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Growing, sorting, packing, and marketing of peanuts and almonds. Development, cultivation and marketing of peanut seeds.

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Established: 1997
Line of Business: Growing, sorting, packing, and marketing of peanuts and almonds. Development, cultivation and marketing of peanut seeds.
Address: 135 David Ben Gurion St. Ramat Gan
Phone: 972-3-6187935
Fax: 972-3-6189460
Email: [email protected]
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  • Yaniv Hamama, Tene Negev Ltd.

    Yaniv Hamama

    Owner and CEO

    Tene Negev Ltd.

  • Ophir Hamama, Tene Negev Ltd.

    Ophir Hamama

    Partner and Manager

    Tene Negev Ltd.

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About Tene Negev Ltd.

The company is involved in farming and marketing a number of crops, including peanuts, almonds, sunflowers, and seed cultivation, with a primary focus on peanut seeds at the moment. Over the years, the company has positioned itself as one of the top companies in the field of peanut seeds in Israel, and it currently supplies seeds to about 40% of the peanut growers in Israel. Tene Negev’s strength in the peanut market is evidenced by the fact that, in Israel, there are currently about 50 peanut growers who produce about 20,000 tons of peanuts each year. Tene Negev alone markets over a third of this produce - about 5,500 tons. As a hub for peanut growers, the company provides advice on the cultivation, marketing, and exporting of peanuts, as well as assisting in opening new markets overseas.

Tene Negev was established in the 1990s and owns a plant that handles the agricultural produce of a third of the peanut farms, located near Kibbutz Urim, with a total area of 2.6 Ha. The company also markets peanuts grown nationwide, with a total scope of about 800 Ha.

Increasing the Farmer’s Profitability Through a Higher Yield, Better Quality and Branding

The CEO and owner of the company is Yaniv Hamama. His brother Ophir Hamama
works alongside him as a partner and manager of the packing facility and the seed production institute. Yaniv and Ophir Hamama are the sons of Haim, the CEO of Hamama Brothers, a company that deals in real estate in Israel and worldwide. Also, the extended Hamama family deals in the entire nuts industry, import and trade, and roasteries from the best-known brands, which gives them a significant advantage.
Tene Negev is also engaged in importing and marketing various agricultural products such as sesame, sunflowers, almonds, etc.
Over the years, Tene Negev introduced new varieties of peanuts to the farmers while emphasizing a higher yield, better quality, and brand recognition to increase the farmer’s profitability.
As an example, peanuts enriched in Omega 9 - a registered trademark of peanut varieties with proven health benefits as well as an advantage in shelf life - are highly sought after by marketers in Israel and abroad.Thus, farmers working with the company can benefit from a significant boost in prices - and their yield and quality in terms of shape, color, and texture even exceed existing varieties. In light of the company’s great prominence in the peanut growing industry, it holds professional conferences annually for growers from all over the country, mainly from the Negev and the North Region, where topics such as new varieties, advanced growing methods, new markets for export, etc. are discussed.

The Seed Institute

The Seed Institute of Tene Negev plant is intended to produce high-quality seeds grown in Israel both for exporting edible pods and marketing to the local market (for consumption and commerce), all in compliance with regulations and under the supervision of the Ministry of Agriculture’s seed inspection department.

The Seed Institute deals with the seed production process, from planting, storing, and producing seeds to disinfecting them and conducting laboratory tests required by the regulation.
The Seed Institute deals with several topics, including constant contact and cooperation with the cultivators at the Volcanic Institute; improving the quality of the varieties by eliminating impurities in the field using a unique method developed by the company; ensuring that farmers can utilize each seed to its fullest potential while lowering cultivation costs by developing methods and technologies in the seed production process.

World-Leading Peanut Varieties - Einat, Hanoch and Ido

The Hanoch Tene Negev peanut variety, developed by Tene Negev, is considered the highest quality in global terms. This variety yields exceptional crops and was cultivated by the agronomist Zvi Bar. The newest generation of the Hanoch variety is called Hanoch Sofer Giant. Another new variety is called Ido, cultivated by Dr. Ron Hovav from the Volcanic Institute. Einat is another established and prosperous variety.

Extremely High Percentages of Omega 9

The high-quality oleic acid content (the oil content in the peanut) contributes to the company’s peanut varieties many health benefits. For comparison, the peanuts from Tene’s new varieties contain 84 percent of omega 9 (oleic acid), while olive oil contains 74 percent omega 9, and the peanut varieties of the past years contained only 20 percent. In addition to their health benefits, Tene Negev’s peanut varieties are very pleasing to the palate, and after quality roasting, they taste nutty and pleasant without any aftertaste or greasy sensation. Tene Negev peanuts have gained a solid reputation in Israel and abroad, especially in European countries such as Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Switzerland, England, and Spain.

The Company’s Vision

Tene Negev is committed to making the Israeli peanut the best in the world, a goal it works toward day by day, hour by hour, both in terms of the quality of the seeds and in terms of advanced cultivation methods. The company invests heavily in research and development, employing agronomists and researchers who are leaders in their fields.

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