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Established: 2011
Line of Business: Accounting Firm
Address: 13 HaMikzo’ot Av., Modi’in
Phone: 972-773-400-400
Fax: 972-773-500-605
Email: [email protected]
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About Mena CPAs

Mena CPAs is an experienced, professional and thorough accounting firm pioneering the next generation of accountants. The firm was founded in the early 2010s by CPA Zackie  Mena and is distinguished as one of the most technologically advanced service providers in Israel and provides real-time client service of the highest caliber. Prior to establishing the firm, Mr. Mena worked in the Tax Authority and then spent 5 years at the PWC . In these roles, he accumulated vast experience in accounting, taxation, finance, auditing and providing professional and legal opinions in these fields and beyond.

Accountancy, Tax Consulting and Bookkeeping  Services to Every Economic Sector

The firm provides accountancy, tax consulting and bookkeeping services to every economic sector – private, public and governmental, to businesses of all types: limited liability and public companies, sole proprietors and exempt sole proprietors, and private individuals. The firm views its clients as long term partners and provides them with every available tool to achieve the goal of minimizing tax payments, driving the business cash flow intelligently, streamlining work relating to tax authorities and maintaining proper books and records. The firm’s services are provided through 7 different departments: Business Tax and Audit, Independent Professionals Tax and Audit, Bookkeeping, Payroll and Tax Advisory, Retirement Consulting, Real Estate Taxation and Betterment Charges Refunds, Business Consulting and Support, and Personal Taxation and Retirement. The firm also specializes in representing clients in discussions with tax authorities and pre-rulings, in business, economic and financial consulting, and in M&A and investment consulting.

Technological Innovation

The utilization of advanced IT systems, process analysis and automation are only part of the advanced technological view of Mena. The company’s clients are granted access to a web-based data system which provides real-time business status as assessed by the various authorities’ websites, and includes up to date P&L and cash flow reports, with the ability to instantly reach their Account Manager via email, phone, and WhatsApp.

Peace of Mind for Clients

Mena’s broad perspective enables the firm to provide clients with much more than accountancy. The firm’s experts provide valuable insight on successful business management, effective cash flow management, tax advisory and structuring, definition of financial goals, and credit management. Additionally, the firm provides clients with a wide array of information for streamlining a business’s financials, payroll accounting, and IT system workflows including marketing and financial infrastructure development, boosting revenue growth while reducing costs and even providing the option of passive investing for maintaining financial stability. Mena delivers information to its clients on a “push” basis - proactively sending information to the clients, without waiting for questions or inquiries. Service begins with a bookkeeping training program that every client receives as part of their onboarding process with the firm, and continues to include annual tax planning in advance, year end preparation including revenue and expense review, perioding P&L review, detailed analysis of payments to authorities, and tax refunds, facilitating an organized bookkeeping system for every business owner, enabling them to more effectively invest in their business.

Applying Every Possible Way for Savings in the Client’s Tax Payments

The firm’s team of tax advisors and accountants has vast expertise in mergers, acquisitions, and investor procurement. The firm prepares an efficient and well-informed tax strategy for every business it represents that maximizes utility of all relevant laws and regulations to minimize tax payments. The in-depth familiarity of the firm’s team with the tax authorities and the efficiency with which the team works minimizes unnecessary interactions with authorities, retroactive demands, and other potential interruptions of business operations and cash flow. The firm’s vast experience in tax consulting and planning is continuously validated through significant reductions in client tax payments throughout its history.

Assisting Limited Liability Companies in Business Development

Mena operates a dedicated and experienced department for consulting, assisting, and training Limited Liability Companies, which includes accounting and audits, domestic and international taxation, financial and economic consulting, tax planning, risk management, internal and external bookkeeping, payroll accounting, and reviewing and auditing IT systems. Companies with annual turnover of more than 1 million NIS find a warm home at the firm while streamlining operations, achieving significant cost saving, expanding and evolving to achieve their goals and reaching the stated objectives of their next business phase.

Business Consulting, Feasibility Checks and Personalized Support for Startups and Entrepreneurs

Mena’s team of experienced accountants provides ongoing support to the firm’s clients at every step of business development, from the concept phase through economic feasibility checks, establishing the company, assisting communication with the various authorities in Israel and abroad, with preparation of reports for investments and banks, and familiarity with VC and relevant laws. With strong professional expertise and extensive experience in Hi-Tech, the firm’s team helps clients overcome challenges and neutralize future obstacles.

A Personal, Permanent and Professional Industry Specific Account Manager

Mena sees clients as long term partners and invests resources and attention in building a personal relationship based on trust, professional service, and close personal attention. Each client is assigned a dedicated personal Account Manager from the tax department in addition to a Bookkeeper with proven experience in the client’s specific business industry. Account managers are perpetually aware of the business’s complexities and is mindful of their growth, streamlining and cost-saving objectives. The Account Manager and the Bookkeeper are always accessible and available to clients in real time with commitment to professional, well-focused and accurate service.

Retirement and Tax Returns

Mena CPAs operates one of Israel’s largest tax returns and retirement departments. This department provides services to the general public and is highly recommended by the Ministry of Defense.  As tax return eligibility can be reviewed and amended on a trailing 6 year basis, clients are encouraged to conduct a tax return review once every several years, particularly in cases of status changes such as transitioning into a new job, employment termination or withdrawal of compensation funds, retirement, the existence of capital markets/stock exchange investment portfolios, payment of betterment tax, donations to public institutions, higher education tuition payments, etc. The firm provides the tax return review service on contingency at no cost to the client; if no additional refund is attained, there is no fee assessed.

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