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Established: 2009
Line of Business: Urban renewal
Address: 11 Rotschild Blvd., Tel Aviv 6688114
Phone: 972-73-7962606
Fax: 972-73-6207424
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  • Levi  Kushnir, The Urban Renewal Corporation

    Levi Kushnir

    Chairman of the Board

    The Urban Renewal Corporation

  • Dan  Shapira, The Urban Renewal Corporation

    Dan Shapira


    The Urban Renewal Corporation

  • Tal  Goldstein, The Urban Renewal Corporation

    Tal Goldstein


    The Urban Renewal Corporation

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    Tal Goldstein
  • Ami  Kachlon, The Urban Renewal Corporation

    Ami Kachlon


    The Urban Renewal Corporation

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    Ami Kachlon
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About The Urban Renewal Corporation

The Urban Renewal Corporation is a leading force in the urban renewal segment (Pinui-Binui and Tama 38/2), carrying out entrepreneurship, planning, management and execution of large-scale projects across the country. The company combines solid financial resilience and business savvy, extensive experience, vital know-how and a personal and humane approach, which enable it to oversee complex projects through their entire lifecycle while catering to the individual needs of every tenant.

The company’s viewpoint is that every person has the right for appropriate accommodation, and that Pinui-Binui processes are the future of urban construction and one of the keys to solving Israel’s lands and housing shortage. Each project the company leads is aimed at improving, rehabilitating and bettering the living environment, with the best temporary solutions for each tenant until they receive the keys to their new apartment.

The Company’s Activity

The Urban Renewal Corporation is one of the first companies to enter the segment of urban renewal, as part of a vision which considers Pinui-Binui to be the future of urban construction in high-demand areas. Today, it is one of the only companies in Israel to focus mainly on large projects of Pinui-Binui, with more than 30 projects and about 6,000 housing units in various approval stages, some pending construction and some on construction in Tel Aviv, Hezeliya, Raanana, Ramat-Gan, Bat-Yam, Ness Ziona, Givat Shmuel, Azor, Beit-Shemesh and Jerusalem. In the course of the next three years, the company is expected to build about 1,000 units annually, with overall transactions amounting to more than 1 NIS billion. The company receives ongoing bank financing from Israel’s largest banks, cooperates with mega-constructors such as “Electra Construction”, BSR Group, ISA Group, Yuvalim Group and more, and employs Israel’s best architects and city planners.

Management and Team

The Urban renewal Corporation is managed by key figures of the Israeli real-estate and business arenas, each with a mile-long repertoire in entrepreneurship, development, construction and marketing of large and complex projects in Israel and abroad. Their combined abilities march the company forward at a phenomenal pace.

The Chairman of the Board is Mr. Levi Kushnir, a prominent and appreciated entrepreneur and businessman who built many real-estate projects in Israel and internationally. Among others, he built the Neve Zedek Tower and the California building in Tel-Aviv, the Carmel Apartment Hotel in Netanya, the Seagull Towers project in Ashdod, and more than 4,000 units in various other projects. In addition, he was one of the founders and owners of the Home Center chain, and a controlling shareholder and officer of various public and private companies including Petro Group, Schindler Nechushtan Elevators, Tadiran Consumer Products, Auto Center and others.

Mr. Dan Shapira, Director, has been an entrepreneur and executive for more than 40 years. He brings his vast experience in real-estate, which encompasses all segments and aspects, following decades of development and management of complex large projects in Israel and abroad. Shapira is a law graduate from the Tel Aviv University, and an expert in real-estate financing who completed a long series of yielding transactions in various scopes.

The Company’s CEOs are Tal Goldstein and Ami Kachlon. Goldstein has extensive real-estate knowledge and experience accumulated in two decades of working in the U.S. real-estate market. He joined his partners in 2009 and founded the Urban Renewal Corporation, out of an understanding of the local real-estate market and the foresight that the evolving urban renewal segment would serve as one of the main routes of Israel’s housing and construction endeavors over the next decades. Ami Kachlon has wide and proven municipal experience. He started his political career as an advisor to the Deputy Minister of Industry and Commerce and head of an engineering team, and founded Israel’s first Pinui-Binui administration. Due to his extraordinary urban renewal knowledge, he serves as an external advisor to several municipal authorities in Israel, who benefit from his vast experience. The company has a skilled and professional team, with the finest legal, real-estate and construction professionals in Israel, with a wide-ranging background of dealing with large-scale and complex project construction as well as with permits, laws and regulations, local and district committees, government ministries and municipalities. The company provides its cumulative knowledge and experience to benefit its projects, which requires in-depth understanding and proficiency, to guarantee the best results for the tenants.

Why Choose the Urban Renewal Corporation

Financial resilience and proven performance – The proper values and accumulated capital allow us to outline a comprehensive financing plan for every stage of the process, and we work with the best engineers, architects, planners, and contractors in Israel to ensure we achieve optimal results.

Protecting the homeowners’ Right – Not only do we make sure to implement the amendment to the Pinui-Binui Law, which protects the homeowners and verifies that they receive the best compensation in every urban renewal project, but we consider the homeowners to be the most important factor who’s at the center of every project. We give each and every homeowner a service tailored to their individual wants and needs.

Full Transparency – The relationship with the tenants is the most important aspect for us. We work with them in full transparency, present the project’s progress in a direct, accessible and straightforward manner, and provide each homeowner with personal services tailored to their individual needs.

Experience – The Company has extensive accumulated experience and wide-ranging expertise in real-estate licensing regulations and municipal procedures. These enable us to present comprehensive solutions to the municipalities and local authorities, which meet their needs and requirements, thereby increasing the likelihood of obtaining the necessary permits relatively quickly.

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Total Projects Populated in 2018

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