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Ron Meshulami Engineers Ltd.
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Established: 2001
Line of Business: Construction Planning and Consulting
Address: 58 Ha Rakevet, Electra City Tower
Phone: 972-3-5600830 
Fax: 972-3-5669498
Email: [email protected]
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  • Ron  Meshulami, Ron Meshulami Engineers Ltd.

    Ron Meshulami


    Ron Meshulami Engineers Ltd.

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About Ron Meshulami Engineers Ltd.

Ron Meshulami Engineers Ltd. has been an expert in planning structure constructions for more than 20 years. The company, which was established in 2001 by Ron Meshulami, provides first-class professional services in the construction planning for structures of reinforced concrete, pre-stressed concrete, prefabricated elements and steel and wood elements for leading Israeli companies. The company has expertise in construction planning for private and public projects such as residential towers, residential neighborhoods, office towers, commercial centers, student’s dormitories, assisted living homes, hotels, power plants, gas stations, military bases, industrial structures, sports and tourism facilities, synagogues, preservation buildings and structural strengthening and more. In addition, the company has expertise in engineering planning and consulting and in providing engineering opinions.
The company was founded by Ron Meshulami, who graduated from the Technion with a B.Sc., Civil Engineering (cum laude) and from Bar-Ilan University with an M.B.A., and is a member of the Engineers Union. The company’s clientele includes industry-leaders such as Rami Shbiro, Acro Real Estate, Ashtrom Group, Yuvalim Group, Reisdor, Udor, Gabay Group, Waxman-Govrin-Geva, Bonei HaTichon, Rami Zarfati, Ram Aderet, Danya Cebus, Massad Oz Managment and Supervision Ltd., Rassco of the Isras Group, Meshulem Levinstein Engineering and Contracting, Ganei Tikva Mediterranean Towers, Levinstein Nativ, Neve Gad Construction and Development, MW Tagi, AFI Capital, Y.H. Damari Construction and Development, Arazi HaNegev Initiation and Construction, H. Meitar Construction, Minhal Megurim Israel, Bir Glob Investment, Tobol Group, Sela Ista Israeli Real Estate, Shalom and Natan Construction and Development, Neumann Steel Industries, Almog, Almond Tree Engineering, Tidhar Construction, Plasto Cargal, Azorim Construction, The Red Sea Group, Ginadi Hen and Itai Ginadi Group, Yahalomit Peretz – Construction and Development Works, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and others. The company received an ISO 9001 certification and it is constantly updating its quality systems and technologies.

Knowledge, Innovation and a Professional Team

The company works with analysis software and advanced and professional BIM software and is adamant about developing its professional capabilities based on knowledge and innovation. The company has been benefiting from growth and success for many years owing to an integrative, experience and professional team that works in full cooperation.

Reliability, Professionalism, and Attentiveness

The company has extensive knowledge and experience in providing optimal engineering solutions with attention to functional and economic planning in accordance with the standards and while taking care to be attentive to the clients and provide leading service. The company encourages excellence and maximizing the benefits for its clients while implementing the values of professional excellence and reliability always.

Selected Projects

The Delek Sorek Power Plant – with a 140MW capacity, MW Israel; Assisted Living Stage A + B, Mediterranean Sea Towers, Ganei Tikva – with a scope of 50,000 sq.m.; Rassco Commercial Center, Kfar Ganim Petach Tikva – 17,000 sq.m.; The Herzliya Studios – Tia Communications Ltd. – studios, commerce, and offices with an overall area of 24,000 sq.m.; The Yaron Miller Tower – Almond Tree Engineering Ltd. – Rishon LeZion Industrial Zone – with an overall area of 25,000 sq.m.; An Industrial Structure for the Cargal Group, Lehavim Industrial Zone – with an area of 40,000 sq.m.; Neumann Steel Industries – Logistics Areas, Ariel – with an overall area of 18,820 sq.m.; Students Dormitories, The Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya – three 11-story towers – 750 rooms in total; The Rama Movie Theater Tower for Malibu Construction Ltd. – a 33-story tower with 4 underground basement floors; The Box, Neve Avivim, Neve Gad – Construction and Development Ltd. – four 20-story towers with 354 apartments, a commercial center and basement floors on an area of 15,218 sq.m.; The Krauza Towers, Holon – two 28-story towers with a basement floor with an area of 12,000 sq.m.; The Elite Ramat Gan Towers, the Red Sea Group – two 31-story towers with 5 basement floors; Kiryat Ganim Be’er Sheva Azorim and Y.H. Dimari – Seventeen 31-story towers with about 5,900 sq.m. of basement areas for each tower; Acro Real Estate, Savyon Junction – 3 office buildings covering 80,000 sq.m.; Tidhar, Ono Academic College – 2 buildings of the college buildings and student dorms, covering about 32,000 sq.m.; Yuvalim, Nes Ziona – 4 office buildings covering about 40,000 sq.m.; Acro Golf Complex, Tel Aviv – 2 17-floors towers and 2 8-floors towers, 190 residential units and an office building; Student Dorms, Safra Campus, Hebrew University – 578 residential units and 160 staff units; 2 Rothchild St., Bat Yam – 30-floors building with 5 basement floors; Arzey HaNegev, Bnei Brak – 33 residential buildings, covering about 60,000 sq.m.; Shbiro, Or Yehuda – 8 residential buildings with 5-6 floors, 168 residential units; Gabay Group, Wine City, Ashkelon – 6 residential buildings, 354 residential units; Danya Cebus, Wine City, Ashkelon – 7 residential buildings, 12-18 floors with 423 residential units; Udor Or Yam, Caesarea – 5 residential buildings, 10-12 floors, 210 residential units; Holyland complex, Sapphire & Bareket LTD - 3 residental buildings, 19 floors, 268 residental units and commerce and public buildings; Bonei HaTichon, Beer Yaakov - 2 towers, 21 floors, 238 residental units; Arazi HaNegev, Tlamim Beer Yaakov - 33 buildings, 929 residental units; Yuvalim Netanya - 8 buildings, 480 residental units.


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