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Project management; Monitoring and control of projects; Quality control and quality assurance

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Established: 2005
Line of Business: Project management Monitoring and control of projects Quality control and quality assurance
Address: 5 Kineret St., BSR Tower 3, Bnei Brak
Phone: 972-3-6167030
Fax: 972-3-6197145
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://poran-shrem.com/
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  • Ami Poran, Poran Shrem

    Ami Poran

    Founder & Joint CEO

    Poran Shrem

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    Ami Poran
  • Shlomy Shrem, Poran Shrem

    Shlomy Shrem

    Founder & Joint CEO

    Poran Shrem

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    Shlomy Shrem
  • Einat Rozen, Poran Shrem

    Einat Rozen


    Poran Shrem

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    Einat Rozen
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About Poran Shrem

Poran Shrem specializes in management, supervision, coordination, control and quality assurance of large, complex engineering projects (mega-projects); projects of national and international scale, in the fields of civil engineering and infrastructures, aggregately worth over NIS 30 billion. The company has taken upon itself to manage projects according to the PMBOK (Project Management Book of Knowledge) while constantly maintaining a level of excellence, innovation, and efficiency. The company has extensive experience that has been accumulated in more than 15 years of providing services to a wide variety of public and private clients, government ministries, municipalities, local authorities, economic companies, associations and more. It leads and manages projects from the initiation and characterization stages, through the planning and execution, and up to the delivery of the project to the clients, while accompanying this service, throughout the entire project lifecycle, with unique command and control components (PMO) that provide added value to the clients. The company also provides complete management and planning services as a one-stop-shop, engineering consulting and real estate appraisal, and unique complementary services for the construction market, such as LTA. The company was established by Ami Poran and Shlomi Shrem, now serving as Co-CEOs, in 2005, and employs over 80 employees. It is certified by the Israeli Standards Institute and meets the international ISO 9001 standard for project management and realty actuary.


Poran Shrem has unique methodology and work processes for every stage of the project that provide a systemic and integrative solution that includes an engineering package of organization and methods, expanded PMO services, schedule and risk management, that support the project manager, allowing him the time to deal with core engineering issues and lead the project to success. This methodology, combined with the high-quality human resource, are the winning formula for the success of every project with optimal service that is tailored for the client.

Fields of Expertise

Poran Shrem provides, alongside the familiar elements of project management and coordination, the following additional services:
• Timetable management and control
• Risk management
• Project contents management
• Integration management
• Budget management and control
• Project quality management
• Quality Control (QC) Quality Assurance (QA)
• Procurement and contracts management
• Claims management
• Safety management
• Environmental management – meeting “Green” building standards
• Management and engineering support of funding bodies (LTA – Loaner Technical Advisors)
• Full planning and management as a One Stop Shop
• Management and coordination of BIM systems.

Prominent Projects

IDF Training Campus in the Negev - A DBOT project totaling 250,000 sqm, covering 2500 dunams, half of which has been developed for NIS 2 billion. As part of this project the company serves as an end-to-end project planner and control manager.

The National Library in Jerusalem - A unique national building for which the company serves as project manager from planning until delivery to the customer. The project is located in Jerusalem near the Knesset. Designed by the HDM international architects firm, the building encompasses 45,000 sqm.

Bezalel Campus, Jerusalem - This project, designed by international architects firm SANAA, in coordination with Israeli consultants are located in the heart of Jerusalem covering more than 40,000 sq.m.

Jerusalem Light Rail - The company provided the EPC contractor planning and supervision management services for building the depot, passenger stations, and transformer stations, including preparing technical literature and building a training system.

Zoning Plan 3,700 in Tel Aviv - A project, valued at more than NIS 1 billion involves the planning, establishing and development of a new Tel Aviv-Jaffa neighborhood, comprising over 15,000 housing units and over 2,800,000 sq.m. of built areas and over 14 km of roads and associated infrastructure.

Transit projects - The company holds diverse experience in road paving, rail laying, bridge building, tunneling and airport construction including an operations center for Israel Railways worth more than NIS 300 million, the Rosh Ha’ayin interchange and public transport lanes in Roads 5, 444 and 472, worth more than NIS 500 million, and many more.

Defense Industry Projects - The company has experience in management, planning, and control of large and complex projects for all branches of the defense industry, data center, and infrastructure.

Private Sector Projects - The company has experience in building logistic centers, residential and office buildings, laboratories and data centers.

Public Sector Projects - The company accumulated experience in a wide variety of construction projects such as schools, sport halls, community and leisure centers, synagogues and more.

PPP Projects - the company has experience in PPP, PFI and DBOT tender projects in design, planning, execution and maintenance stages. The company is experienced in providing services to Franchises and EPC in managing tenders from the planning, assurance, control and BIM aspects.

Foreign Currency Assistance Projects - Services to the defense establishment, managing FMS projects with the U.S. Corps of Engineers (C.O.E.).


Among our clients are government ministries, public entities and private clients, including: The Prime Minister’s Office, Ministry of Defense, local authorities, the National Roads Company, Israel Railways, Highway 6, the Weizmann Institute, Bank Hapoalim, Discount Bank, the Israel Airports Authority, Israel National Gas Lines, Dead Sea Protection Co., Mabat Lanegev Hakama, Allied Group, Afcon, Tidhar, Electra, CityPass, UJIA UK, Maccabi Healthcare Services, Clalit Health Services, The Fairs and Congress Center, Ahuzat Hof, Tel Aviv-Jaffa Development Co.

Green Construction and Protecting the Environment

Poran Shrem’s project managers are certified to support Israel standard 5281 green building projects, and the U.S.A LEED standard.

The Human Element

The company employs engineers, architects, systems engineers, economists, real estate appraisers, administrators and IT personnel, creating a unique synergy that contributes towards higher-quality services and end-products to company clients in projects that require vast experience and expertise. The company invests vast resources in training and manpower development to ensure its employees are at the top of their fields.

The Founders and Joint CEOs

Ami Poran - B.Sc., Civil Engineer, Technion. Real Estate Appraiser, registration number 1240, qualified by world PMI organizations as PMP - Project Management Professional; committee member, Israel Engineers Association for Construction and Infrastructure.

Shlomy Shrem - B.Sc., Civil Engineer, Technion. Real Estate Appraiser, registration number 1459; MBA, Ben Gurion University; qualified by world PMI organizations as PMP - Project Management Professional.


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Our Customers

  • Bank Hapoalim

  • Israel Airports Authority

  • Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design

  • Israel Railways

  • Economic Development Company Ltd. Ramat-Gan

  • Maccabi Healthcare Services

  • Israel Discount Bank

  • Israeli Air Force

  • Expo Tel Aviv

  • FlyBox

  • Prime Minister's Office

  • Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality

  • Yad Vashem

  • Citypass

  • Bynet

  • Mei Ramat Gan

  • Housing & Construction Holding Company Limited

  • Moriah Jerusalem Development Corporation

  • National Roads Company of Israel

  • Weizmann Institute of Science

  • Mabat Lanegev

  • Economic Development Authority Tel Aviv Ltd.

  • Israel Defense Forces

  • United Jewish Israel Appeal

  • Jerusalem Municipality

  • Ministry of Defense

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