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Canaan Shenhav Architects Ltd.
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Established: 1992
Line of Business: Architect firm
Address: Kiryat Atidim Building 2, 2nd Entrance
P.O.B. 58188, Tel Aviv 6158101
Phone: 972-3-6496644
Fax: 972-3-6471997
Email: [email protected]
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Company Executives

  • Danit  Shenhav, Canaan Shenhav Architects Ltd.

    Danit Shenhav

    Owner, Founding Partner

    Canaan Shenhav Architects Ltd.

  • Gil  Shenhav, Canaan Shenhav Architects Ltd.

    Gil Shenhav

    Owner, Founding Partner

    Canaan Shenhav Architects Ltd.

  • Moshik   Ben Dor, Canaan Shenhav Architects Ltd.

    Moshik Ben Dor


    Canaan Shenhav Architects Ltd.

  • Irit  Becker, Canaan Shenhav Architects Ltd.

    Irit Becker


    Canaan Shenhav Architects Ltd.

  • Zamir  Tirosh, Canaan Shenhav Architects Ltd.

    Zamir Tirosh


    Canaan Shenhav Architects Ltd.

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About Canaan Shenhav Architects Ltd.

Canaan Shenhav Architects Ltd. was established in 1992 by Adina and Nissan Canaan, and Danit and Gil Shenhav.

Each partner maintains their own field of expertise. Arch. Gil Shenhav heads the residential projects planning field, as well as high-rise construction, residential neighborhoods, mixed use complexes for commerce and office use, and urban renewal. Arch. Danit Shenhav is a leading expert in planning for the elderly, namely she designs senior citizens housing and villages. After Adina and Nissan retired, three partners joined the firm: Arch. Zamir Tirosh and Arch. Moshik Ben Dor handle the firm’s planning matters, and economist Irit Becker is the firm’s CEO.

Canaan Shenhav Architects maintains vast experience and a great reputation for planning thousands of residential units in various projects and neighborhoods nationwide, including boutique buildings, as well as towers and residential neighborhoods. The firm works with the leading developers in the real estate field regarding the residential field, commerce and office complexes, senior citizens housing, and urban renewal. The firm is located in Kiryat Atidim in Tel Aviv, and employs 35 architects and practical engineers.

Our Values

The firm has been expanding since its establishment, while embracing, implementing and leading new planning trends, both in Israel and in Europe. The firm sees people as the center of its work – whether regarding senior citizens housing, a residential tower that combines commercial uses and work or an urban renewal project. “We at the firm believe that planning is an essential part of the totality of aspects that influence the lives of the residents in the neighborhoods we plan, and with regard to senior citizens housing, holds a crucial effect concerning the quality of life of the tenants of the project.”

Fields of Expertise

Senior Citizens Housing
The firm specializes in planning for the elderly - senior citizens housing and villages and inpatient departments. Arch. Danit Shenhav, who heads this field, initially introduced it to Academy as well. Danit was requested to write a chapter in a first of its kind book that was recently published.

Residential Neighborhoods
Canaan Shenhav plans thousands of apartments in residential projects outlined as large-scale complexes and towers. The firm maintains extensive experience nationwide regarding planning residential neighborhoods such as Halomot Zukey HaShmura in Netanya, The Noble Prize Winners Campus in Rishon LeZion, Lev HaSavyonim in Petah Tikva, Azorei Hen and Ne’eman Towers in Tel Aviv, Sderot HaSavionim in Modiin, Ashdar ONE in Bat Yam, and more.

Evacuation Reconstruction (Pinui-Binui) and Urban Renewal
The firm extended its activities regarding urban renewal, stemming from the belief that therein lies the potential to renew city centers as well as the future of the apartment market in Israel. The firm plans many large-scale evacuation-construction projects, both for leading real estate developers as well as pertaining to the Urban Renewal Company (HPHI), which specializes in supporting urban renewal projects outlined as a representation of evacuation-construction residents. Selected urban renewal projects include Green Park in Neve Sharet in Tel Aviv, Rimonei Tidhar in Ramat HaSharon, High Line in Ramat Gan, HaTzanhanim in Neve Sharet in Tel Aviv, Aura in Ramat HaSharon, Rambam in Herzelia, LaGuardia in Tel Aviv and more.

Commercial and Office Spaces
These days, our firm is engaged in the planning of thousands of sq.m. for employment and commerce in the center of Israel. Some of which, while offering mixed-use complexes for residential or public purpose as well.

High Rises and Urban Habitat
The global council of Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat CTBUH, located in the US, is the leading professional institute regarding planning, management, construction and development of high rise buildings. The council has 800,000 members worldwide. In 2012, the Architects Association and the Construction and Infrastructure Engineers Union founded the Israeli branch of the council: “The Israeli Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat Forum – CTBUH – ISRAEL”, which includes hundreds of professionals from various disciplines who are interested in this field.

Architect Gil Shenhav was elected chairperson of the Israeli Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat Forum.

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