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Shipping, dirt works, and infrastructure development

Achim Rachma
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Established: 1974
Line of Business: Shipping, dirt works, and infrastructure development
Address: 5 Oppenheimer St., Science Park, Rehovot
Phone: 972-8-9315580 
Fax: 972-8-9366237
Email: [email protected]
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  • Omri Rachma, Achim Rachma

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    Achim Rachma

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    Omri Rachma

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    Omri Rachma Co-CEO
    Roey Rachma Partner
    Emil Rachma Partner
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About Achim Rachma

Achim Rachma is a shipping and infrastructure company with over 45 years of reputation in the field. Established in 1974 by the late Shlomo Rachma and his two brothers, the late Zamir Rachma and Emil Rachma, Achim Rachma is one of the largest leading companies in the sector. Before establishing the company, Shlomo worked as a worker and manager in a large dirt work and shipping company where he acquired the knowledge and experience used to establish the company later on. It is mostly deemed as a family company, considering that Omri Rachma, the CEO, works alongside his two cousins - Roey Rachma and Itai Rachma, and their uncle, Emil. The three cousins, who are also the controlling shareholders of the company, are trained engineers. Achim Rachma is a member of the National Contractor Association and the CEO, Omri Rachma, also serves as a board member in the Rehovot Contractors Organization.


Along the years, the company has developed gradually but consistently. Its first works were mostly constructing street pavements and asphalt underneath buildings in Rehovot, Ness Ziona and the environment. Later on, the company began entering bigger and bigger works and buying large and advanced engineering-mechanical equipment. Over time, the company performed a number of works that were deemed as its breakthrough points, considering capabilities and classifications. Such works include, among others: establishment of landing strips and runways for IAF planes, paving an intercity road in the En HaKore interchange – Palmachim, establishment of the Harova project in Rishon Lezion, establishment of Peres Park in Holon, establishment of the Sportek in Herzliya, upgrading the Tel Aviv promenade by connecting it directly to the beach, and many others.

Unlimited Classifications in the Paving, Construction and Infrastructure Sectors

In the 1980s, the company had an unrestricted classification in the paving sector and has recently received a C5 (unrestricted) classification for the construction and infrastructure sectors as well. Among others, the company is currently constructing schools, childcare centers and offices, and deals in real estate and investments in rental properties. The company is a Ministry of Defense contractor and, among others, maintains the seamlines and deals in constructing, developing, and maintaining the various IDF bases. Achim Rachma also has unlimited engineering capabilities and is able to construct any engineering project in any field - including underground infrastructures, establishment of desalination facilities (Achim Rachma was involved in constructing the Palmachim Desalination Plant, the largest of its kind in the whole world), road paving, etc.

Rental Properties

Along the years, the company accumulated numerous real estate properties, amounting to dozens of millions of shekels in value. The company holds such properties in Bnei Braq, Petah Tikva, Ness Ziona, Rehovot and others. Furthermore, the company is also a partner in the “Me on the Mic” venture and is even involved in its management. Me on the Mic has 5 branches nationwide.

Human Capital and Engineering - Mechanical Equipment

The company carefully selects its human capital and currently has nearly 100 regular employees. The majority of them are seniors at the company and all of them are highly professional and among the best in their fields.

These employees include, among others, project managers, foreman, truck drivers, engineering-mechanical equipment operators, surveyors, quantity surveyors and general workers. Moreover, the company holds an extensive engineering-mechanical equipment system, including, among others, 20 full-trailer trucks, shuffles, rollers, graders, excavators, etc. The company’s shipping trucks provide service to both the company and external clients, including plants and construction companies.

Capabilities, Experience and Meticulous Quality

Achim Rachma’s managers are engineers who acquired experience in small-scale works, starting at the most basic field positions. They manage projects personally and their accumulated experience and involvement in each and every project prove themselves. The company’s overall capabilities are expressed by the high scores it receives in public quality tenders. The company also conducts internal quality tests twice per year and holds all quality marks and ISO systems in its fields of practice.

Safety Above All

Achim Rachma greatly emphasizes safety and employs an external safety adviser who provides regular oversight and weekly reports. Also, company employees undergo periodic safety workshops.

Project Construction Under One Roof

The company constructs every project it wins, thereby granting clients personal and dedicated treatment. This heavily facilitates the company’s strict compliance with timetables, budget, and high quality of finished products.

The company successfully maintains an effective relationship with its work providers, an uncommon feat in the industry.

Constant Reinvention

The company ensures to constantly reinvent itself and bids on complex and particularly challenging bids, in which it is able to express its capabilities and accumulated experience. Since its inception, the company has proven that it is capable of performing the most complex engineering works and its managers constantly have their ear to the ground to update and upgrade work processes.

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