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Rank 2020 Company SectorWhy it's the best to work at our companyRank 2019
Rank 2020 Company SectorWhy it's the best to work at our companyRank 2019
2Google Israel InternetA global, stable, financially sound company and a leader of its chosen technology field The company's employees have the ability to influence billions of people around the world. The company's employees are on the technological front and operate in a dynamic work environment. Employees enjoy unique benefits and work environment experience.3
3IronSource InternetPrivate, global Israeli company and world leader in the development and distribution of mobile games. Our robust advertising platform reaches half a billion users a day - second to Facebook and Google. We’re dedicated to putting our employees first, enabling them to impact the business while offering a unique employee experience.8
4Soluto Software DevelopmentAt Soluto, you can eat the cake and have it too ;) DNA of a startup aside with stability and experience of a corporate, flat hierarchy and freedom to contribute to the core product along with influencing hundreds of millions of users worldwide4
5Playtika GamingPlaytika, a world’s leading mobile games company, is at the forefront of domains such as: technology, product, marketing and analytics.Playtika highly values and cherishes our employees’ hard work by rewarding them with excellent compensation and welfare conditions that will eventually enable them to meet the challenges and maximize their capabilities5
6Taboola InternetAt Taboola we leverage the most advanced Deep Learning technologies to recommend content to 1.5 billion users. Despite our hyper-growth worldwide, the company’s culture remains friendly, supportive and fun. 93% of our employees would recommend Taboola to their friends2
7Wix InternetWix employees play a valuable part in developing products for 150+ million users worldwide. They influence the future of the web, creating innovative products and technologies in a unique environment with many opportunities - a large company with a personal touch9
8Facebook Israel InternetA global, stable, financially sound company and a leader of its chosen technology field The company's employees have the ability to influence billions of people around the world. The company's employees are on the technological front and operate in a dynamic work environment. Employees enjoy unique benefits and work environment experience.6
9Intel Israel Chips and Semi-ConductorsIntel creates world-changing technologies that impact our lives. Holds employee in the center perception and is committed to empowering organizational culture, personal initiative and team work along with caring to employees and community. Intel offers diverse career paths, personal and professional development, so the employees will get as far as possible11
11Natural Intelligence Internet The private company has made diversity and inclusivity its motto - for which it's received awards and global recognition. With top talent in marketing, technology, product and data, the company has positioned itself as a world leader in the comparison industry.7
13Apple Israel Electronic Products Development At Apple Israel our employees are working on leading technologies with leading design methods/tools, working on products used by millions of people, exposed to a variety of technical domains which enable career diversification. We offer very competitive compensation, in an open environment culture with leaders that care. We offer enriching and fun activities year long.10
14NSO CyberNothing matches the pride of NSO’s employees in making the world safer while professionally challenging ourselves to reach above and beyond. Our DNA: ever-evolving technologies, Innovation, entrepreneurship, fast pace. While rapidly growing, we still see every individual. We invest in ensuring that our super sharp, talented people have fun, thrive and develop professionally and personally-
16monday.com Software DevelopmentThe values we have as a company is what our platform is built on as we change the way 100,000 teams work around the world. We believe that transparency creates a culture of empowerment for each of our employees. Together, we're scaling super fast and offer opportunities for personal and professional development.-
18Fyber Ad-TechFyber is the place for professional growth and a challenging environment. At Fyber, we are a global family using cutting-edge technology to innovate and create industry-leading products. We achieve our success among excellent people, with great perks and benefits - a global family working in a collaborative environment that puts its employees at the center. 32
19 Check Point CyberCheck point makes the world a safer place. Our employees enjoy an enriching, diverse, long-term career and constant development. As an industry leader, our employees are personally involved in protecting the world’s most important enterprises. 17
20 Rafael Defense IndustryRafael is a company where an Israeli heart beats, innovative, brash, daring, challenging reality and winning time after time. Rafael employs the best minds in many diverse fields, Rafael offers a technological challenge, a variety of development venues, with stability and promotion options, Rafael takes care of family work balance, takes social responsibility, and being proud of the immense importance of its work21
21Nova Measuring Instrument Chips and Semi-ConductorsAt Nova, our success is the result of teamwork. Our people always redefine the limits with the creative ideas and advanced thinking needed to develop innovative and ground breaking technology in our field.22
22Amazon Israel E-commerceA global, stable, financially sound company and a leader of its chosen technology field The company's employees have the ability to influence billions of people around the world. The company's employees are on the technological front and operate in a dynamic work environment. Employees enjoy unique benefits and work environment experience.25
23 Cloud CommunicationsVonage is redefining business communications, helping enterprises use fully-integrated unified communications, contact center, AI, and programmable communications solutions. A combination of the cutting-edge technologies, talent, and teamwork helps us to better serve the growing collaboration, communications, and customer experience needs of companies worldwide26
24Lightricks Software DevelopmentLightricks is all about providing the best experience to its employees. That includes providing them professional challenges, planning their career path or having excellent work conditions. Lightricks is at the spearhead of innovation and technology, and the ones who make it such a great place to work are the founders, senior management and everyone of the employees.-
25Nice Software DevelopmentNICE is a leading software company impacting millions of people through extraordinary customer experience and protecting against financial crimes. We use cutting-edge AI, Cloud, Analytics and Digital technologies. We encourage our employees to take the lead, make a global impact and take their expertise to new heights. This, with the best and brightest teams and a winning spirit.20
