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Consulting and Design of Water Infrastructure, Plumbing Systems Design, Fire Protection, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC), Sewage, Drainage, Superposition, Modelling and BIM Management, Hydrology, Engineering coordination, Statutory planning (urban building scheme and urban renewal), all using REVIT, under one roof

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Established: 1969
Line of Business: Consulting and Design of Water Infrastructure, Plumbing Systems Design, Fire Protection, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC), Sewage, Drainage, Superposition, Modelling and BIM Management, Hydrology, Engineering coordination, Statutory planning (urban building scheme and urban renewal), all using REVIT, under one roof
Address: Ampa Sapir Building 1, Herzliya Pituach 4685205
Phone: 972-9-9504021
Fax: 972-9-9585601
Email: [email protected]
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  • Erez Gilboa, Gilboa Engineers

    Erez Gilboa

    CEO & Owner

    Gilboa Engineers

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    Erez Gilboa
  • Yasmin Cohen, Gilboa Engineers

    Yasmin Cohen


    Gilboa Engineers

  • Adi Yamin, Gilboa Engineers

    Adi Yamin

    Finance Manager

    Gilboa Engineers

  • Omri Shahar, Gilboa Engineers

    Omri Shahar

    Infrastructure Department Manager

    Gilboa Engineers

  • Ella Mubarkova, Gilboa Engineers

    Ella Mubarkova

    Plumbing and Fire Dep. Manager

    Gilboa Engineers

  • Zelik Olshvang, Gilboa Engineers

    Zelik Olshvang

    Sanitary & Fire Protection Chief Eng.

    Gilboa Engineers

  • Yaniv Borenshtain, Gilboa Engineers

    Yaniv Borenshtain

    AC Dept. Manager

    Gilboa Engineers

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    Yaniv Borenshtain
  • Jennifer  Dalevsky, Gilboa Engineers

    Jennifer Dalevsky

    BIM Dept. Manager and Systems Coordination

    Gilboa Engineers

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About Gilboa Engineers

Gilboa Engineers is among Israel’s most longest standing, and leading professional engineering companies. The company specializes in design and planning and provides its clients with comprehensive engineering services in the fields of Infrastructure, Water, Sewage and Drainage, Sanitation Plumbing, Ventilation and Air Conditioning, Fire Protection, Hydrology, Statutory Services, Urban Planning and Urban Building Schemes, Infrastructure Coordination, System Coordination (Superposition), and Modelling and BIM Management, using advanced 3-D software including REVIT, all under one roof as a one stop shop. The company, which was established in 1969 by the Eng. Shlomo Gilboa and is based in Israel, is active worldwide, and employs 150 leading engineers, planners, and consultants. Gilboa is currently led by Eng. Erez Gilboa, M.Sc., Mechanical Engineer, who holds three graduate degrees from the Technion (The Israeli Institute of Technology), with over 25 years of professional experience, and serves as a battalion commander (Res). The company’s experience includes thousands of projects in a wide array of fields, including high-rises, employment centers, offices, industrial buildings, commerce, residences, neighborhoods and residential buildings, large infrastructure projects, complex engineering facilities, pools, logistic centers, public buildings, government offices, hotels, hospitals, labs, hi tech complexes and R&D.
Gilboa Engineers expanded its fields of expertise as it acquired “Elisha Frankel” planning firm, which specializes in hospital clinic planning. Gilboa Engineers won a cooperation with the international company BECHTEL in Mekorot’s planning tender, expanding its activities into intercity infrastructure. In April 2023 the company finalized the acquisition of TAHAL – the engineering division, and absorbed dozens of skilled employees, who continue to accompany and plan the projects and large factories, which include the fifth system to Jerusalem, a western Yarkon line, the desalination facility Sabaha, and the Afula bypass line.


The company provides its clients with comprehensive engineering services as a ONE STOP SHOP, including full facilitation, as of the statutory planning stage, through conceptualization, schematic/preliminary design, general design, detailed design, supervision, engineering coordination and system coordination (superposition), using advanced software such as modeling through Building Information Modeling (BIM) software. The company provides engineering services, consulting, specification, design, and planning services from the early stages of the design to the detailed design and delivery of the facility, including handling and the acquisition of building permits and supervision, while complying within the budget and the schedule, and without compromising the engineering quality, with full transparency and cooperation with its clients throughout all the design stages and processes. The team emphasizes high availability and interpersonal service. The company maintains a high security clearance and ISO 9000 certifications, and its operations are carried out in compliance with all the regulations, procedures, and guidelines.

Clients and Partners

Gilboa’s broad and diverse clientele includes government authorities, water corporations, municipal entities and large developers, such as The Ministry of Defense, The Prime Minister’s Office, The Ministry of Housing, Mekorot, water corporations, municipalities, Levinstein, Azorim, Gabai, Bonei Hatichon, Tidhar, Mivne, Elad Israel, Shikun & Binui, Canada Israel, Vitania, SGS, Acro Real Estate, Rotem Shani, Ashdar, Hagag, Aura Israel, Almog, Ad 120, Africa Israel, Solel Bone, Karasso, Leumi Bank, Microsoft, Intel, MobileEye, HaPoalim Bank, WIX, Amot Investments, Azrieli, Gav-Yam, and more.

