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Established: 1937
Line of Business: Architecture & Urban Planning
Address: Bnei Brak offices: 59 Ben Gurion St., Bnei Brak
Haifa Offices: 35 Tchernichovsky St., Haifa
Tel: 972-4-3730313 Fax: 972-4-3730963
Zefat offices: 42 Hapalmach St., Zefad
Tel: 972-4-6972222 Fax: 972-4-6920040
Phone: 972-3-7316888
Fax: 972-3-7316885
Email: [email protected]
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  • Uri   Miloslavsky, Miloslavsky Architects

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    Miloslavsky Architects

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    Lea Miloslavsky


    Miloslavsky Architects

  • Guy  Miloslavsky, Miloslavsky Architects

    Guy Miloslavsky

    Owner & CEO

    Miloslavsky Architects

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    Guy Miloslavsky
  • Amnon  Shwartz, Miloslavsky Architects

    Amnon Shwartz


    Miloslavsky Architects

  • Sagi Ben Dor, Miloslavsky Architects

    Sagi Ben Dor


    Miloslavsky Architects

  • Rami Shalit, Miloslavsky Architects

    Rami Shalit


    Miloslavsky Architects

  • Anat Shani, Miloslavsky Architects

    Anat Shani


    Miloslavsky Architects

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About Miloslavsky Architects

Miloslavsky Architects is one of Israel’s largest and most experienced architecture firms. The firm offers an innovative, professional and refreshing concept in its design while integrating its vast experience and deep understanding accumulated through the years in its planning. The firm’s area of expertise is mostly in large-scale architecture, such as towers, residential buildings, and public institutions.

Miloslavsky Architects was established in 1937 and is currently managed by the 3rd generation of the architects’ family. The firm consists of branches in Northern and Central Israel, where 90 professionals are employed in a unique work environment that brings together young aspiring architects on one hand and seasoned and well-experienced architects on the other hand.

The firm specializes in planning high-rise buildings and mixed-use projects, as well as offices, residential towers, hotels, assisted living facilities, sports and public structures, expressing innovative concepts and a unique design approach, adjusted to the place, the budget and its end-users.

Selected Projects

Towers - The “Bein-Arim” Tower- 100- stories high, at the heart of Tel-Aviv’s future central business district and near the Diamond Exchange District in Ramat-Gan, the “Sapir” tower - 42-stories high in the Diamond Exchange District in Ramat-Gan, the “Bass” building – 65-stories high in the Diamond Exchange District in Ramat-Gan, the “Gibor-Sport” building in the Diamond Exchange District in Ramat-Gan, The “Rishonim” tower - 40-stories high in Ramat-Gan, the “Canada Israel” tower - 55-stories in Ramat-Gan, the “Olive Tree” compound, “Elade-Eldar Tower” in Holon the “Yitzhak Sadeh” tower in Tel-Aviv, and more.

Residential - The Negba tower in Ramat-Gan, The “Vineyard Towers” in Acre, the “Ir Yamim” tower in Ashkelon, “Creek Park” in Be’er Sheva Avisror, “Neve Doron” Ramla-Prashkovsky, Be’er Yaakov Sharbat and Avisror, the “Perfume” neighbourhood Yam-Suf Papushado, “Yaffe-Nof” in Haifa, the “Yad Hatish’aa” Neighborhood in Herzliya, “Dimri TOWN” Rosh Ha’ayin, the “Ir Yamim” towers in Netanya, the “Bezeq” complex in Givatayim, the “Ne’ot Yuvalim” neighborhood in Karkur, the “Star-Center” towers in Ashdod and more.

Assisted Living and Public Institutions - “Rubinstein” estate in Givatayim, assisted living facilities “Ad-120” in Rishon-LeZion and Hod-Hasharon, Assisted living Yavne Avisror, Assisted living Neve Amit Rehovot, The Experimental School in Jerusalem, a school compound in Harish, “Kam” school in Ramat-HaHayal, “Bloch” school in Tel Aviv, “Ha’irus” educational compound in Rishon-LeZion, “Beit-Halohem” pool in Afeka, Tel Aviv, a culture sports and leisure center in El’ad, “Nachlat Yehuda” sports center in Rishon-LeZion, professional clinics center “Bri’uta” in Mevaseret Zion, a Clalit Health Services clinic building in Naharaya, “Europe” hotel in Tiberius, “Rimonim” hotel in Safed, “Harp of David” hotel in Kinneret and more.

Professional Excellence Combined with Breakthrough Innovation

The firm’s main goal is to provide a contemporary, up-to-date and professional response in the planning of complex and revolutionary projects and large-scale architecture ventures, such as towers, assisted living facilities and education institutes, all the while remaining functional, aesthetic and within a pre-defined budget. The firm brings innovative planning concepts and “out-of-the-box” thinking. Every project is an opportunity to improve and design the environment while reviewing planning alternatives, maintaining teamwork and collaborating with the client in every step of the planning process. The firm believes in maintaining a hand-in-hand relationship with its clients, regarding the planning and executing of its projects, while collaborating with them throughout the process, offering accompaniment, personal customization, sensitivity, and professionalism.

Among the firm’s clients are high-rise construction companies of residential and office projects, such as Canada Israel, Acro, Rogovin, Aviv, leading residential construction companies such as Prashkovsky, Avisror, Shikun U’Binui, Dimri, Issta Real-Estate, Sharbat, Tsarfati, Sela Binui, Z.F. and others. In the sector of assisted living facilities, companies such as Rubinstein, Ad-120, Mediterranean Towers and the Neve Amit chain, for which the firm plans complexes with housing for elderly-independent people and complementary functions, including long-term care. The clients’ base also includes public entities, such as the Israel Land Authority, for which the company is a planning company, the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Housing and the HMOs – Clalit, Me’uhedet and Leumit. In recent years the firm participated in numerous planning competitions and scored some winnings. Recently, the firm is operating to expand its operations to the international market.

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