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Development, Construction and Urban Renewal

Maoz Daniel Ltd.
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Established: 1987
Line of Business: Development, Construction and Urban Renewal
Address: 11 Moshe HaLevi St., UMI Tower, 10th floor,
Rishon Lezion
Phone: 972-3-9525859
Fax: 972-3-9525861
Email: [email protected]
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Company Executives

  • Pini  Malca, Maoz Daniel Ltd.

    Pini Malca

    Co CEO and Owner

    Maoz Daniel Ltd.

  • Rachel  Malca, Maoz Daniel Ltd.

    Rachel Malca

    Co CEO and Owner

    Maoz Daniel Ltd.

  • Daniel  Malca, Maoz Daniel Ltd.

    Daniel Malca


    Maoz Daniel Ltd.

  • Itamar  Malca, Maoz Daniel Ltd.

    Itamar Malca


    Maoz Daniel Ltd.

  • Amichay Weisman, Maoz Daniel Ltd.

    Amichay Weisman


    Maoz Daniel Ltd.

  • David Malca, Maoz Daniel Ltd.

    David Malca

    Marketing Manager

    Maoz Daniel Ltd.

  • Shlomo Asis-Shamay, Maoz Daniel Ltd.

    Shlomo Asis-Shamay

    Appraiser, V.P. Business Development

    Maoz Daniel Ltd.

Leading Executives

    Amichay Weisman CFO
    David Malca Marketing Manager
    Shlomo Asis-Shamay COO
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About Maoz Daniel Ltd.

Maoz Daniel Ltd. is a family-owned company that is one of the oldest in Israel. Founded over three decades ago, the company initiates, plans and builds projects, and boasts the highest professional contractor ranking in Israel. Maoz Daniel’s comprehensive activities create the added value which its clients enjoy, with all the leading professional services under one roof.

Maoz Daniel acquired vast experience while constructing thousands of residential units in Israel. Over the years, its skills naturally led the company to develop expertise in the field of urban renewal, which is its specialty. For the past 24 years, Maoz Daniel has established itself as the leading company in the field of urban renewal, and was even the first company that successfully initiated and constructed the first “clear and build” (“pinui binui”) project in the city of Ramat Gan – a 30-floors tower. The company recently began an urban renewal project, THE FIVE, located in Bat Yam, which includes 560 residential units in 5 residential towers without mixed use, with a variety of 3-4-4.5 and 5 room apartments and unique penthouse apartments which overlook the sea. The project is located at the highest point of Bat Yam and a large number of the apartments offer sea view. Each of the towers at THE FIVE offers 27 floors of prestige and optimal planning, in order to maximize the apartment’s space, entertaining areas and bedrooms. All of the buildings will be connected by a green, shaded and pleasant walking axis. The new residence complex is located in Bat Yam’s hot spot, within a walking distance of the light rail, a short distance from the new m1 metro, the train station, and offer accessibility to route 431 and Ayalon highway. The new quarter is surrounded by community services, culture services, the city’s sports and leisure services, the culture center, the auditorium, Bat Yam’s art museum, Reebak education and community center, the “Tarbutech”, which is also a public library. The best schools, alongside kindergartens, recreation and commercial centers, a country club and community centers, all within a walking distance.

Maoz Daniel enjoys a proven ability to manage the registration and rezoning procedures, while working with the best architects and consultants in the country. The company has planned more than 2,000 residential units in high-demand areas in Central Israel, in a wide range of projects, including boutique buildings, and the construction of entire projects with hundreds of residential units. In recent years, the company was named, by Madlan ratings, as one of the leading companies in the field of urban renewal.

Maoz Daniel operates in the real estate domains, including initiating, planning, constructing and responsibility for maintenance. Its professional approach ensures complete control of the project, while insisting on the highest quality. Maoz Daniel is committed to complying with the planned schedules and moving-in dates. All the services and departments are under a single roof, and the company’s clients benefit from having a single address to turn to. The company has an ISO 9002 international quality certification, and is a recognized government contractor.

Expertise and Reliability

Maoz Daniel is committed to the home owners, espousing a policy of cooperation, expertise, transparency and reliability. The home owners benefit from peace of mind thanks to the company’s long-term experience managing and carrying out complex projects. This is in addition to the guarantees and collateral securities to which the company is committed as a condition for carrying out each project.

“Service, Integrity and Humanity. That has always been our path”

The centrality of the client is the company’s guiding principle, starting from the meticulous planning stage, focusing on the smallest details, and up to its uncompromisingly quality, while providing the finest service.

Maoz Daniel reached the pinnacle in its field through hard work, professional service and proven reliability over many years. The company’s reputation was built on hard work, with thousands of apartment purchasers showering praise on the company’s personal approach, reliability, professional service and friendly, personal relations. Above all, the clients enjoy the final results.

The company has adopted the poet’s lyrical lines: “What is it to labor lovingly? Building the heart-felt home is as though it were destined to love those who will reside within its walls.” And indeed, each apartment is built as though it were built for family.

Experienced and Expert Engineering Dep.

Maoz Daniel’s Engineering Department is the company’s largest division, and is always at the forefront of technology. The department has over 33 years of experience, during which it carried out dozens of projects, professional trainings and workshops.

The Engineering Department’s managers and staff are always up-to-date with the newest building techniques and rules, regulations and standards. Knowledge, learning, renewal and advancement are the Department’s guiding lights.

Simultaneously, the Department constantly upgrades its construction equipment to ensure that it is the most sophisticated and modern. All the construction phases are controlled by the Department’s expert teams – including the engineering plans, the construction plans, the registration process, the actual construction and testing period, and repairs. Each phase is accompanied by meticulous supervision and quality control, using advanced monitoring and control programs. Thus, the product’s quality is guaranteed, as are the cost and timeframe targets.

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