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Rank 2021 Company SectorWhy it's the best to work at our companyRank 2020
Rank 2021 Company SectorWhy it's the best to work at our companyRank 2020
2Google Israel InternetA global, stable, financially sound company and a leader of its chosen technology field The company's employees have the ability to influence billions of people around the world. The company's employees are on the technological front and operate in a dynamic work environment. Employees enjoy unique benefits and work environment experience.2
3IronSource InternetThe best indication that ironSource is a great place to work is that nearly 60% of our employees were referred by friends who already work at ironSource. It is an incredible compliment and a reflection of the warm environment, team spirit, and endless growth opportunities at ironSource.3
6Wix Internet Wix is one of the best schools for tech in Israel, investing in training and professional growth of its employees, in all professions. Focusing on innovation, Wix employees work on technology and products at a massive scale, helping millions of people worldwide succeed online. Wix also leads projects that harness technology for the community.7
7Facebook Israel InternetA global, stable, financially sound company and a leader of its chosen technology field The company's employees have the ability to influence billions of people around the world. The company's employees are on the technological front and operate in a dynamic work environment. Employees enjoy unique benefits and work environment experience.8
8monday.com Software DevelopmentThe values we have as a company is what our platform is built on as we change the way 127,000 organizations work around the world. We believe that transparency creates a culture of empowerment for each of our employees. Together, we're scaling super fast and offer opportunities for personal and professional development. 16
9Intel Israel Chips and Semi-ConductorsWorking at Intel is about truly realizing your potential, creating life-changing products; being part of a diversified & inclusive company which understands employees are its most important asset; knowing there is always someone who will take care of you in good times and bad times. Working at Intel is part of the identity of 14,000 people in Israel.9
10AppsFlyer Marketing TechAppsFlyer always puts its people first, believing that happy and satisfied employees will go above and beyond to make customers and partners feel the same way. With this mindset, we enable initiative, personal progress, and significant individual impact, establishing us at the forefront of our industry when it comes to technology and innovation.-
11Taboola InternetTaboola is the world’s leading recommendation platform reaching over 500 million daily active users. We’re growing rapidly, and have recently gone public on the NASDAQ. We pride ourselves with making an impact on how people consume content across the world, a culture of transparency, passion, and a diverse, inclusive and friendly work environment. 6
13Soluto Software DevelopmentSoluto is the innovation and development center for Asurion. We lead strategic products using top technologies, and impact hundreds of millions of customers around the world. We’re obsessed with user and employee experience. We enjoy the stability of work in a global company, with projects at a large scale and at the same time operate like a dynamic start-up with fast delivery.4
14Fyber Ad-TechFyber, part of Digital Turbine’s independent Mobile Growth Platform, develops innovative ad monetization solutions for app publishers. Fyber’s products offer publishers a trusted, unconflicted alternative, driving superior results by optimally connecting mobile audiences, global brands, and mobile advertisers across 40Bn+ daily ad opportunities.18
17Natural Intelligence InternetNatural Intelligence, a leader in digital commerce and online comparison, helps consumers make informed decisions and brands grow their business. The company is an icon of equality in the workplace, for which it has earned prizes and global recognition. Our power is the combination of excellent people and expertise in marketing, technology, product and data.11
18Apple Israel Electronic Products DevelopmentApple’s engineers are at edge of technology, designing leading products that reach millions around the world. Employees are exposed to diverse professions which allow them to develop rich careers, in an open and transparent culture, with managers who care. Our compensation is the most competitive, offering enrichment programs and team events throughout the year 13
19SentinelOne CyberSentinelOne is doing what no other company has done before in record time! We are leading the way to new places with a winning culture that’s values-driven and people-centric. Work where your voice is heard and your work is recognized. Thrive. Learn. Grow. -
20JFrog DevOpsOur mission at JFrog is to be The company behind all the software updates in the world. We are proud to be the first DevOps company to go public on NASDAQ. To be a "Frog" means making a difference in a challenging, innovative, and diverse environment. So why frogs? Frogs in nature, only leap forward - never backward!-
22eToro FintechThe fintech company, eToro is experiencing accelerated growth, thereby, creating many opportunities for the company's employees. eToro’s vision is to open the global markets so that everyone can trade and invest in a simple and transparent way. eToro offers an innovative and dynamic work environment, alongside professionalism at the highest standard.
