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Established: 2011
Line of Business: Global Leader in Cloud and CRM
Address: 94 Yigal Alon St., Alon Tower 1, Tel Aviv
114 Yigal Alon St., Toha, Tel Aviv
102 Paulus HaShishi St., Nazareth
94 Em HaMoshavot, Azorim Park,
Oren St., Petach Tikva
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About Salesforce

Salesforce, the world-leading CRM and cloud computing solutions provider, was the first company to have brought CRM to the cloud and turn it into a SaaS solution. The company, which employs about 50,000 employees, is considered nowadays to be one of the world’s most innovative companies. Its technological solutions enables companies of all sizes to connect more efficiently to their clients, provide them with customized service and unleash the potential of technology: cloud, social media, blockchain and AI.

Salesforce Israel R&D entered Israel in 2011, through the acquisition of Navajo Systems, and it currently employs about 700 employees in Israel, in three development centers: Tel Aviv, Petach Tikva and Nazareth. Over the past few years, the global Salesforce has made significant investments in Israel, expanded its operations to new segments and bolstered Israel’s position as a strategic technological center that leverages the high-quality talent and local ecosystem. The vision of the local company is to serve as a significant innovation-leading development center for the global company, and to leverage the company’s power for making a change and creating gender equality and employment diversity, while implementing a sense of pride of the Israeli employees.

What Else is Worth Knowing?

Salesforce Israel R&D continues to grow and strengthen in Israel, and to develop innovative technologies, through strategic acquisitions that the global Salesforce is executing in the Israeli market. In recent years, Salesforce acquired 7 Israeli start-ups: ClickSoftware (2019), Bonobo (2019), Datorama (2018), Implicit (2016), Kernesen (2015), Blue Tail (2012) and Navajo (2011). The Israeli R&D center is responsible for the development of some of the company’s leading solutions, which spearhead global technological innovation in fields such as AI that is implemented into the sales, marketing and service platforms of thousands of clients; marketing intelligence and Big-Data and AI-based campaign analysis technology; advanced algorithmics for solving complex field personnel service optimization problems; voice and speech recognition technology; cloud data security and more. The company’s Israeli employees contribute significantly to the technological innovations in these fields, that affect millions of users across the globe. To work in Salesforce is to be part of a global organization of people who work for common goals, with shared values and the commitment to do good, together.

Our Unique Organizational Culture

The company’s extraordinary organizational culture is the reason for which the company is considered to be one of the best employers in the world and is ranked annually at the top of the “Best to Work for” companies rankings. Salesforce speaks and lives its values: trust, the customers success, innovations and equality. In addition to some of the best salaries and employment terms that the market has to offer, the company emphasizes its employees and is committed to their welfare and personal development, while creating a work environment with egalitarian flexibility.

In addition, Salesforce participates actively and significantly in the cause of positively affecting the environment and operates a unique volunteering and community service model: 1% of the company’s profits are donated to the community, 1% of the licenses are provided free-of-charge to NGOs, and 1% of the employees time is invested in volunteering activities. The meeting points between the values, the workers and the activities create the company’s culture: A company that believes and works with aim of helping its employees to live well, take care of themselves, their families and their communities out of the commitment and belief that these are the keys for success.

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