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Rank 2022CompanySectorWhy it's the best to work at our companyRank 2021
Rank 2022CompanySectorWhy it's the best to work at our companyRank 2021
4ironSource InternetAt ironSource, we believe in and work towards our employees’ personal and professional growth. We invest in career development, as 90% of our managers rose through the ranks. ironSource encourages personal growth as well, and was one of the first companies in Israel to give employees a number of long weekends iron weekends each year. As important, giving back to the community is part of our day-to-day and a contributing factor to our unique DNA. 3
5monday.com Software Developmentmonday.com's culture of transparency and ownership empowers our amazing people to make a true impact as we rapidly scale. Together, we're changing the future of work for hundreds of thousands of organizations worldwide.8
6Google Israel InternetA global, stable, financially sound company and a leader of its chosen technology field The company's employees have the ability to influence billions of people around the world. The company's employees are on the technological front and operate in a dynamic work environment. Employees enjoy unique benefits and work environment experience.2
8Intel Israel Chips and semi-conductorsIntel is a winning combo of great tech challenges, career opportunities, and a place of work that sees its people, and cares for them, as well as for the Israeli society. Intel is in a momentum towards the future of the world of compute, with super talented people, who are really eager to write Intel’s incredible next chapter right here, in Israel.9
9CyberArk CyberCyberArk is a world-leading company in the field of Identity Security. This company’s focus on managing privileged access, a critical layer of protection, as well as a market in which CyberArk is considered a global pioneer. Our clients include over 7,000 global organizations, including companies Fortune 500. These companies trust our ability to protect their most valuable information assets from external attackers and malicious internal threats.-
11Taboola.Com InternetTaboola is the world’s leading recommendation platform reaching over 500 million daily active users. We pride ourselves with making an impact on how people consume content worldwide, a culture of transparency, passion, and a diverse, inclusive and friendly work environment.11
13JFrog Software DevelopmentOur mission at JFrog is to be The company behind all the software updates in the world. We are proud to be the first DevOps company to go public on NASDAQ. To be a "Frog" means making a difference in a challenging, innovative, and diverse environment. So why frogs? Frogs in nature, only leap forward - never backward!20
15Nvidia Chips and semi-conductorsAt NVIDIA, employees enjoy the unique combination of both a startup culture, and the global leadership of a technology powerhouse. Here, the human capital is seen as engine of our success, while impacting major technology breakthroughs, and enjoying genuine care. And when diverse, caring, and flexible work environment meets the ability to influence humanity and do your life’s work – NVIDIA is truly like no place you’ve ever worked.-
16Lemonade FintechLemonade is one of the first unicorns to come out of the insurtech sector. Since the IPO, and with the strong financial runway, Lemonade continues to grow in customers, employees, products, and geographies. Working in Lemonade means working with top talent employees, and an emphasis on professional development, while providing tools for the growth of employees in the company. Lemonade’s employees have a direct impact on the product. -
17SentinelOne CyberSentinelone is one of the growing public companies. Following its successful IPO, S1 continues to grow at a triple digit rate, every year. Sentinelone develops an automated cyber platform that protects our end users against cyber attacks, anywhere and everywhere. We are proud of our innovative culture which our Israeli R&D center brings to S1. in addition, we’re investing significantly in our employees growth and well being.19
18Anaplan Israel Software DevelopmentAnaplan Israel offers its employees a unique combination of enterprise-level comprehensive benefits, with a soul of a dynamic innovative startup. Specializing in Data and AI innovation, with a unique outstanding diverse team, from Beersheba to Ramat-Hagolan-
19Facebook Israel InternetA global, stable, financially sound company and a leader of its chosen technology field The company's employees have the ability to influence billions of people around the world. The company's employees are on the technological front and operate in a dynamic work environment. Employees enjoy unique benefits and work environment experience.7
