Ashtrom Properties Ltd.

A leading company for the development, construction, purchasing, and management of income producing properties in Israel and abroad

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Established: 1990
Line of Business: A leading company for the development, construction, purchasing, and management of income producing properties in Israel and abroad
Address: 10 Johann Kremenezky Str., Tel Aviv, 6789910
Phone: 972-3-6231435
Fax: 972-3-6231332
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  • Yaron  Rokman, Ashtrom Properties Ltd.

    Yaron Rokman


    Ashtrom Properties Ltd.

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    Yaron Rokman
  • Dudu  Dola, Ashtrom Properties Ltd.

    Dudu Dola


    Ashtrom Properties Ltd.

  • Miki  Rofe, Ashtrom Properties Ltd.

    Miki Rofe

    VP of Engineering

    Ashtrom Properties Ltd.

  • Netta  Luxenbourg Naamani, Ashtrom Properties Ltd.

    Netta Luxenbourg Naamani

    Deputy CEO Business Development

    Ashtrom Properties Ltd.

  • Benny  Osmo, Ashtrom Properties Ltd.

    Benny Osmo

    Executive Vice President

    Ashtrom Properties Ltd.

  • Tomer  Haliva, Ashtrom Properties Ltd.

    Tomer Haliva

    Property Division Manager

    Ashtrom Properties Ltd.

  • Idan Sigal, Ashtrom Properties Ltd.

    Idan Sigal


    Ashtrom Properties Ltd.

  • Adv. Eran  Tal, Ashtrom Properties Ltd.

    Adv. Eran Tal

    Asset Manager, Ashlad Ltd.

    Ashtrom Properties Ltd.

  • Aviv Fadida, Ashtrom Properties Ltd.

    Aviv Fadida

    Executive Assistant to the CEO

    Ashtrom Properties Ltd.

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About Ashtrom Properties Ltd.

Ashtrom Properties, part of the Ashtrom Group, is a leading company for the development, construction, purchasing, and management of income producing properties in Israel and abroad. The company has accumulated extensive knowledge and significant experience from its activities in Israel and it enjoys an excellent reputation and a sound financial foundation. These advantages can be seen in the quality of the company’s investments in Israel and abroad which have, over the years, proven themselves. Ashtrom Properties is an integral part of the Ashtrom Group and specializes in the areas of offices, commerce, industry, and logistics. The company operates in local and international markets, identifies and establishes new entrepreneurial projects and acquires income producing properties in Israel, Germany, and the United Kingdom. The company has income producing properties totally some 511,000 SqM. spread across Israel’s major cities, and major German cities, used by tenants needing offices, commercial, industrial, and logistical facilities. Ashtrom Properties is a public company, traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (as ASPR) since 1991.   

Ashtrom Properties – Areas of Activity

Offices and Employment – the company holds and manages a wide range of office buildings and business and industrial parks including Hi-Tech and technology sites whose tenants cover the entire professional spectrum as well as leading, global companies in the fields of Hi-Tech, pharmaceuticals, and more. Investments in this area focus on environmental development to provide urban open spaces (green spaces), access routes, a dynamic work environment, and more.

Commerce – the company holds properties across the country in the fields of commerce and retailing. The rich portfolio of properties includes urban commercial centers, malls, and projects combining commercial elements which are an example of the company’s long term managerial strategy.

Industry and Logistics – The company has and manages properties in the areas of light industry and logistics, located across the country, mainly in the periphery. The company enjoys long term rentals due to its professional excellence.

Properties in Germany – the company has been operating in Germany for a decade and holds an impressive portfolio of properties covering some 125,000 SqM. in some of Germany’s central cities including Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Wolfsburg, Dortmund, Leipzig, and Hessen. The companies using the properties include Deutsche Telecom, HSBC, the electric company, and more. Amongst the more prominent deals completed by the company is the purchase of three office buildings in Dusseldorf, Böblingen, and Mannheim with an overall value of 335 million shekels. German activities are managed by ASHTROM PROPERTIES EUROPE.

Selected Properties – Existing Properties

Hod HaSharon Towers –“Hod HaSharon Hi-Tech park, the cream of Israeli hi-tech centers, covers an area of some 7.5 acres in the Neveh Ne’eman Industrial Area. The park includes five office blocks with an overall, built up area of some 70,000 SqM.

Outlet Center Hotzot HaMifratz - The largest commercial complex In Israel, covers an area of about 150,000 SqM, including a rich mix of stores covering all commercial categories.

Bat Yam Mall - The mall was established in 1992 by the company and its partners at the time and includes approximately 30,000 SqM of commercial areas covering three floors, and some 1,000 parking spaces.

Netanya hagavish - The property, which offers mixed uses and combines commerce, offices and storage on four floors each of about 4000 SqM, is located in the northern part of the Netanya Industrial Area. It is constructed in a cylindrical shape with a distinct architectural form.

Rosh Pina Commercial Center - The mall, which is located in the north of Israel is an authentic architectural gem - an open, strip mall covering an area of 7,500 SqM. on two, covered floors.

“Al HaMovil Park”, Yavne – The “Al HaMovil” technology park covers an area of approximately 32,000 SqM and is located in the center of this veteran industrial area in the north of Yavne, close to the National Water Carrier (Movil).

Jerusalem Light Railway – A B.O.T project, the first of its kind to be built and operated in Israel. Since beginning operations in 2011, the light railway has carried over 160,000 passengers’ daily and reduced air pollution by 70%. 21% of CityPass shares (the RED line franchise holder) and CONNECT shares, the operator, are held by Ashtrom Properties with an additional 29% being held by the Ashtrom Group.

Planned Properties and Properties under Construction

LYFE – Ashtrom and Dan Business Center - the project is located in the front of the BBC complex and combines first class design and a strategic location, opposite HaYarkon Park, with second to none management and services. The complex includes two office towers and commercial areas covering an area of over 100,000 SqM.

Yavne Hi-Tech Park - an advanced, innovative office project, designed as a “green” campus for hi-tech companies, with some 80,000 SqM of work space in three central buildings.

Jaffa-Jerusalem Road – a multi-purpose project involving residential, office, hotel, and commercial sections. Constructed in partnership with the Balelius family, Eka Real Estate, and Dori.

Talpiot, Jerusalem – Colmobil – a project combining car showrooms, commercial, and residential units on a 2.5 acre plot on the Pierre Kœnig route, strategically located in Talpiot.

Amad Bat Yam – an advanced, multi-purpose area combining residential units, commercial units, and offices that will include two, 40 story residential towers, and an office building above a commercial center.

Ness Tsiona – Construction of an office building, in partnership with “The Service” and Giga Management, is planned for a plot covering some 1.9 acres.

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