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Development and construction of residential real estate projects, urban renewal, industrial development, and public buildings

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Established: 1994
Line of Business: Development and construction of residential real estate projects, urban renewal, industrial development, and public buildings
Address: 48 HaHaroshet St., Carmiel
Phone: 972-4-9550686
Fax: 972-4-6283876
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.a-kleyman.com
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  • Arkadi Kleiman, Kleiman Development and Construction

    Arkadi Kleiman


    Kleiman Development and Construction

  • Boris Kleiman, Kleiman Development and Construction

    Boris Kleiman

    COO & Executive Division Manager

    Kleiman Development and Construction

  • Suzanne Kleiman, Kleiman Development and Construction

    Suzanne Kleiman


    Kleiman Development and Construction

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About Kleiman Development and Construction

Arkadi Kleiman is one of the leading construction and contracting companies in the north. It was founded in 1994. Arkadi immigrated to Israel in 1990 and had a long career as a construction engineer in the Soviet Union. The company began its activities in the field of construction expansions. Because of its reputation and quality of construction, it has grown steadily and has expanded to other areas as well as construction projects for the public sector and large construction companies in Israel. Residential construction, industrial and public construction (infrastructure works, construction, and finishing), urban renewal, and affordable housing, in particular, have been the main areas of the company’s business in recent years. Throughout all of its activities, the company uses creativity, the pursuit of accuracy and excellence, teamwork, and advanced working methods. Today, the company is run by the children of Arkadi, Boris, and Suzanne Kleiman. They have grown up in the real estate field and understand the importance of maintaining the company’s reputation and good name and emphasizing its quality and its strong managerial and organizational culture. Kleiman’s family management includes all aspects of the company, from managing suppliers to purchasing raw materials to resolving customer issues and answering their questions. To cope effectively with the complex and dynamic construction market of today, the management team visits the sites daily to ensure compliance with the high safety and quality standards and schedules of the company. The management team fully realizes the importance of organization, accuracy, efficient management, and meticulous coordination.
Throughout its decades of operation, the company has adhered to rich architectural design and environmental development, high-quality technical specifications, and an exceptionally high standard of construction. “Our reputation as a reliable and thorough company is based on our uncompromising quality.”

Experienced and Reliable Company

Arkadi Kleiman is a reputable construction company with more than 30 years of experience in the construction industry. The company is classified as a C5 contractor and certified ISO 9001. The company is proud of its human capital, made up of engineers, architects, practical engineers, senior executives, project managers, manual workers in all construction professions, and a supportive logistics system. Employees are meticulously recruited and managers are empowered to delegate authority while listening to new ideas and encouraging fair treatment. The accumulated experience and knowledge of the professional team are applied during the entire construction process, from the architectural design stage to its completion. Customers throughout the economy will attest to this, including large companies such as Shikun & Binui, Shafir, Sela Binui, Kaham, etc.
The company’s managers emphasize safety in the construction process, invest a lot of resources in the field, and consider safety to be an integral part of its corporate culture. The company takes safety and hygiene seriously and participates in the “Safety Stars for Construction Companies” program.

Financial Stability

Since the company has demonstrated financial strength for many years, it has the financial backing and ability to complete prominent projects. Another significant positive factor in the consideration of the company’s customers is its high credit score.

Pleasant And Relaxed Service Experience

Arkadi Kleiman builds many projects while maintaining a high standard that is well adapted to the needs of the customers, providing a personal, warm, and attentive treatment and close supervision from early planning to completion. Through its extensive experience, the company is able to offer every customer a pleasant and relaxed service experience that accompanies him throughout the process. High-quality construction while meeting timelines, transparency, and efficient customer service ensure customer satisfaction and make them the best ambassadors for the company.

Areas Of Activity

Initiation and execution of residential real estate and urban renewal - Arkadi Kleiman develops and builds residential neighborhoods in Haifa, Nesher, Nahariya, Kiryat Yam, Karmiel, Harish, Kfar Tavor, Yokneam, and community expansions in kibbutzim. The construction is carried out with great sensitivity to the needs of the tenants. The tenants’ department helps customers throughout the process from signing the lease to receiving the key to the apartment, and the inspection department continues to provide information to customers during the inspection and warranty years.

Urban Renewal

In 2019, the company entered the field of urban renewal. It is currently working on projects in Haifa, Acre, and Nahariya. Currently, the company is contracted to build Pinui Binui complexes for neighborhoods in Haifa. The company’s team also applies its years of experience to urban renewal projects, working with professionals in the engineering, licensing, and construction fields. Tenants can expect a professional, efficient process, from the initial inspection to the completion of the project and entry to the apartments.
Prominent Residential Projects

Completed Projects

Harish: Execution project for Shafir, 124 housing units, including full environmental development. Completed and populated in 2021.
Har Carmi, Carmiel: Initiation and contracting - 99 housing units.

Projects in Progress

Givat Zemer, Haifa: Execution for Shikun VeBinui in a 55-unit project. Expected completion in 2022.
The Valley, Nahariya: Initiation and execution, 177 housing units. Expected completion in 2023.
Kiryat Yam: Initiation and execution of 166 housing units. Expected completion in 2023.
Planned Projects
Tiberias: Initiation and execution of affordable housing, 660 housing units.
Migdal HaEmek: Initiation and execution of Mehir Matara project, 182 housing units.
Hamahzeva, Nesher: The company’s signature project, the initiation, and construction of a tower that rises to 60 floors at the Hamahzeva site in Nesher. The project includes commercial areas, offices, more than 1,000 housing units (including dormitories for students), and underground parking lots. According to one of the architects, Guy Miloslavsky: “The project will be a new metropolitan anchor, the tallest tower in the country outside Gush Dan, which will be built in a strategic location for businesses and leverage the entire area from a typical employment complex to a mixed-use attraction, creating an urban continuum between Haifa and Nesher.”

Public Buildings

Arkadi Kleiman’s clients also include municipalities and regional councils. The company specializes in public construction and is proud of projects it has built in Haifa, Acre, Migdal Haemek, Karmiel, and other moshavim in the northern region - including a fire station, schools, kindergartens, daycare centers, dormitories for adults and children with special needs, synagogues, municipal library, community building, youth club, sports facilities, and adventure park.

Industrial Buildings

Arkadi Kleiman is building industrial buildings - a heavy industry plant in the Tzahar industrial area, logistics warehouses in Alon Tavor, a workshop building in Kibbutz Kabri, a chemical materials plant in Kiryat Shmona, and others. Also in this area, the company demonstrates its professionalism, commitment, execution capabilities, and extensive knowledge, which form a solid basis for carrying out industrial projects.

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