23Amazon Israel E-commerceA global, stable, financially sound company and a leader of its chosen technology field The company's employees have the ability to influence billions of people around the world. The company's employees are on the technological front and operate in a dynamic work environment. Employees enjoy unique benefits and work environment experience.22
24Cybereason Cyber Cybereason is one of the fastest-growing cybersecurity companies in the world which provides a fascinating and challenging work environment. We encourage each and every one of our employees to embrace their uniqueness and continue to evolve in their personal and professional paths. -
25Outbrain Israel InternetOutbrain is a global recommendation platform, enables world’s leading media owners to recommend interesting content and empower advertisers to recommend their products and services. Outbrain’s secret sauce is a DNA of smart, kind and motivated individuals and the company’s focus on investing in the Outbrainer’s professional development. -
26Armis Security Cyber SecurityWorking at Armis is a front-row seat experience to building a first-class company. We’re not just a world-class security platform though, we’re a world-class place to work. At Armis, every employee still has a tremendous impact on the product and how we operate, and this common mission creates a unique working culture and a positive atmosphere of excellence.-
28Similarweb InternetWhy is Similarweb a successful public global tech company? It starts with our unique product and the amazing people behind it. When Google and The New York Times rely on the insights from your digital intelligence platform, you're in the right place. Our 850+ employees are the smartest people we know, who are changing the future of digital daily. 29
29Lightricks Software DevelopmentLightricks is a pioneer in innovative technology that reimagines the way we create and express ourselves. The company brings a unique blend of cutting-edge academic research and design. Lightricks provides a well-rounded employment experience,invests in its employees to enjoy the challenges of meaningful, engaging work.24
30Gong.io Software DevelopmentGong is part of one of the important developments shaping the digital economy. Gong's patented business intelligence platform is used by over 2000 companies to capture and understand customer interactions, and provides insights that enhance the ability of sales & service teams to make data-based decisions instead of using subjective opinions.-
31eBay E-commerceeBay is a global commerce leader that connects millions of buyers and sellers in more than 190 markets. We exist to enable economic opportunity for individuals, entrepreneurs, businesses and organizations of all sizes. Founded in 1995 , eBay is one of the world's largest and most vibrant marketplaces for discovering great value and unique selection -
32Riskified FintechRiskified's team is its most significant asset. It thrives through training, welfare and giving back to the community. Knowing that we empower businesses to realize the full potential of eCommerce by making it safe, accessible, and frictionless makes us dedicated to the success of Riskified, which has recently become public. 35
33Forter FintechForter makes the e-commerce world a safer place thanks to our market-leading technology and our employees- the brightest experts. As the first company to initiate a 4-days working week, we are proud to support a healthy work-life balance. Working at Forter is empowering & challenging due to our unique culture that is built on transparency & collaboration-
35Next Insurance Software DevelopmentThrough partnership and transparency, alongside entrepreneurship and innovation, Next Insurance is changing the world of insurance for small businesses in the US. With a digital and simple product that utilizes cloud technology and advanced development methodologies, Next currently serves over 250,000 SMBs. -
37Servicenow Software Development Our ServiceNow teams in Israel enjoy being a part of a fast-growing, strong and stable organization, but also benefit from being part of a smaller, intimate site, that enables autonomy, team-work, flexibility and innovation. At ServiceNow people come first. Our employees enjoy great benefits with an emphasis on well-being, learning and growth. -
38Perion Network InternetPerion is a public global technology company in the field of Digital Advertising that traded on NASDAQ and employs around 500 employees, 180 of them in IL. Perion has set out to lead the global digital marketing industry and provide its employees with numerous opportunities for professional development within a creative & advanced work environment -
