Oron Group Investments & Holdings Ltd.

Paving of roads, bridges, and tunnels; residential real estate development; urban renewal; residential construction; industrial construction; industry in the field of construction and paving; and franchising in the fields of construction and civil engineering

Oron Group Investments & Holdings Ltd.
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Established: 2003
Line of Business: Paving of roads, bridges, and tunnels; residential real estate development; urban renewal; residential construction; industrial construction; industry in the field of construction and paving; and franchising in the fields of construction and civil engineering
Address: 6 Yehuda Ha’Nachtom St., Daniel House, Be’er Sheva 8424903
Phone: 972-8-6295000
Fax: 972-8-6270051
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.oron-group.co.il
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Leading Executives

    Yoel Azaria Co-CEO and Chairman of the Board
    Gili Azaria Co-CEO
    Alon Herpaz CFO
    Ido Heimer Legal Advisor and Company Secretary
    Efrat Uzan VP, Human Resources
    Mario Copel CEO, Oron Real Estate
    Igal Cohen CEO, Oron Ha’megurim
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About Oron Group Investments & Holdings Ltd.

Oron Holdings and Investments Group Ltd. is active in Israel and leads in the civil engineering, infrastructures and construction, industrial construction and residential development fields.
Oron group is a publicly traded company which is managed and conducted with full transparency and high standards, from both the business and the professional aspects. The group benefits from financial strength and vast reputation in its diverse areas of operations. The group implements advanced work methods, employs professional work and management teams and owns modern advanced equipment – and all of the above enable it to execute complex and challenging tasks of any scope. In addition, the group is proud to comply with the strictest quality standards and it has a Gold Standard, which includes the quality standards ISO18001, ISO14001 and ISO9001.
The group operates in the public and private sectors, and its clientele includes government-owned companies, government agencies and public authorities including: Israel Roads Company, Israel Railways, Ayalon Highway, Moriya, Yefe Nof Ltd., The Ministry of Transportation, The Ministry of Housing, IEC, Derech Eretz, The Ministry of Defense, The Prime Minister’s Office, The Airports Authority, The Ministry of Health and market-leading private entities such Neve Gad, Metropolis, Azorim, Megureit, Ashdar Boutique, Gazit Globe, and more.

Oron Group has Three Main Areas of Operations:

Infrastructures and Construction

The infrastructures and construction division provides a broad solution which is based on a variety of professional, complementary and complex engineering capabilities, for the segments of construction and paving, residential projects construction, bridge building, construction of office and public buildings, commercial centers, geo-technic and tunneling works and precast construction, and road paving.

Prominent Construction and Infrastructures Works

Paving Road 1 in the sections Shoresh – Hemed – Motza; Paving Road 65 in the Golani – Massad; Road 60 – in the section between Gilo Bridge and Hussan Junction (the southern section); Eastern Railway – Section C – Rinatya and Tirat Yehuda; Connecting the new Haifa port – Western section; Structure 100 – one of Israel Railways’ major maintenance facilities; The M-Tower office building in Beer Sheva; The Yehudit Bridge in Tel Aviv; Tunnels in the arterial road of Rosh HaAyin; The Rosh HaAyin East Interchange – Road 5; Lehavim Interchange; Pumped Storage in the Gilboa; The Soda Stream Factory in Lehavim Junc.; the Beer Sheva Science Park – 192 apartments; The Sigaliot Neighborhood in Beer Sheva – 284 apartments; The Bayit BaPark – 246 apartments; The Nuriot Neighborhood in Rishon LeZion – 390 apartments; Metropolis, Givatayim – 131 apartments; Narkisim, Rishon LeZion – 152 apartments; The commercial center G Fashion, Rishon LeZion.


The industrial segment serves as the group’s raw materials and logistics base. The group has at its disposal stone quarries, widespread concrete factories, an advanced asphalt factory and a large transportation and hauling organization. The company has the certifications of ISO9001 (quality), ISO14001 (safety) and ISO18001 (environmental protection). It never compromises on its quality assurance and high level of service.
• Quarries;
• Ready-Mix Concrete;
• Asphalt Factory;
• Bulk Haulage Services.

Development and Urban Renewal

Oron Real Estate initiates and executes residential construction and urban renewal projects. The company has vast and diverse professional experience, financial strength and advanced engineering knowledge alongside with high execution capabilities in the group which lead to a perfect residential concept. The company’s projects across Israel include a particularly high construction standard, attentive architectural planning and environmental development and a lavish technical spec with a high level of service.
The company is building hundreds of apartments in the framework of “Mehir LaMishtaken” (government price-capped projects) and has populated over the past few years numerous projects across Israel.
In the framework of its “urban renewal” projects the company is promoting several projects which include thousands of apartments in the cities of Tel Aviv, Givat Olga, Hadera, Bat Yam, Yavne, Hod HaSharon and more.

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