Blue Square Real Estate Ltd.

Yielding properties operations, including renting out yielding properties, development and redevelopment of existing properties and locating, initiating and building projects. The company also has residential construction operations.

Blue Square Real Estate Ltd.
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Established: 2005
Line of Business: Yielding properties operations, including renting out yielding properties, development and redevelopment of existing properties and locating, initiating and building projects. The company also has residential construction operations.
Address: 1 Azrieli Center, the Circular Tower, Tel Aviv 6701101
Phone: 972-3-9282526
Fax: 972-3-9282402
Email: [email protected]
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Company Executives

  • Moti  Ben Moshe, Blue Square Real Estate Ltd.

    Moti Ben Moshe


    Blue Square Real Estate Ltd.

  • Michael (Miki)  Zissman, Blue Square Real Estate Ltd.

    Michael (Miki) Zissman


    Blue Square Real Estate Ltd.

Leading Executives

    Arthur Leshinsky, CPA CFO
    Sarit Leviathan VP, General Counselor
    Mirit Assaf VP, Assets
    Yossi Eisenkraft VP Engineering
    Neta Lahav VP, Architect
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About Blue Square Real Estate Ltd.

PARENT COMPANY: Alon Blue Square Israel Ltd.

Blue Square Real Estate was founded in 2005 and specializes in the initiation, acquisition, development, facilitation, construction and management of commercial, offices, logistics and residential properties.

The company holds about 114 investments properties for rental (including a B.O.T. project), covering an area of about 418,000 sq.m., including the TLV Mall. The company’s properties were built in prime locations across the country, mainly in the major cities and Gush Dan.

BSRE is a public company which is held (about 58%) by Alon Blue Square Israel, which is owned (100%) by the businessman Motti Ben Moshe. The company has been traded on the TASE since 2006. It is managed by Michael (Miki) Zissman.

BSRE benefits from extensive professional reputation and financial stability that support the consistent growth of its rented areas, revenues, and equity. BSRE is characterized by stabilize cash flows and a relatively low leverage.

In the Commercial, Residential, Offices and Parking Lots Segments

TLV Mall and Residential Complex - 100% BSRE owned. A commercial and residencial complex at the very heart of Tel Aviv – between the streets of Karlibach and Ha’Hashmona’im, a central location where one of the major light rail stations is being built. The project includes 11 residential buildings with a total of 776 apartments (fully marketed), an about 33,000-sq.m. commercial areas of a shopping mall, a 14-dunam green park, an elementary school, kindergartens and daycare centers and an urban sports center. Since the company acquired full ownership of the mall, significant changes in its businesses mix have been recorded, which greatly improve both its visitors traffic and its turnover.

East & Towers - The company, in collaboration with third parties, is building on the Tozeret Ha’Aretz St. of Tel Aviv, near Azrieli Center and the railway station, a complex of twin towers with about 30,000 sq.m. of office spaces, commercial areas and about 390 apartments. The project is under construction with expected completion in 2024. The company owns 100% of the offices’ rights and 50% of the residential rights.

Kiryat HaSharon, Netanya - BSRE initiated and built about 24,500-sq.m. complex with commerce, offices, and parking spaces. The company currently owns 50% of this property. The complex has building rights for another about 29,000 sq.m. of offices and the company is promoting a rezoning for expanding the uses and building rights for commercial and employment purposes.

Hadar Mall, Jerusalem - The company owns 50% of Hadar Mall, Jerusalem’s second largest shopping center, which includes about 27,000 sq.m. of commerce areas which are rented, among others, to leading brands.

Alon Tower, Raanana - In late 2014, the company completed the construction of an office tower in one of the Sharon Region’s most central locations – The Ra’anana – Kfar Saba Junction. The tower operates as the main campus of various Hi-Tech companies and start-ups. It covers about 27,700 sq.m. and about 860 parking spaces. The company currently owns about 50% of the property. A rezoning plan was approved that includes an additional offices tower with an increase of the building rights for commercial areas, employment purposes and public institutions, and also the number of floors was increase to 30 from entry level. The company is promoting the issuance of a building permit.

Retail Properties - The company owns additional commercial areas, covering an area of about 186,000 sq.m. (including parking lots), including 89 supermarket branches with a commercial area of about 139,000 sq.m. (and about 22,000 sq.m. of parking lots), with a diverse tenant mix and full occupancy. This is one of Israel’s largest supermarkets portfolios, and most of it is located in city center in Gush Dan, including about 19 stores in Tel Aviv.

Givon Parking Garage - BSRE owns 75% of a subterranean public parking garage, with an area of about 31,000 sq.m. and about 1,000 parking spaces. This is a B.O.T. project under a concession from the municipality for building and operating for 23 years, at the “new heart” of Tel Aviv, between the TLV Mall and southern area of HaKirya complex. 

Logistics Centers

Logistics Center, Kibbutz Eyal - The company built and currently owns 50% of an about 28,000 sq.m. logistics center on an area of 40 dunams in Kibbutz Eyal, near Road 6. The logistics center is rented in a long-term contract.

Logistics Center, Beer Tuvya Industrial Zone - About 70 dunams of land with an about 24,000-sq.m. logistics center, which is rented to B-Logistics Services Center Ltd. The company was issued a building permit for the construction of an automatic logistics center that would double the storage capacity of this center.

Logistics Center, Kibbutz Einat - About 14,000 sq.m., near the interchange connecting Road 6 and Road 5. Rented to various companies. BSRE’s stake is 50%.

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