39Pluristem BiotechPluristem is a biotech company located in Haifa, Israel, developing breakthrough cell therapy technological platforms to advance and improve quality of life around the world. Our 160 employees, reflecting the full spectrum of social diversity in Israel and working together in harmony, energized by the innovative spirit and unique organizational culture26
40Playtika GamingA leading mobile gaming company with over 35 million monthly active players. The global activity is Headquartered in Israel, and guided by a mission to entertain the world through infinite ways to play. Employees enjoy excellent conditions and significant influence in their professional domains: product, data, marketing, creative, Tech and others. 5
41Payoneer Research and Development FintechPayoneer is one of the original ‘FinTech unicorns’ where exceptional talent is making a positive impact on the lives of freelancers, businesses and commerce worldwide. Payoneer promises a universe of career opportunities solving complex challenges and engineering meaningful innovations that ultimately help the entire world realize its potential. 34
42Israel 888 GamingFor over 24 years, the 888 Group is one of the leading online gaming companies. Located in 8 sites globally, we develop and market most of our products in-house, offering our 1,750 employees (aka ‘8sters), a fascinating work environment. Our genuine caring approach enables a collaborative & friendly atmosphere alongside professional excellence with plenty of room for growth.31
43Redis softwareThe “unicorn” Redis, is the sponsor of the open-source redis,most loved DB by developers that delivers real-time services for over 8,000 organizations globally. Redis offers unique professional opportunities and supports its employees' career development. Our people and culture make it a great place to work, and we reflect these values by investing in an outstanding employee experience.-
44Checkmarx Application SecurityWe are a unicorn and a leader in the AppSec industry,validated by a robust customer base and implementation of constantly evolving new technologies.At Checkmarx you will be recognized,appreciated and trusted as part of a valued team.You will be given the tools to thrive as a professional and the opportunities for personal growth,specialization and promotion-
45Nova Measuring Instrument Semi ConductorOur ability to see every detail, is expressed in the technological and human level. We all make an impact at Nova, and our success is the result of our amazing people, who dare to engage in the most complex of challenges. Would you like a slice of “impossible” to go with your morning coffee? Come redefine the world of technology! 21
46ZipRecruiter HR TechZipRecruiter is a leading online employment marketplace that actively connects people to their next great opportunity. Powered by AI matching technology and advanced data analysis, we improve the job search experience for job seekers and help businesses of all sizes find and hire the right candidates quickly -
47Check Point CyberCheck Point has a worldwide impact, making it a safer place for all, every day. The company works with the most advanced technologies, from cloud, to mobile, and works with the world’s leading, largest, and most significant companies. Employees can choose where they want to work from, and develop their careers in enriching and invigorating ways. 19
48Rafael defense industryRafael is a company where an Israeli heart beats, innovative, brash, daring, challenging reality and winning time after time. Rafael employs the best minds in many diverse fields, Rafael offers a technological challenge, a variety of development venues, with stability and promotion options, Rafael takes care of family work balance, takes social responsibility, and being proud of the immense importance of its work20
49Autodesk Israel Software DevelopmentAt Autodesk TLV, we are able to make a real impact on the architecture, engineering and construction industries and on millions of professionals using our products every day, using wide-ranging and new technologies. The world is growing at a neck breaking pace, and Autodesk enables our customers to do more, better and with less negative impact on the environment.41
50Elbit Systems Defense IndustryIn Elbit Systems there are infinitive ways to influence, lead, grow, do good, working in the forefront of technology in the defense hi-tech arena. We offer a technological challenge, exposure to a wide range of activities and professions, wide-scale projects in the local and global markets, in a hybrid work environment that is enriched with benefits. 42
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