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Established: 2010
Line of Business: Engineering, Construction
Address: 8 Weizmann St., Acre
Phone: 972-4-6140170
Fax: 972-4-9555120
Email: [email protected]
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  • Ahmad Najami, Sami Najami Group

    Ahmad Najami

    Sami Najami Group

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    Sami Najami Company Founder
    Ahmed Najami CEO
    Hamudi Najami COO
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About Sami Najami Group

Sami Najami is one of Israel’s top engineering and projects companies. The group is active in a variety of fields including: Industrial construction, urban construction, steelworks, industrial pipes, underground construction, roof paneling and sealing, and more. During its 40 years of operations and to this very day, the company has made a name for itself as a strong and reliable company which is based on the values of integrity, hard work and professionalism.

Significant Global Operations

Owing to its core values and its extensive professional reputation, the group has been growing at an impressive annual rate. Beyond its operations in Israel, the group is also active abroad with diverse projects in Asia and in Europe, including in locations in the United Arab Emirates, Germany and Ireland.

Highly Skilled and Professional Human Capital

One of the secrets of Sami Najami Group’s strengths is its human capital, which includes hundreds of directly employed in-house employees alongside thousands of external workers who provide the workforce to meet any project’s needs. Each of the group’s divisions relied on specific, professional and skilled human capital which undergoes professional trainings that enable it to execute and lead particularly complex large-scale international projects. And indeed, the group manages and successfully completes projects of any size and engineering complexity level, and its clientele includes Israeli and international technology, industrial and energy companies.


Production: Sami Najami Group owns Israel’s largest steel production facility and has numerous added values in every aspect of production. The company’s manufacturing processes are based on advanced methods and extensive technological knowledge which has been accumulated during its 40 years of operations.
Installations: The group often manufactures the construction elements near the worksites. Thus, the company implements advanced offsite manufacturing and construction methods, including prefabrication, initial installation and modular construction. Over the years, the company has won numerous awards due to its commitment to uncompromising quality, safety and efficiency, as well as finishing works at the highest level.
Maintenance: Sami Najami Group has all of the international standards (ISO) certifications which are necessary and required for its various projects. The company also has a quality assurance department under the name “The Eye of Perfection” that supervises the quality of all of the projects.
Transport and Lifting: The group has a fleet of cutting edge trucks and hydraulic cranes, with the highest transport and lifting capacity in Israel. The group also recently broke the all-time record for the Mediterranean region for lifting weight and distance.
Logistics: In all of its projects, the group allocated dedicated storage and work areas near the worksites that it serves.
Innovation: The has constant R&D operations and a dedicated team which implements technological innovation and innovative work methods, that streamline the group’s work and solutions.

Areas of Specialization

Mechanical Engineering: Mechanical engineering is the group’s cornerstone and the foundation of its expertise. The knowledge that the group’s operations rely on has been accumulated during decades of carrying out and learning the development processes of machines and work methods, alongside a deep understanding of the needs of large customers which remained loyal to the company. Throughout the years and to this very day the company uses the most advanced IT software in the market to lead the development process and guarantee the best results. Sami Najami is an industry role model and it sets the standard on all aspects of industrial design and innovative multidisciplinary mechanical development.
Structure Engineering: Sami Najami is considered to be on of Israel’s leading structure assembly and construction companies. A winning combination of experience, available workforce and execution capabilities, position the company as the dominant company in the industry. All with knowledge sharing between the company’s planning offices in Israel, Asia and Europe.
Process Engineering and Industrial Piping: The group is aware of the challenge of perfecting and modernizing the construction process, particularly in the traditional construction industry, and accordingly it champions the use of models of prefabrication, initial installation, modular construction, and offsite manufacturing. The diverse techniques that the group applies enable it to customize the work process for the exact needs of each project and customer, thus saving thousands of manufacturing and installation hours and guaranteeing optimal results.

Two New Factories that Would Join the Five Existing Factories

The successful group has a huge international customer base and is currently building two new factories that would cover an area of about 33,000 square meters, in addition to its five active factories. In light of its impressive growth and development, the group’s executives believe that its operations would expand in other countries over the past few years.

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