Delouya Sagi Initiative Ltd.

Construction, Management and Projects Initiation

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Established: 2014
Line of Business: Construction, Management and Projects Initiation
Address: 12 Ya’akov Cohen St.,Be’er Sheva
Phone: 972-52-6780707 
Email: [email protected]
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  • David Ezra, Delouya Sagi Initiative Ltd.

    David Ezra

    CEO & Owner

    Delouya Sagi Initiative Ltd.

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    David Ezra
  • Lital Ezra, Delouya Sagi Initiative Ltd.

    Lital Ezra

    Finance Manager

    Delouya Sagi Initiative Ltd.

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About Delouya Sagi Initiative Ltd.

Delouya Sagi Initiative is a leading construction company in the residential building industry. The company was founded in 2014 in order to meet the needs of the market by specializing in residential construction for private contractors, special industrial projects, etc. 

The company is headed by Mr. David Ezra, who served for over ten years as the chief engineer of Delouya Group – considered one of the leading companies in Israel’s construction industry. Delouya Sagi specializes in providing comprehensive solutions, including the planning stage, civil engineering, industrial construction, and projects’ maintenance and completion. 

Organizational and Creative Skills

The company carries out a diverse portfolio of projects in the construction field, including industrial projects, offices, residential projects and maintenance work. Its owners and senior employees developed a unique organizational culture during their years of activity, and the company has become a leader in its field thanks to their organizational skills, ability to carry out projects efficiently, creativity and teamwork. 

Unlimited Contractor Classification

The company has an unlimited G-5 contractor classification that enables it to carry out building projects of every physical and financial scope. The company achieved this classification thanks to its owners’ extensive experience executing complex engineering and planning projects, as well as because of the company’s proven financial resilience. 

High-Quality Construction and Standards

Delouya Sagi’s core activity is construction, contracting and ongoing maintenance work for residential, industrial and commercial buildings. The company insists on high building standards for all its projects, starting from the planning stage and up to the project’s completion. The company employs top-tier consultants, engineers and project managers – all of whom have extensive experience and knowledge – and enjoys an excellent reputation as a trustworthy company that adheres to schedules, is scrupulous about high-quality construction and provides comprehensive service to its clients. The company espouses stringent quality standards such as ISO 9001 and is inspected every year by the Standards Institute of Israel. 

Family Boutique Company

Despite the extensive scope of projects in which the company is involved, its atmosphere is warm and feels like a family. Clients receive fast and excellent service from the company’s staff, who assiduously fulfill all of the clients’ requests and needs. The proof lies in the high percentage of returning clients. 

Extensive Experience Carrying Out Complex Projects

Since the company’s establishment, it has acquired a reputation for its professionalism and service-orientation, and this has led to a large variety of projects in a relatively short amount of time, including in the field of contracting, classical construction, urban renewal and building maintenance. 

Financial Resilience

One of the company’s advantages is its strong financial resilience, which enables it to execute every project that it undertakes, whether small or huge and complex and requiring strong financial backing over a long period of time. 

Current Projects

Matzlawi – HaRimon project Kiryat Ono - Construction of two residential towers, structural work.

Matzlawi – Yoseftal project Bat Yam - Construction of two residential towers, structural work.

Ashtrom – Sokolov Netanya - Structural work for a residential building. 

Space, Nahariya – A project for the construction of two 20-story luxury towers and four 10-story buildings with a total of 292 apartments.

The Ministry of Defense – Renovation and maintenance work in IDF bases in the southern and HaShfela regions.

Infinity Project, Netanya – The company is building an upscale 23-story residential tower with 43 new apartments and a basement level.

Ahavat Israel, Afula – Construction of 213 Mechir LaMishtaken residential units.

The Sorek Palmahim Desalination Plant 2 – Primary contractor.

Maintenance works for Hod HaSharon Municipality – Execution of civil engineering projects for the city.

3 Daniel, Bat Yam – Construction of 53 residential units within Pinui Bunui.

15 Brener, Bat Yam – Addition of residential units and enhancement of an existing building – TAMA 38.

2 Maalot, Holon – Addition of residential units and enhancement of an existing building – TAMA 38. 

Completed Projects

33 Kinneret, Ashdod – Construction of a residential building that includes 22 stories and two basement levels and a total of 80 apartments. The building has been tenanted.

Construction of the offices of DB Motion Israel in Beer Sheva – Building offices for the company covering an area of approximately 4,000 sq.m.

Up-Park, Netivot – Construction of 904 Mechir LaMishtaken residential units.

Yuvalim, Hatzot HaGlilit – construction of 37 Mechir LaMishtaken residential units.

Mishkenot Aviv – Construction of 76 housing units as part of a price capped project in Kiryat Motzkin.

Altos Netanya – Construction of a luxury 32-floors and 125-units residential tower.

Nofei Hermon, Kiryat Shmona – Construction of 36 single-family houses in the northern part of the city.

Civil engineering project, Beer Tuvia Power Plant – The company has carried out a range of civil engineering and development jobs for the power plant.

54 HaYarkon St., Tel Aviv – A Tama 38 demolish-and-rebuild project involving 11 additional new apartments

Office building in Or Yehuda – The company is building an office tower in Or Yehuda on behalf of Mivne Group Ltd.

Villup, Ashdod – Built two luxury towers of 34 stories each with a total of 136 apartments.

Office building in Holon – The company is building an office tower called Power Center in Holon on behalf of Jerusalem Economy Ltd. The tower’s surface area is 10,000 sq.m.

Ariel, Afula – Construction of 116 housing units as part of a price capped project.

Construction of Kindergartens – For Migdal Haemek Municipality.

Kronit Digital offices, Rosh HaAyin – Constructing offices for the company in an area covering about 4000 sq.m.

A Shoring and Digging Project – Offices in Nes Ziona.

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