20Natural Intelligence InternetNatural Intelligence's secret to success lies in its diverse and unique company culture. Since its establishment in 2009, The comany has worked to provide a fair and equal workplace for its 450 employees. This vision has earned the company international recognition and numerous awards. Natural Intelligence's combination of exceptional people and expertise in marketing, technology, product, and data makes it a leader in the industry.17
21Apple Israel Electronic Products DevelopmentApple is a company full of disruptive ideas and innovative people. Our team in Israel plays a significant role in the development of Apple’s most innovative technologies for its leading products that reach millions around the world. Our employees are exposed to diverse professions which allow them to develop rich careers in an open and transparent culture. Apple is pleased to offer strong compensation and benefits, and is building a culture.18
22ZipRecruiter HR-TechZipRecruiter makes meaningful connections between job seekers and employers. Over the past 12 years, our online employment marketplace has helped over 3.3 million businesses and 135 million job seekers find their next great opportunity. We enables employees to do impactful work that helps others change their lives through employment. Our matching technology, has made ZipRecruiter the #1 rated job search app on iOS & Android for the past 5 years.46
23Amazon Israel E-commerceA global, stable, financially sound company and a leader of its chosen technology field The company's employees have the ability to influence billions of people around the world. The company's employees are on the technological front and operate in a dynamic work environment. Employees enjoy unique benefits and work environment experience.23
24Aqua Security CyberAqua is a unicorn in the fast-growing cloud-native security space, enabling the digital transformation of the world’s largest organizations. Our highly collaborative culture empowers every Aquarian to make a difference in our communities and to deliver the best, most innovative technology solutions to our customers.-
26Axonius CyberAxonius embodies Growth: growth of a new category, reshaping the industry, one of the fastest growing SaaS companies, and personal growth of our employees. Transparency, Ownership, Humility, and winning as a team is in our DNA, guiding our mutual journey!-
27Orca Security CyberAt Orca Security, we believe that in the right environment and with the right team, talent has no boundaries. This team spirit, together with our breakthrough SideScanning™ technology and drive to always aim high, have quickly earned us unicorn status and turned us into a cloud security innovation leader, trusted by enterprises across the globe.-
28NICE Software DevelopmentWith NICE it’s never been easier to create extraordinary customer experiences while meeting key business metrics. Featuring the world’s #1 cloud-native customer experience platform, CXone, NICE is a worldwide leader in AI-powered self-service and agent-assisted CX software for the contact center and beyond.-
29Riskified FintechPeople are Riskified's most significant fortune. We put a huge emphasis on our employees' cultivation and satisfaction through various training programs to support their personal development and well-being as well as contribute to the community. Riskified's pioneering and cutting-edge technology contributes to a safe, accessible, and frictionless eCommerce landscape, and harnesses all of us to the success of the company.32
30Moovit MobilityMoovit is a global leader in the mobility industry. More than 1.5 billion users use the Moovit application to get around their cities around the world. Moovit is also accelerating the global adoption of autonomous transportation with Mobileye. Our employees are at the technological forefront and work in a dynamic environment which enables professional development and growth in accordance with many opportunities available to them in the company.-
31eBay E-commerce eBay is one of world’s largest marketplaces, connecting sellers and buyers in more than 190 markets worldwide. The Israeli site is one of the company’s strategic R&D centers developing and improving technological capabilities to allow sellers and buyers the opportunity to thrive — no matter who they are or where they are in the world.31
32Varonis Systems CyberVaronis is a first-class Cybersecurity company where we crack the code of data protection using cutting-edge technology made by our talented employees. We think fast, smart and push the limits towards unlocking the secrets for a meaningful career path.-
34Viz.ai HealthcareWe're a group of highly motivated, bright and visionary individuals who use the best of our knowledge and experience to improve patient care. Working together, we're able to impact lives. A combination of meaningful, people, technology & professional challenges, personal development and a place to impact.-
36Autodesk Israel Software DevelopmentOn the one hand, a huge American company with offices around the world, and on the other, an Israeli site with a startup pace and atmosphere. A company that builds products that actually contribute to the world’s activity and development and helps build and create anything. A company with a culture that enables growth, development and learning while maintaining high professional standards and an environment of innovation and excellence.49
