Avney Derech Y.Y Ltd.

Residential Construction and Development

Avney Derech Y.Y Ltd.
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Established: 2009
Line of Business: Residential Construction and Development
Address: 67 Sokolov St., Ramat HaSharon
Phone: *9663
Fax: 972-3-5499421
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.avney-derech.co.il
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Company Executives

  • Yair Cohen, Avney Derech Y.Y Ltd.

    Yair Cohen


    Avney Derech Y.Y Ltd.

  • Yedidya  Pearl, Avney Derech Y.Y Ltd.

    Yedidya Pearl

    Deputy CEO

    Avney Derech Y.Y Ltd.

  • Yaron Haim, Avney Derech Y.Y Ltd.

    Yaron Haim

    CEO Gal Ariel

    Avney Derech Y.Y Ltd.

  • Roi Weinberg, Avney Derech Y.Y Ltd.

    Roi Weinberg


    Avney Derech Y.Y Ltd.

  • Hanna Schwartz, Avney Derech Y.Y Ltd.

    Hanna Schwartz

    VP, Marketing and Sales

    Avney Derech Y.Y Ltd.

  • Ariel Edelstein, Avney Derech Y.Y Ltd.

    Ariel Edelstein

    VP Business Development and Marketing

    Avney Derech Y.Y Ltd.

  • Hila Nezah Shemesh, Avney Derech Y.Y Ltd.

    Hila Nezah Shemesh

    VP, Operations & Urban Renewal

    Avney Derech Y.Y Ltd.

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About Avney Derech Y.Y Ltd.

Since its incorporation in 2009, Avney Derech set the goal, among others, of promoting Israel’s residential real estate field as a key for the financial growth of thousands of families in Israel.
Avney Derech is a professional, leading real estate company that values integrity, credibility and grace as its cornerstones. It strives to build the country, enabling financial and personal growth for families, while presenting values for its clients and employees. The group’s numerous clients serve as a living testament of its success, and evidently, many of them return to buy another apartment from Avney Derech and add family members and friends to its customer base.

The Company’s Operations

Avney Derech focuses on development and execution of residential projects, located throughout Israel. The group enjoys financial stability which enables it to work on large scale projects which are completely owned by the company (100%).

The Company’s Subsidiary – The Execution Branch, Gal Ariel Ltd.

Gal Ariel maintains an unlimited constructor classification. The company employs leading and highly experienced professionals, including engineers, project managers, execution engineers, construction supervisors and all types of construction subcontractors, in addition to Construction, Schedules and Control QA teams.

Current and Future Projects

Avney Derech maintains numerous apartments in both planning and in execution projects. In recent years, alongside its residential development, the company enlarged its scopes of activity according to market trends, and entered new activity fields, among which are many urban renewal projects. In addition, the company specializes in tenders and private lands. In 2022 the company will construct and plan 4,387 residential units in Jerusalem, Beit Shemesh, Tiberias, Afula, Harish, Be’er Sheva, Beit El, Yokne’am, Alfei Menashe, Lod, Tel Aviv, Netanya, Bat Yam, and Zefat. During 2022 the company will deliver 774 residential units, and 1,700 units in total.

The Urban Renewal Department

The urban renewal department provides overall solutions, including urban renewal complexes. From initiation through planning and execution of the project via “Gal Ariel” subsidiary (a C-5 classification contracting company). Avney Derech Group provides support through the process, while emphasizing personal service with the aim of renewing and bettering tenants’ quality of life. The department also promotes the project together with all relevant stakeholders, while creating collaborations between the residents and the authorities in order to effectively promote the projects. Avney Derech Group, as well as the department, emphasize personal and professional service, transparency and true cooperation, while implementing advanced technological tools.

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