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Established: 1956
Line of Business: Leader in International Architecture and Design
Address: 18 Tshernikhovski St., Tel Aviv 6329133
Phone: 972-3-6203220
Fax: 972-3-6209633
Email: office@yashararch.com
Website: www.yashararch.com
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  • Avner Yashar, Y.A. Yashar Architects Ltd.

    Avner Yashar


    Y.A. Yashar Architects Ltd.

  • Elad Yehuda, Y.A. Yashar Architects Ltd.

    Elad Yehuda

    Partner & CEO

    Y.A. Yashar Architects Ltd.

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    Elad Yehuda

Leading Executives

    Elad Yehuda Partner & CEO
    Jonathan Groswasser Partner
    Yoav Michael Partner
    Aviv Elenbogen Partner
    Adi Davidov Partner

    Shay Sherf Associate, Head of Studio
    Ronny Schimmel Associate
    Dana Launer Associate
    Shirley adiv Associate
    Tsahi Shibi Associate
    Yael Piasetzky Team Manager
    Lena Friedman Team Manager
    Nadya Dukhovnikov Team Manager

    Adi Iny Urban Studio Team Manager
    Michal Orem Urban Plan Team Manager
    Adi Levi Team Manager
    Michael Golian 3D Team Manager
    Shai Cristallo BIM Manager
    Nitzan Sharon BIM Manager
    Oren Ben Tov IT Director & Quality Assurance Manager
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About Y.A. Yashar Architects Ltd.

Yashar Architects Ltd. embodies the advanced building culture in Israel from the 1950s to present days and is based upon two generations of architectural creativity and excellence. The spirit and presence of its founder, Itzhak Yashar, who planned, among others, the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, the Mexico Building at Tel Aviv University, and the Dizengoff Center, is renowned as one of the most significant modern architects in Israel, is rooted in the planning spirit of the firm.

In 1986, architect Avner Yashar joined the firm that maintained his father’s creative inspiration, while leading Yashar Architects’ vision into the 21st century and expanding into the private sector. With a vision ahead of its time, Yashar decided more than two decades ago, to focus on high-density planning. The firm designs many high-rise office towers and residential towers and is considered one of the leading offices in the field of high-rise buildings in the country. In accord with the firm’s vision and the needs of the global market, Yashar Architects expanded its operations abroad and is involved in many construction projects around the world in India, Russia, Romania, Serbia, Czech Republic and more.

Yashar Architects is proud of the nature of its projects. As a product of Tel Aviv Bauhaus style, Yashar sees the creation of a building not merely as functional elements, but rather as inspiring places for the people who inhabit them. Yashar goes to great lengths in order to assimilate climate, topography and unique character into each project thus emphasizing the importance of light and shade.

Yashar Architects provides creative innovative solutions that are built within the required budget while cooperating in a creative professional environment. Yashar Architects is equipped with the best creative skills and professional expertise. The firm focuses on creating dynamic places where one can work, live and interact. Yashar Architects is attentive to clients and proficient in developing buildings that meet their needs, as well as the flexible requirements of the building’s future inhabitants.

The planned projects are varied in size and include residential towers, business and hi-tech developments, commercial buildings, retail design and shopping malls, industrial parks, public buildings, master planning and interior design. Among the firm’s prominent projects are: 1 Rothschild Tower, White City Residence Tower, W and W Prime Towers, Rom Tower, B.S.R 3 and 4 towers and many more. The firm is currently leading the planning of some of the most remarkable projects in Tel Aviv, among which are Project Gindi Tel Aviv, the largest residential project in Tel Aviv, Landmark project at Sarona, which will be the largest commercial project in Tel Aviv, and the Da-Vinci project, located at the corner of Da Vinci and Kaplan streets.

The company was chosen to lead the planning of R&D centers for some of the world-leading companies such as: Microsoft, Apple, SAP, Western Digital, Kodak, Motorola, Comverse and others.

Recently the firm was selected, as part of the Ministry of Defense’s largest real estate tender, to plan the core of Israeli Defense Forces new intelligence campus in the south of Israel.

Yashar Architects has rich knowledge and experience of over 60 years in design. The firm leads the use and application of innovative technologies. The knowledge of the firm’s employees is reflected in their attention to detail, efficient and flexible planning, and the recognition of the needs of the end-user. Like the founding generation, the next generation also sets high standards with a clear sub-plan regarding planning and construction that leads to the planning achievements in Israel.