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Address: 2 Etgar St., Tirat Carmel
Phone: 972-4-8577566
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  • Moshe Torres, TEDEM Civil Engineering Ltd

    Moshe Torres

    Founder and Chairman

    TEDEM Civil Engineering Ltd

  • Regev Torres, TEDEM Civil Engineering Ltd

    Regev Torres


    TEDEM Civil Engineering Ltd

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About TEDEM Civil Engineering Ltd

The TEDEM Group has been shaping Israel’s transportation map for nearly five decades. With an out-of-the-box think-ing and groundbreaking engineering solutions, the group works to improve the life quality for all Israeli residents. TEDEM is a family company founded in 1975 by Eng. Moshe Torres, who currently acts as the group’s Chairman.
In 1994, his son Eng. Regev Torres, who currently acts as the company’s CEO, joined the firm.
TEDEM is presently a leading and one of the largest Israeli transportation planning companies . Over its years of operation, the Group was involved in nearly 4,500 projects which encompassed circa 6,000 km of roads, 300 km of railroads, and over 150 km of tunnels which were designed and constructed.

Planning Different Areas of Transportation and Infrastructure in Israel

The company is engaged in design of transport and infrastructure projects in a variety of fields, including urban and intercity highways, alongside public transport, which includes railroads, train stations, light rail, BRT, metro lines, exclusive public transport lanes, urban and rural residential compounds , commercial, industrial and logistics centers, transportation hubs, airports, and marine ports.

Subsidiaries that provide a Wide and Complementary Range of Services

The TEDEM Group has two subsidiaries launched in 2014: ART which specializes in landscape architecture, and TMR which deals with infrastructure project management.
These companies were established with the objective to provide a wider range of services to TEDEM’s clients. They complement and enhance the company’s activities in the fields of transportation infrastructure in various projects.

Nearly 50 years of Experience

Over the course of its 48 years of activity, the TEDEM Group has championed professionalism, engineering excellence, and creative flair in solving complex design problems for the benefit of its clients.
In its continuous operation, the company has emphasizes innovation by applying advanced solutions. It encourages creative thinking and achieving engineering optimization while maintaining a controlled budget framework and meeting strict schedules.
These all are made possible by TEDEM extensive knowhow base that was accumulated over 48 years of continuous work, and thousands of carried out projects that contributed to the nation’s transportation infrastructure.

A Wide Range of Customers

The TEDEM clients’ portfolio is wide and diverse including government ministries such as the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Construction and Housing, as well as governmental companies, including Netivei Israel, NTA, Hoze Israel (TRANS ISRAEL), Ayalon Highways, and Israel Railways.
Furthermore, the company provides its services to municipalities and councils (local and regional) throughout the country, as well as to leading private entities. These include a wide range of large private and public companies, as well as contractors and entrepreneurs.

Consistent Growth over the Years

TEDEM’s constant expansion results from the strength and power of its human capital.
The company currently has a permanent staff of about 100 employees, including engineers, architects, and first-class project managers. All of the company’s employees are valued and considered to be partners in its success. Dedicated employees help TEDEM to realize its vision to be the leading Israeli design firm and to lead with an uncompromising professionalism, innovation, creative thinking, and ground-breaking solutions that combine many years of experience and extensive knowhow in all fields of transport infrastructure planning and design.
The TEDEM Group is proud to be part of the country’s pillars of strength and to grow together with the State of Israel toward a brighter and better future.

International Projects

Over the years of its activity, TEDEM participated in design of transportation and construction projects in numerous countries, including Bulgaria, Burkina Faso, Congo Brazzaville, Czech Republic, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, India, Jamaica, Nigeria and Romania.

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