Areas of Expertise

Water Infrastructures Design: Design of water supply systems, supply sources, consumption projections and alternatives analysis, including pumping stations, supply lines of various types and diameters, reservoirs, etc. Sewage and Drainage Design: Design of sewage and drainage systems, open drainage and sub-surface drainage.
Plumbing Systems Design: Water systems, rainwater management systems, energy and water heating systems, pump rooms, pressure boosting pumping stations and sewage treatment facilities, all in accordance with legal requirements and Israeli Standard 1205.
Fire Extinguishing Systems Design: Water-based (hydrants and sprinklers) and foam-based fire extinguishing systems.
HVAC and Smoke Exhaust Systems Design: Cooling, heating and ventilation systems, pressurization systems for evacuation spaces, compressed air, medical gases, basement smoke exhaust systems, kitchen hoods, toxic gas handling and central heating systems.
Systems Coordination (Superposition): Reviewing and approving all the architectural, structural and engineering elements in order to detect conflicts between the various systems and between elements in the structure, and offering potential alternatives and solutions to be used by the project managers, supervisors and contractors.
Model Management: Managing work processes in the BIM software, including the related technologies, definition and control of the projects’ standards, both in the framework of the intra-organizational processes and systems, and as part of model management in external projects, where the company provides support to the project’s manager and consultants.
Hydrology and Rainwater Management: Preparation of hydrological reports and studies, annexes and drawings, and design of rainwater runoff reduction and artificial groundwater recharge, while reducing the loads of the municipal drainage systems. Engineering Coordination: Coordination of subterranean infrastructure elements vis-à-vis all municipal authorities, using engineering information from the municipalities, preparation of “engineering coordination” plans of water, sewage, and drainage connections with other systems.
Statutory Planning (Zoning Plans and Urban Renewal): The company executes and receives approvals for hundreds of zoning plans. The working process includes reviewing the impact of the plan on the municipal infrastructures, preparation of water, sewage and drainage annexes, statutory committees, and handling of construction permits.

Selected Projects

Assuta Village Towers: Tel Aviv, a residential tower and conservation complex. Architect: Moshe Tzur. EXCHANGE Elite Complex: Ramat Gan, a mixed-use complex. Architect: MYS Architects.
TOHA 1 and TOHA 2 Towers: Totzeret Haaretz, Tel Aviv. Architect: Avner Yashar and Ron Arad.
Tzukei Hashmura: Netanya, residential towers. Canaan-Shenhav Architects. Florentine Four: Tel Aviv, 4 residential towers. Architect: Ilan Pivko.
Beit Asia: Tel Aviv - Residential towers, hotels, and employment. Architect: Bar Orian and Mishe Safdie.
Corex House: Herzliya - Residential towers, offices, commerce, and public buildings. Architect: Avner Yashar.
2-8 Einstein St.: Tel Aviv. Burskai: Bat Yam - Two 25 and 35 story towers. Architect: Moshe Tzur.
Rasko: Hadera, a 40-story tower and two 26 story residences. Pick Architects.
The 1000 Complex: Rishon LeZion - Residential towers. Architect Kika Braz.
Gymnasium Tower: Tel Aviv, a residential tower. Architect Avner Yashar.
The Young People’s Tower: Tel Aviv, 2 mixed use towers. MYS Architects.
Sarona Towers: Tel Aviv, mixed use towers. Architects: Moshe Tzur and CTB.
Blue Residence: Glilot - Tel Aviv - 6 residential towers. Architect Ilan Pivko.
Semel Complex Tel Aviv: An underground tunnel, 40-65 story residential towers (Semel south, north, Infinity). Architects: Kolker, Moshe Tzur, Avner Yashar.
Microsoft: Herzliya Pituach. Architect: Avner Yashar.
MobileEye: Hahotzvim mount, Jerusalem. Architect: Moshe Tzur.
APPLE House: Herzliya Pituach. Architect: Avner Yashar.
Blue Office and Commerce Campus: Glilot Tel Aviv. Architect Moshe Tzur.
Teva Offices in Vitania Tower: Ramat Hahayal, Tel Aviv. Architect Avner Yashar.
Azrieli Center: Holon. Architect: Moshe Tzur.
Pedco House: Herzliya Pituach. Architect Avner Yashar. Delta: Caesarea. Architects Auerbach Halevi.
Ben Gurion University Research dorms: Beer Sheva. Pick Architects.
Bar Ilan University Dorms: Ramat Gan. Pick Architects.
Seminar Hakibutzim College: Tel Aviv. Architects: Kimmel Eshkolot and Palmoni.
Weitzman Institute: Neuro-biology labs building. Skorka Architects.
Toyota Logistic Center; Karasso Motors Center; M.A.N. Service Center: Meuyan Sorek, Rishon Lezion. Architects: Auerbach Halevi.
AEV Logistic Center: Meuyan Sorek, Rishon Lezion. MYS Architects.
Telecar Logistic Center: Meuyan Sorek, Rishon Lezion. BLK Architects.
FAB 38 + FAB 28 Intel: Kiryat Gat.

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