Alpha Yazamut & Bniya Ltd.

Entrepreneurship and residential, commercial and infrastructure construction

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Established: 2006
Line of Business: Entrepreneurship and residential, commercial and infrastructure construction
Address: 6 Shlomo Ben Yosef St., Haifa
Phone: *3017
Fax: 972-0-8703333
Email: [email protected]
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Company Executives

  • Yossi Elimelech, Alpha Yazamut & Bniya Ltd.

    Adv. Yossi Elimelech

    Co. CEO

    Alpha Yazamut & Bniya Ltd.

  • Moshe Dahan, Alpha Yazamut & Bniya Ltd.

    Moshe Dahan

    Co. CEO

    Alpha Yazamut & Bniya Ltd.

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About Alpha Yazamut & Bniya Ltd.

Alpha Yazamut & Bniya Ltd., a subsidiary of Alpha Group and Asphalt Alpha, is one of the longest-standing and most experienced real estate and infrastructures companies in northern Israel. The company is active in developing and building residential and commercial projects. The company was founded and has been managed since 2006 by the businesspersons Shlomo Alon, Adv. Yossi Elimelech and Moshe Dahan, who specialize in initiating and building residential and commercial projects, with longstanding devotion, loyalty and professionalism in the real estate industry. The projects that the company develops and builds cover tens of thousands of square meters and hundreds of apartments, in central prime locations. The company employs a diverse and experienced team of some of the leading and most talented architects, engineers, project managers and consultants in the construction industry. As a longstanding real estate company, we channel our experience, economic capabilities, and network of relationships with leading suppliers, in order to deliver the best product starting from the level of solid infrastructures, through high-quality raw materials, high standards and up to the upscale finishing. Our clientele includes the Ministry of Defense, Israel Roads Company, KKL, banks, municipalities and hundreds of private customers.

A Developer and a Contractor

Alpha serves both as the developer and the construction contractor in its projects, providing the assurance that all of the management and construction operations are handled under one roof, with one entity that is professional, reliable and has the longstanding experience and the proven track record and reputation, which accompanies each and every customer personally starting from the moment of signing the contract through the construction stages and up to the delivery of the apartment keys. The company specializes in implementing advanced construction methods in every aspect of construction, and takes care to remain at the cutting edge of the industry’s technology for the benefit of the residents and the customers.

Urban Renewal

The experience that it accumulated over the years has led Alpha Development and Construction to expand in the Pinui-Binui field. The company carefully selects unique and prestigious projects that meet the criteria of its values, after a comprehensive analysis which is conducted by the executive management and the employees. Urban renewal is a wonderful way of expressing the connections, high standards and added values that the company has in the real estate field.
Financial Strength
Alpha Development and Construction is included in the prestigious Dun’s 100 ranking, that includes Israel Top 100 construction companies, owing to its planned, professional and profitable operations which are based on its own equity and independent economic strength. Alpha owns asphalt factories, real estate properties and yielding commerce centers amounting to about NIS 250 million. The scale of the projects that the company executes is estimated to be about NIS 800 million.

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Facts & Numbers

800M היקף פרוייקטים


היקף פרוייקטים

958 דירות שנמסרו


דירות שנמסרו

225K שטח שבנינו (במ"ר)


שטח שבנינו (במ"ר)

250M היקף הנכסים


היקף הנכסים

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