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Engineering, Infrastructure, construction & real estate entrepreneurship

Terre Armee, Israel
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Established: 1974
Line of Business: Engineering, Infrastructure, construction & real estate entrepreneurship
Address: 4 Arie Regev St., Netanya
Phone: 972-9-8351855 *2109
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.terre-armee.co.il
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  • Roi Negri, Terre Armee, Israel

    Roi Negri

    Group CEO

    Terre Armee, Israel

  • Alon Shahaf, Terre Armee, Israel

    Alon Shahaf

    CEO, Terre Armee Development and Construction

    Terre Armee, Israel

  • Kfir Kalfa, Terre Armee, Israel

    Kfir Kalfa


    Terre Armee, Israel

  • Louise Shira Aisenberg, Terre Armee, Israel

    Louise Shira Aisenberg

    VP, Contracting and HR

    Terre Armee, Israel

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About Terre Armee, Israel

Terre Armee is a leading conrtacting group which has been active for 48 years in the fields of engineering, infrastructures, construction, industry and development and entrepreneurship. Terre Armee executes diverse civil engineering construction works including bridges (conventional, balanced cantilever, incremental launch, cast-in-place), interchanges, tunneling, retaining and acoustic walls, and development and infrastructures works across Israel. The company focuses on the field of infrastructure and it provides its services to public agencies, institutes and authorities. The company is registered in the Contractors’ Registrar in the C5 (unlimited) classification in the segments 100 (construction works) 200 (roads) and 300 (bridges). The company is ISO9001 certified and has an ISO45001 safety management system. The company relies on professional engineering teams in the fields of construction, industry and infrastructure and it has high financial strength and enormous experience in a variety of construction fields. Terre Armee Group is headed by its CEO, Roi Negri.

The Group’s Structure

Terre Armee Group includes the following divisions and departments:
Terre Armee Infrastructures: Specializes in and builds bridges, interchanges, tunnels, underground parking, railway stations and public institutes across Israel.
Terre Armee Industries: Specializes in planning, manufacturing and building retaining wall (reinforced earth), acoustic walls and armoring solutions in Israel and globally. The company owns precast factories.
Terre Armee entrepreneurship and Construction: A construction contracting and entrepreneurship company that has its own engineering and planning department. Specializes in real estate initiation, residential construction urban renewal projects “ Pinui-Binui” complexes and Tama 38.
The Planning Department: A department that provides planning services to projects in the Terre Armee method including integration in bridges and interchanges. This department, in combination with the factory and the execution department enable the company to execute works in the planning-execution method.
R&D Department: Develops new methods for implementing bridge, building, soil stabilization and railway infrastructures.
The Execution Department: includes project managers, execution engineers, experienced work managers, an assembly of skilled workers and basic heavy equipment.

Terre Armee Infrastructures - Selected Projects

• Building the Merkazit HaMifrats Railway Station in Haifa
• Building the Ahihud Railway Station
• Sarona – Parking areas, development and control rooms
• Planning and execution of Bridge 10 above HaArazim Valley, The High-Speed Railway to Jerusalem
• Planning and execution of the Akko-Carmiel railway in the Neeman Yasif section, construction of four bridges, roads and development
• Execution of the port access highway project, construction of five bridges, roads and development
• Building the Naharia Police Station
• Paving fast lanes in Ayalon South
• The 132 Ramla Grade Separation in Rd. 44
• Glilot Interchange, connecting Road 2 with Road 5, incremental bridge
• Building the Armored Corps Bridge in Ayalon South
• Building the Elite Ramat Gan Tunnel
• Building the underground pass Hankin – International Haifa
• Building the Etzel Bridge in Bnei Brak
• Building Section B-431 for Israel Railways, 1.5 kilometers of bridges
• Development and paving works for Road 90 Ein Bokek Neve Zohar, building an incremental launch bridge above Nahal Rom

Terre Armee Industries – Main Operations

• A precast factory, with a standard mark, for manufacturing elements for construction in “Terre Armee” (reinforced earth) method and acoustic panels. Production capacity of more than 70,000 units per year.
• The Installation Department – includes experienced engineers and work managers, and skilled installers and workers
• The Armoring and Acoustics Departments: Acoustic walls, construction blocks, armoring and construction additions, with a green standard mark of the IIS.
• An R&D Department that works to find security solutions in cooperation with the National Institute for Construction Research - Technion, the Home Front Command and the U.S. Army, participating in experiments in Israel and abroad to test various methods against specific threats. “Maya Dorisol” is the only approved method for constructing security rooms other than reinforced concrete.

Terre Armee Industries – Selected Projects

• The Jerusalem entrance interchange Ginot Saharov, Jerusalem
• Tel Regev, Rechasim
• Developing the neighborhood of Ramat Shlomo in Jerusalem
• Fast lanes in Ayalon Highway
• Road 531 and Road 20
• Hawara Bypass Road
• Holyland Jerusalem
• Nativ Hen Haifa
Terre Armee entrepreneurship and Construction – Notable Projects
• Urban renewal “Pinui-Binui” Herzliya – 85 apartments
• Urban renewal “Pinui-Binui” Ramat Gan – 90 apartments
• Tama 38 Reinforcement and Expansion, Tel Aviv, 28 apartments
• Tama 38 Demolition and Reconstruction, Herzliya, 24 apartments
• Tama 38 Demolition and Reconstruction, Ramat Gan, 27 apartments
• Tama 38 Reinforcement and Expansion, Petach
Tikva, 100 apartments
• Architectural conservation building, Haifa
• In planning – 2,000 new apartments across Israel

Projects all Across Israel: Prioritizing the Customer

Terre Armee Builds Israel - The experience, professionalism, human capital, construction capabilities and economic resilience, alongside with the high standards that the group sets to itself, guarantee the successful and superb execution of each and every project. The group’s project are scattered all across Israel, with an emphasis on extraordinary architecture and attention to smart and accurate environmental development that would meet the needs of existing and new residents. The group’s team provides property owners and new residents with full support throughout all of the project’s stages. The customers are the top priority of the group and they receive answers from the initial planning stages through the execution and up to receiving the keys to the apartment. Terre Armee aims to continue and grow and develop, and execute projects in diverse residential complexes across Israel, with full service to the residents.
“Your Home, Our Engineering, for more than 40 years”

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