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Established: 1997
Line of Business: Defense Industry
Address: 10 Nahal Shnir St., Yavne
Phone: 972-8-9433600 
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Company Executives

  • Dan Slasky, AERONAUTICS

    Dan Slasky



  • Shahak Moshe, AERONAUTICS

    Shahak Moshe

    EVP - CFO


  • Ayelet Sapir, AERONAUTICS

    Ayelet Sapir

    VP HR


  • Erez Meir, AERONAUTICS

    Erez Meir

    VP Mini UAS & Drones Division


  • Amit Lidor, AERONAUTICS

    Amit Lidor

    VP MALE & Tactical UAS


  • Gadi Hochman, AERONAUTICS

    Gadi Hochman

    VP Operations


  • Shay Hemo, AERONAUTICS

    Shay Hemo

    VP Engineering


  • Eyal Assenhaym, AERONAUTICS

    Eyal Assenhaym

    VP Marketing and BD


  • Dror Negbi, AERONAUTICS

    Dror Negbi

    General Counsel


  • Yannai Hallman, AERONAUTICS

    Yannai Hallman

    Head of Flightline Division


  • Moti Bar-Meir, AERONAUTICS

    Moti Bar-Meir

    Security Manager


  • Orit  Green, AERONAUTICS

    Orit Green

    Chief Compliance Officer


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The Aeronautics Group is a global leader specializing in the design, development, and manufacture of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS). The group’s pioneering technology, which was successfully proven throughout hundreds of thousands of flight hours, is based upon Aeronautics’ 25 years of experience and battle proven systems.

Aeronautics offers the global defense and HLS markets a wide array of solutions for Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) missions for the current and next generation battlefield. Aeronautics’ diverse product portfolio is based on the group’s outstanding battle proven performance and rigorous research and development infrastructure, processes and of course the dedicated and talented employees.

Aeronautics, which was founded in 1997, was acquired by Rafael Advances Defense Systems in 2019. The group’s subsidiaries include Commtact, Zanzottera, Controp, Magal and CP Technologies. Aeronautics’ parent company, Rafael Advances Defense Systems, a world leader in the defence market, has significant synergy with the Aeronautics Group on all levels- technology, operations and market access. Aeronautics maintains close contacts with armed forces all over the world, enabling deeply insightful feedback as to military settings worldwide, both current and future. Aeronautics’ work is founded upon its strong values, which include quality, operational and technological excellence, agility, innovation, teamwork, and business leadership. The combination of these values brings forth the group’s reputation as a cutting-edge force positioned at the forefront of its field.

Aeronautics provides comprehensive field-proven Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), integrating a wide array of UAV sensors and C4I components.
The group provides comprehensive solutions for current aerial, maritime and land-based security needs, using its proven three-decade track record for ISR missions, thus providing a ‘one stop shop’ for defense and HLS operational requirements. The group’s diverse subsidiaries’ expertise, enables Aeronautics to offer tailored solutions for customer’s needs.

Aeronautics’ has a wide range of UAVs – from drones to large MALE systems. The tactical Orbiter family offers multi-mission performance for various defense, maritime and HLS needs, such as the Orbiter 5, Orbiter 4, Orbiter 3, and Orbiter 2. The group’s CATEGORY 1 loitering munition UAS (Orbiter 1K) offers unique and battle-proven performance for strike missions. Aeronautics’ MALE family, which provides multi-mission solutions with operational flexibility and outstanding ISR capacities, includes the Dominator and Aerostar systems. The group’s unique drones include the Octoper which enables complete autonomomy to enable optimal real time mission planning and monitoring. Aeronautics supplies the complete system – from the Ground Control System all the way to the air platform.

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