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A real-estate group that specializes in the development, management and marketing of various real-estate projects

Itzik Tshuva Group
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Established: 2005
Line of Business: A real-estate group that specializes in the development, management and marketing of various real-estate projects
Address: 5 Mefi St., Poleg Industrial Area, Netanya
Phone: 972-9-8855881
Fax: 972-9-8855322
Email: [email protected]
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  • Itzik  Tshuva, Itzik Tshuva Group

    Itzik Tshuva

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    Itzik Tshuva Group

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    Itzik Tshuva
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    Izi Inbar


    Itzik Tshuva Group

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    Itzik Tshuva Group

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    Itzik Tshuva Group

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About Itzik Tshuva Group

The Itzik Tshuva Group is a real-estate group which specializes in the development, management and marketing of various real-estate projects. The group is one of the very few groups in Israel that completed 5 large purchasing-group projects at the promised price and the highest quality. The group was founded by Itzik Tshuva, second generation of one of Israel’s most prominent families in the business and real-estate industries. The group is promoting and managing numerous upscale residential, commerce and business projects, as well as urban renewal projects, in the most attractive locations in Israel, including unique seafront projects.

With Itzik Tshuva’s longstanding experience, knowledge and leading real-estate expertise, these projects are characterized by uncompromising aspiration to quality, excellence and perfection. In addition, the group meticulously maintains a combination of optimal architectural designs with high finishing levels, owing to collaborations with Israel’s top architects, such as: Ilan Fibco, Gidi Bar-Orian, Yair Zik, Gabi Tatro and more. All of the projects are supervised by supervision companies that meet the strictest standards and are legally facilitated, inter alia, by the renowned law firm FBC & Co.

Owing to the professional and engineering advantages that the group accumulated over the years, it reaches spectacular results. Those same results generated the extensive reputation from which the group benefits, both from clients and from business partners, and established its position as one of Israel’s leading real-estate groups. 

The Group’s Vision

The group aims to lead and position itself amongst the largest and leading real-estate groups in the Israeli market, while maintaining excellence and quality, strengthening its customer relationships and guaranteeing the provision of real-estate transactions at the best locations and at the most attractive prices.

Projects in Marketing - Commercial

Metropoline – In the best location in the Poleg Industrial Area, a new and luxurious business complex is currently under construction. The “Metropoline” complex is going to redefine the term “business complex” and will include a commercial floor and 5 office floors, some of which will cover a whopping 4,000 sq.m.

HaHalutzim Tower – about 19,000 sq.m. of office spaces and stores at a central location near the courts, the Land Registrar and the HaSharon Mall. An excellent investment with promising returns.

Occupied Projects - Commercial

Soho – The group marketed 4 floors of offices above 3 upscale commerce floors for Electra Real-estate and Ben Ephraim at the best location in the new industrial area in Poleg.

Titanium – designed as a luxurious office tower built on a 20,000 sq.m. area in Netanya’s Poleg industrial area, it includes 3 office floors, a commerce ground floor and both upper- and under-ground parking. The Titanium House enjoys both prominence and easy access thanks to its great location.

Projects in Marketing - Residential

King Solomon, Northwestern Netanya – this project includes the construction of 3 boutique towers in collaboration with The Israel Economic Development Company. Located in a walking distance of Nitza promenade, the beach and the Independence Square, the towers include 3-, 4- and 5-room apartments, mini-penthouses, garden apartments, and penthouses. The apartments are spacious and include a lavish spec from various brands, and a sun terrace, a storage room and an underground parking.

Yehuda HaLevi St., Neve Tzedek, Tel Aviv – a project that matches the contemporary boutique residence concept and combines modern architecture with classic Tel-Avivish urban environment. At the center of a green living area, at the heart of Neve Tzedek’s historical area. The building includes 6 floors and 17 luxury apartments.

Writer’s House, Tel Aviv – The group is proud to introduce the Writer’s House project, a unique and exclusive boutique building on the backside of the mythological Writer’s House on Kaplan Street, a step from Tel-Aviv’s culture and entertainment centers.

Yaffe Nof St., Carmel, Haifa – on the Carmel Ridge, near the hotels, the construction of a unique residential boutique building is expected. The building would include 25 apartments in 6.5 floors, and would blend perfectly with the peaceful surroundings, the best in Haifa, with a view of the entire Haifa Bay. All of the apartments face the view, with a mix of garden apartments, roof apartments and 3-5 rooms apartments.

Occupied Projects - Residential

Lilinblum – is a residential project above a commerce floor, located on 19 Binyamin Av. Corner of Lilinblum, at the heart of the Netanya’s main business center, near major transportation routes (central bus station), government offices and shopping centers (HaSharon Mall). This unusual building was meticulously planned by the architecture firm Gabi Tatro, while maintaining the highest quality and standards. The project includes 26 apartments in 8 floors above a high-ceiling commercial floor and two subterranean parking floors. The projects received its building permit.

Yehuda HaLevi, Neve Tzedek, Tel Aviv - The project incorporates a modern perspective of boutique residential atmosphere and a modern architectural style, with its classic urban Tel Aviv surroundings. Located in the heart of the green, historic site of Neve Tzedek a 6-story building with 17 luxurious apartments, completed.

T-Towers, Ir Yamim, Netanya – 215 apartments in 3 buildings – divided 68/72/75.

HaAri Bridge, Netanya – located near the HaAri Bridge and includes two buildings with 38 and 62 apartments respectively, for a total of 100 apartments.

The Beach Nature Reserve, Ir Yamim, Netanya – the project is located about 100 meters from the beach and includes 19 floors with 61 spacious apartments, including upscale mini-penthouses. All of the apartments benefit from open sea-view, an external swimming pool, gym, residents club for various occasions and green environmental development.

La Mer, Netanya’s Promenade – located in Gad Machnes St., which is also known as “The Riviera of Netanya”, and includes 2 luxury towers. At the heart of the promenade’s thriving area, near the famous beach elevator, the group built a new and unique project called “La Mer”. La Mer includes two towers over 2 commerce floors, one is 17 apartments (one per floor), and the other 31 apartments (two per floor), for a total of 48 apartments.

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