Provides Change Intelligence Solutions for quicker and safer ERP & CRM innovation

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Established: 2008
Line of Business: Provides Change Intelligence Solutions for quicker and safer ERP & CRM innovation
Address: Israel
6 Hacharash St., Hod HaSharon
Tel: +972-9-761-8000
Continental Plaza, 411 Hackensack Ave., 3rd floor, Hackensack, NJ 07601
Tel: +1-201-273-7287
Gutenbergstr. 1, 85737, Ismaning
Tel: +49-89-21538037-0
Tour Opus 12, 4th Floor, 4 Place de la Pyramide Puteaux, Paris La Defense 9, 92800
Tel: +33-615-328-797
Izumi Garden Wing 2F, 1-6-3, Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106 0032
Tel: +81-3-5545-3251
Phone: 972-9-7618000
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  • David Binny, Panaya

    David Binny



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    David Binny
  • Amir  Kviatkovsky, Panaya

    Amir Kviatkovsky

    Chief Financial Officer


  • Oded Kovar, Panaya

    Oded Kovar

    EVP Sales & Chief Customer Success


  • Zinette Ezra, Panaya

    Zinette Ezra

    EVP of Product


  • Ron Pick, Panaya

    Ron Pick

    Chief Marketing Officer


  • Dror Ikar, Panaya

    Dror Ikar

    EVP of R&D


  • Shany Kessel, Panaya

    Shany Kessel

    Chief People Officer


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About Panaya

Panaya is the leader in ERP Change Intelligence and cloud-based (SaaS) testing that delivers quality assurance to implement and manage ERP & CRM application changes. With Panaya, organizations innovate faster – with zero time to change, zero risk, and zero defects. Panaya Change Intelligence platform for ERP enables all types of SAP® and Oracle® EBS changes. Panaya Change Intelligence platform for Salesforce ® CRM delivers insights that tell you what will break, what to fix, and what to test, helping organizations manage the testing process and collaborate between IT and business during the entire release process.

Since 2008, over 3,000 companies more than 60 countries, including a third of the Fortune 500, have been using Panaya to achieve ERP & CRM agility. Panaya’s past and current customers include Schneider Electric, P&G, Mercedes-Benz, Air France, Coca-Cola, Sony pictures, GE, Home Depot and many more.

Based in Hod Hasharon, Israel, with offices in North America, Europe & Japan, the company is just as proud of its technology prowess as it is its reputation as a vibrant place to work. “Panayans” develop their careers with speed and agility.

Panaya Retains Its Startup Culture

Panaya is the epitome of the multicultural startup. Walk through Panaya’s Israel HQ and you will hear a multitude of languages – from French to German to Dutch and even Japanese. There’s no official language at Panaya – though English serves as the unofficial language that everyone understands.

Panaya’s offices are at the edge of modern design and ergonomics. They feature natural light, clean air and modern furniture in order to create an atmosphere that is enjoyable and environmentally conscious.

Walk through any of Panaya’s offices and you will be treated to smiling faces. Some of the most interesting discussions take place in our wide-open kitchen and throughout our inter-connected two floors in our Hod Hasharon facility. It takes an agile work environment to create a disruptive and agile technology.

The company continues to promote Well Being Initiatives. These initiatives facilitates a holistic view of employees’ wellbeing and includes sport classes such as Pilates, Yoga, TRX and running as well as a personal nutrition and sports expert that accompanies employees and guides them through health, nutrition and sports principles. This puts Panaya in a league of its own in Israel.

During the recent pandemic and the new reality which organizations have faced, Panaya continues to lead by transforming its of-fice to enable employees to work safely according to strict standards set by the health authorities. Panaya also enabled its teams to work remote in a hybrid models according to local guidance and while respecting the wishes of the individual including helping our employees with home office equipment

ERP & CRM Changes Made Simple

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems and CRM (Customer Relationship management), are what runs the world’s most powerful and influential companies. Because of their complexity, it is very challenging to perform changes and upgrades to ERP & CRM systems. Companies add tons of custom code to their systems and no one knows what will work and what won’t post go-live. That’s where Panaya comes in.
Panaya Change Intelligence platform simulates changes and upgrades, telling companies what will break, how to fix it and what to test. Our customers often tell us that we allow them to save 3-6 months or more in project’s time, 50% in testing efforts and upwards of millions of dollars.

Panaya Change Intelligence Platform

Panaya Change Intelligence platform is a SaaS solution that delivers powerful ERP & CRM change analytics and actionable recommendations making it possible to effectively plan, scope, test and report change implementations.

Fueled by real world testing and usage data, Panaya provides the intelligence needed to manage change quality mitigating the risks, cutting the time and lowering the cost of change implementations.

Leveraging change intelligence Panaya delivers the quality assurance needed to implement and manage ERP & CRM system changes from start to finish. With over 7.5 billion lines of code tested, across 27,000 customer analyses and 5 million script transactions, Panaya ensures a positive effect on the client’s business with every innovation they make. With Change Intelligence, innovation becomes a natural part of businesses.

Change Intelligence platform lets the client simulate the impact of any ERP change including SAP Enhancement Pack (EHP) rollouts, S4/HANA migrations, SAP ECC optimizations, functional releases, ERP upgrades, patches and more.

By identifying what ERP changes to test and how to test them, Panaya optimized scoping makes the client’s ERP testing more precise and accurate. It also dramatically reduces testing time by bypassing unnecessary tests.

The platform enables the client to report changes across their systems to see who has changed what, where, and when. Panaya’s reports deliver the transparency, and granular insights critical for managing and collaborating across change tasks and managing their progress across your systems.