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Established: 1990
Line of Business: Real Estate Development and Execution
Address: A1 Harimonim St., Kiryat Tivon
Phone: 972-73-2312900
Fax: 972-73-2312999
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.abr.co.il
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  • Avi Sisu, Rimonim

    Avi Sisu

    Founder and CEO


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    Gal Sisu
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About Rimonim

Rimonim is a leading and well-known real estate company that has been operating in the fields of real estate development and initiation for more than 30 years.
Quality of Life Experts – Quality of life begins at home. Before one goes out into the world to fulfill his or her dream, one needs a comfortable, stable and safe environment, in which they can grow and proudly call home.
Comprehensive Service – We are a real estate company that specializes in initiation and development of residential projects and boast 30 years of hard work. Our guidelines are based on credibility, professionalism, transparency, humanity, and service, combined with our standards, which are portrayed in each and every project. The company’s devoted employees are with you every step of the way: The marketing manager will personally accompany you, as of the purchase process until delivery day. The company’s architect and the coordinator of residents’ changes will do their best to attend to every change you will want to make in your home. The project manager and construction managers will accompany you along the execution stages in full cooperation, including approval, prior to execution stages and their finalization, and up until delivering the keys.
The company’s executives supervise everything in order to ensure that the final result will be the optimal one. The moment you chose us is the moment as of which you can be calm and let us worry about everything.
Development and Execution Under One Roof - Rimonim is headed by Owner and CEO Avi Sisu, an experienced real estate developer and initiator who has initiated and built many residential, commercial and office real estate projects over the years. In addition to Avi’s rich experience, and the experience of his staff, Rimonim’s greatest power comes from the company’s ability to combine initiation and execution capabilities at the highest levels. Thus, the company builds its real estate development projects through its subsidiary AB Rimonim Ltd., a construction execution company with a C-5 contractor classification - an unlimited classification that allows the company to build on any scale - physical, engineering, and financial.
Being at Home from the Get-go – As a part of our professional vision, we set an uncompromising standard of quality – regarding planning, construction and especially regarding the special personal relationship between us.
We are serious about the natural concerns and complexities that accompany every purchase, and therefore we do our best to make you feel at home from the get-go.
Credibility is Key – We believe that open communication is an essential factor in every fruitful cooperation. Since your secure and stable feeling is important to us, we do much in order to act transparently and provide personal support by all of the company’s representatives, as of the initial purchase stage and up to construction stages and delivery.
Professionalism as a Guiding Principle – We meticulously incorporate the best professionals in every project we participate in, including architects and consultants in the planning stages, up to the suppliers and contractors in execution stages, in order to provide our customers with the highest quality, in the most professional manner.
It’s Not Home Without You – Even though we oversee the execution, the house is yours. It is important to us that our customers will be a significant part of the project, thus we share every step of the way with you, prior to authorization, as well as after execution. In this manner, we arrive at the optimal result, in complete cooperation with you. We emphasize regularly nurturing our relationships with you, as of the first moment.

Residential Real Estate

HaMoshava, Yokne’am: The company is building a new high-end neighborhood that includes 33 villas with careful planning and premium specifications. Each villa is built on a spacious land plot sizing more than 350 square meters, in what is considered to be the last land reserve in that desired area. The neighborhood is positioned on a mountainside near Nahal Keret Park, allowing the residents to enjoy a pastoral and breathtaking view of the fields of HaMoshava in Yokne’am and the Jezreel Valley. The neighborhood is located a short distance from the “Israeli Silicon Valley” in Yokne’am and the apartment models include villas with 6 and 7 rooms.
VILLAMOND, Tel-Mond: An exclusive terraced complex in the Tel-Mond village. The project includes 4 four-story buildings with 64 housing units. The complex was designed with the intention of preserving the balance between the village, nature, and the highest quality of life, while maintaining a unique architectural design, rich specifications and maximum privacy - each building has only 16 housing units in a diverse mix: garden apartments with large gardens, 3, 4 ,5 room apartments and penthouses with large balconies.
CARMAL, Kiryat Tivon: Construction of a private neighborhood that includes 81 houses in one of the prestigious localities in the north of Israel near Haifa and the Krayot. The neighborhood overlooks the green landscapes of the Carmel and covers an area of 45 dunams. The company offers several house models including detached houses, semidetached houses and garden and roof apartments.
MONDU, Tel-Mond: The project includes 20 two-family homes and a total of 40 housing units, in a new neighborhood located in the eastern part of Tel-Mond near Kfar Hess. An average house in the project is sized at about 220 square meters, including basement. The tenants will enjoy green landscapes, a rich community life and a developing area.
Hod HaSharon, 1200 Complex: A residential project that includes two 10-story buildings with 54 residential units, in a new and coveted neighborhood, constructed in recent years in the western side of Hod HaSharon, near route 531. Every building consists of 27 residential units, 3 apartments per floor, in a varied mix of garden apartments, 3,4,5 room apartments and penthouses.
A Residential and Commerce Complex, Kiryat Tivon: A mixed use project, which includes 1000 sq.m. of commerce on the ground floor and 30 residential units, located at 4 Zvulun St., in center of Kiryat Tivon, near main transportation routes.

Yielding Real Estate

BEIT RIMON, Kiryat Tivon: A 3-story income producing building owned by the company. The building is located at 1 Harimonim St. in Kiryat Tivon. Constructed in 2003, the building has offices, a café, and diverse clients from the fields of medicine and health, including a pharmacy, a Maccabi health Services branch, hearing tests center, X-ray institute, a dental clinic, optics store, pediatrician and specialist doctors.

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