26Pluristem Biotech Pluristem is a trail blazing biotherapy company introducing innovative stem cells technologies and therapy options that will change our world. An Israeli company, whose core values make the world a better place through emphasis on our medical solutions as well as people aspects27
28Moovit MobilityMoovit employees develop and design products and solutions that impact the daily lives of over 800 million users worldwide. Working at Moovit means you'll help shape the future of urban mobility, in turn creating more job opportunities and better access to education and health services while reducing congestion and pollution.-
29SimilarWeb InternetWe bring together the industry's brightest minds to change the way decisions are made. Here you'll work with brilliant people on a groundbreaking product, in a global working environment.12
30Stratasys 3D Printing & Additive Manufacturing Stratasys, the world's leading 3D printing company for over 30 years during 2020 we saw how the spirit of innovation and the company's unique technology is more pronounced. A year in which the world is facing a global epidemic, we have provided an immediate response in life-saving areas. A career with personal satisfaction and impact on the world we live in23
31888 Israel GamingSince 1997, 888 is one of the leading online gaming companies. We develop and market most of our products in-house, offering our 1,400 employees (aka ‘8staer’), a fascinating work environment. Our genuinely caring approach enables a collaborative, friendly atmosphere alongside an uncompromising level of professionalism and constant professional development. -
32Nielsen Data & MeasurementThe Nielsen R&D center develops unique infrastructures in the worlds of Big Data, ML and Web, which form a significant part of the technological foundation for the entire global corporation. Nielsen maintains an organizational culture characterized by an enriched learning environment, employee development, and investment in their well-being.-
34Payoneer Research And Development FintechPayoneer is the leading FinTech company in Israel, and still preserves a family vibe. With the healthy work environment, Payoneer also advances and challenges its employees, and yes, it’s a fun place to work. As a global company, the employees are exposed every day to a customer base that includes the largest companies in the world.31
35Riskified FintechRiskified's team is its most significant asset. Ongoing investment in our employees has remained a top priority throughout our rapid growth from 30 to more than 500 employees within six years. Using cutting-edge technology to make eCommerce accessible and more efficient is a goal to which we are all committed34
36Applied Materials Israel Electronic Systems At Applied Materials, employees are directly involved in the greatest technological revolutions that impact everyone’s lives. As a large successful and diverse company, we believe in the personal and professional development of every employee and offer new and exciting challenges alongside teamwork and extraordinary connections between people, work and the community. 37
38Verizon Media Software DevelopmentVerizon Media offers its employees in Israel a unique opportunity to lead cutting-edge initiatives in the fields of Ad Tech, video, and data science across core company products. This work impacts 900M users through platforms such as Yahoo, HuffPost, and TechCrunch. Our employees benefit from the stability of Verizon, a Fortune-20 company, and from a supportive and accepting environment. -
39IAI Defense IndustryIsrael Aerospace Industries is a global leader in the research, development, and manufacturing of advanced aerospace, marine, land, and cyber systems. Positioned at the forefront of technology, IAI offers its employees a broad range of content areas and personal development and opportunities, encouraging excellence with substantial investment in innovation29
41Autodesk Israel InternetAt Autodesk TLV, we are able to make a real impact on the architecture, engineering and construction industries and on millions of professionals using our products every day, using wide-ranging and new technologies. The world is growing at a neck breaking pace, and Autodesk enables our customers to do more, better and with less negative impact on the environment.-
42Elbit Systems Defense IndustryElbit Systems offers infinite opportunities to influence, lead, grow, do good, work at the forefront of technology, and be a part of something big. Facing technological challenges in all areas, exposure to a variety of occupations and professions, a wealth of technologies and large-scale projects, opportunities for growth and the ability to influence Israel’s future18
43Amobee Software DevelopmentA global company with a startupistic nature, "smart" intelligence unit , very favorable conditions of corporate - the opportunity to enjoy all the worlds and have a great social atmosphere!39
44Dynamic Yield Marketing TechnologyOur mission is to make all digital experiences relevant by products that speak to individuals on a personal level. As a company, we’ve built a dynamic work environment that allows our employees to thrive and continuously improve their professional development. We are a global, stable, and financially sound company, leading the Experience Optimization market.-
45Mobileye Autonomous vehiclesMobileye's trailblazing vision, job stability, and excellent work conditions provide the opportunity to create a safer future for all, from right here in Israel. Mobileye employees are professionally challenged, while also getting to impact the future in a powerful way42
46Argus Cyber Security CyberArgus Cyber Security is a global leader in automotive cyber security. We provide employees with a sense of impact, a challenging and professional work culture, and the drive for innovation. We are also a big contributor to the community and our employees are taking part in broad welfare programs.-
47Samsung Semiconductor Israel R&D Center Chips and Semi-ConductorsSIRC is where future technologies come to life. We enable our employees to think big, make the most of their talents, and impact how people use technology worldwide. SIRC promotes an open and attentive work environment, where teamwork is the key to success-
47Citi innovation Lab Fintech and CyberCiti innovation Lab leads the fintech industry in Israel and serves as a strategic arm to promote innovation. The activities are sponsored by one of the most influential banks in the world and are driven by our employees, who are key players in shaping the future of banking. Entrepreneurship, innovation inclusion and diversity are our way of live. -
49GE Digital Cyber and Software DevelopmentGE Digital is the largest software company in the world for critical infrastructures, which established its global security center in Israel. Our employees lead myriad activities, from developing security tools to performing red-team attacks on power plants. Our employees enjoy a unique environment with personal growth options and energetic atmosphere.-
50Verifone Israel Payments SolutionBeing an employee of Verifone means to be part of a company with an essential product that comes to the use of every person in the world, this is a sense of respect and pride. Verifone sees its employees as partners in action, and accordingly sees both the personal and professional development of its employees as one of its leading values.-
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