdal HaHaluzim, Netanya - About 16,000 meters of office and commercial building, that was delivered in a central location near the courthouse, National Insurance and HaSharon Mall.
The “Lilienblum” Project is a residential project built over a commercial floor, located on Binyamin Avenue, at the corner of Lilienblum Street, in the center of the main business complex of Netanya, near major transportation routes (central station), government offices and shopping centers (HaSharon Mall). Gabi Tetro Architects designed the building with the highest quality and standard in mind. Located above a high commercial floor and two underground garages for parking, the project includes 26 units over eight floors. Populatedd.
Yehuda Halevi, Naveh- Tzedek, Tel Aviv - The project blends a modern architectural style with the classic Tel Avivian urban environment to provide a boutique living experience. It is located in the center of a green residential area, in the heart of the historic area of Neve Tzedek. The project includes a 6-story building and 17 luxury apartments.
T-Towers Ir Yamim, Netanya - The project is located in the Ir Yamim neighborhood of Netanya. In total, there are 215 units in the project, 68 units in the first building, 72 units in the second building, and 75 units in the third building.
Haari Bridge, Netanya - The project is located near the Haari Bridge in Netanya. The project consists of two buildings. The project consists of 300 units in total, 38 in the first building and 62 in the second building.
Shmurat HaHof, Ir Yamim, Netanya - The project is located about 100 meters from the beach and includes 19 floors and 61 spacious and large housing units, including luxurious mini-penthouses. Aside from the open sea views, the housing units also feature an outdoor pool, a fitness center, a tenants’ room for various activities, and a green development area.
La Mer Promenade, Netanya - The project is located on Gad Machnes Street in Netanya, known as the “French Riviera” and consists of two luxury towers. Itzik Tshuva Group has developed a new and unusual project called La Mer in the heart of the promenade, on Gad Machnes Street, near the elevator that connects the promenade to the beach.
Two towers are located above two commercial floors but are completely separate from the commercial part. There are 17 units in the first tower, one apartment on each floor, and 31 units in the second tower, a total of 48 units with two apartments on each floor.
Soho, Netanya - Itzik Tshuva Group has marketed 4 floors of offices over 3 luxurious commercial floors for Electra Real Estate and Ben Ephraim in the best location in the new Poleg industrial zone.
Titanium, Netanya - This is an impressive office building located in the Poleg industrial area, and it has an area of about 20,000 square meters, which includes three floors of offices, a commercial ground floor, and parking areas on the upper and underground levels.
It is conveniently located on the main axis Giborei Israel - HaGavish, with prominent visibility and accessibility.

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