37Outbrain Israel Ad TechOutbrain is a global recommendation platform, enables world’s leading media owners to recommend interesting content and empower advertisers to recommend their products and services. Outbrain’s secret sauce is a DNA of smart, kind and motivated individuals and the company’s focus on investing in the Outbrainer’s professional development.25
38ControlUp Software (IT)Why ControlUp?We are ready for our next phase of growth in 2022 as we march toward our goal of becoming a unicorn! and all of this can happen because we provides•Full & detailed onboarding from our professional training team geared to your specific position•Flexibility, work-life balance& lots of professional and personal support•Opportunities for continued professional development and growth•Fun, global culture with amazing company-wide events. -
39Perion Network InternetAt Perion is a public company with an entrepreneurial start-up culture. Perion is a leader in the digital advertising industry and offers employees many opportunities to develop and grow in a flexible and competitive work environment. With a strong emphasis on doing good and giving back to the community.38
40Servicenow Cloud PlatformServiceNow puts the employee at the center, taking care of their personal well-being, family, and professional growth. It has a culture of caring, respect, work-life balance, diversity, inclusion, and equality. Alongside with being a successful, innovative, stable, and groundbreaking company.37
41BigID Data Engineering BigID is all about the people. While we grow, we maintain a family-like atmosphere by caring for our employees both personally and professionally. We work together to solve some of the most challenging problems in the privacy and security fields. Our employees believe in our cause - improving personal data use through cutting-edge technology.-
42Windward Maritime AIWindward is a global Maritime AITM growth company with +100 customers, making the world safer, greener, and more efficient via our leading technology. Getting to work with industry experts in an innovative, fun, and dynamic environment is a huge benefit. -
43888 Israel GamingFor over 25 years, the 888 Group is one of the leading online gaming companies. Having recently acquired William Hill Intl., we’ve formed a mega-powerful global business. We develop and market our products in-house, offering our 12,000 employees in 13 sites, a fascinating work environment combined with a genuine caring approach.42
44Optibus Software DevelopmentOptibus develops a product that affects us all by making public transportation better, increasing accessibility while reducing emissions and costs. The employees benefit from a healthy organizational culture that includes hybrid work and flexible vacation days, a commitment to gender pay equality, personal and professional development plans as well as a mentoring program.-
45optimove MartechOptimove offers an open, tolerant and diverse work environment empowering each employee to reach their potential. With an innovative vibe and thoughtful attitude, Optimove welcomed 200 new employees in 2022 alone, nearly doubling its headcount. Optimove provides employees with various personal and professional training and development opportunities, emphasizing internal mobility and promotion from within.-
46Veev contechThe first thing you will notice about Veev is the diversity of its workforce. From engineers and architects to developers and programmers, Veev consists of multiple disciplines that together develop innovative construction technology that is revolutionizing the industry worldwide. -
47Glassbox Software DevelopmentGlassbox is one of the most innovative tech companies in the Hi-Tech space. With patented technology that enables organizations to perfect the experience provided to their customers on websites and mobile apps, Glassbox promotes creative and diverse work environment, enables personal and professional growth, with a sense of community and social responsibility. -
48Playtika GamingA leading mobile gaming company with over 26 million monthly active players. The global activity is Headquartered in Israel, and guided by a mission to entertain the world through infinite ways to play. Employees enjoy excellent conditions and significant influence in their professional domains: product, data, marketing, creative, Tech and others.40
49Check Point CyberCheck Point has a worldwide impact, making it a safer place for all, every day. The company works with the most advanced technologies, from cloud, to mobile, and works with the world’s leading, largest, and most significant companies. Employees can choose where they want to work from, and develop their careers in enriching and invigorating ways.47
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