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Established: 1979
Line of Business: Real estate development and construction
Address: 1 HaTzmicha St., Yokneam Illit Industrial Zone
Phone: 972-4-8405090 
Fax: 972-4-8405091
Email: [email protected]
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  • Amnon  Stern, Stern Group

    Amnon Stern

    Owner and Co-CEO

    Stern Group

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    Amnon Stern
  • Asaf Stern, Stern Group

    Asaf Stern

    Owner and Co-CEO

    Stern Group

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    Asaf Stern
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About Stern Group

Stern Group specializes in initiating and executing all types of construction projects: residential, commercial, public, institutional, hotels and yielding. The group boasts 40 years of experience and an excellent reputation for uncompromising professionalism, creativity, integrity, fairness, ethical conduct and reliability. These core values and are the reason for Stern Group’s outstanding brand and its position at the forefront of Israel’s construction industry. First and foremostly, these values are ingrained in the consciousness of its workers. Indeed, the group is known for its skilled workforce – including its managers and every last worker in the field – as much as for its financial robustness, its consistent ability to meet deadlines and its pleasant and efficient service. Moreover, the group’s headquarters employs about 50 certified engineers and work managers and close to 100 workers.

The Group’s Structure

The group comprises several subsidiaries, each specializing in a specific field, such as real estate development, residential construction , construction of commercial centers, hotels, etc. This division enables the group to offer focused, in-depth services in every field to a large range of clients in Israel and overseas.

Offices, Commercial Space, Hotels, High-Tech, Institutional and Yielding Assets

In its 40 years of operations, the group has built numerous large-scope projects through its specialized subsidiaries, including hundreds of thousands of sq.m. of office space, academic institutes and high-tech facilities, industrial structures, commercial and entertainment complexes, hotels, residences, high-density construction alongside single-family houses, and more. All the companies in the Stern Group meet the strictest Israeli and international building standards. The group is ISO 9001:2008 certified thanks to its meticulous and efficient quality control processes.

Residences at the Highest International Standards

To date, the Stern Group has developed and built thousands of residential units characterized by creativity, quality of construction, rich landscaping, and building processes that meet international standards. In addition to extensive construction in Israel, the group also builds in Europe, with hundreds of built apartments in upscale areas.

Monitoring and Control from Beginning to End

The group is distinct in its high level of monitoring and control to ensure the high quality of the works at the various sites. The group’s work managers emphasize maximum efficiency, and adherence to schedules and detailed technical specs up to the smallest detail, while sticking to the budget. Every building built by the Stern Group undergoes all control processes so that the finished building is of the highest quality and meets all the client’s criteria.

Executive Management

Itzhak Stern (Dec.) - founded the company together with his sons over 40 years ago. Born in Hungary, he survived the Holocaust as a prominent member of the Jewish underground in Budapest, under a false identity. Thanks to the actions of Itzhak and his friends, the lives of many Jews were saved. He made Aliyah Bet in 1946 and was one of the founders of Kibbutz Yasur in Western Galilee. For years, he was a work manager at Mekorot Projects and took part in building the National Water Carrier. He was sent to manage various projects abroad on behalf of Mekorot, including a hydroelectric dam in Iran and infrastructure and residential projects in Uganda. Itzhak Stern died in 2013 at the age of 89. He believed in building and settling Israel and continued working until his last days.

Amnon Stern, Owner and Co-CEO - has 40 years of experience in real estate, and held a range of jobs in public companies, including head of the Kiryat Tivon Municipal Council, deputy Council head, Chair of the Local Planning and Building Committee and head of Tivon’s Economic Corporation. He contributes generously to NGOs and charities, and is a member of the Boards of the Bnei Zion Hospital Friends Association, and the HaGalil College, a member of the steering committee for founding the Academy of the Hebrew Language in Jerusalem and a member of the Society for the Preservation of Israel Heritage Sites.

Asaf Stern, Owner and Co-CEO - has 40 years of experience in real estate. He has a B.Sc., Civil Engineering from the Technion, and completed his reserves army service with the rank of lieutenant colonel as a battalion commander in the Artillery Corps. He is highly active in the community, focusing on financing and mentoring groups of at-risk youth in the M2V race, which develops their personal responsibility, leadership and healthy lifestyle. In addition, Asaf accompanies groups of youth on bicycle trips as part of the Etgarim initiative, as well as donating on a regular basis and hosting elite IDF units. Asaf is an active athlete; he runs, engages in competitive orienteering and cycling. He is a member of the Israel Builders Association in Tel Aviv and of the executive council of Timrat.

Prominent Projects

Office buildings - Herzliya Hills - an enormous and unique office building of 65,000 sq.m. built at the Sira Junction in Herzliya for the Azorim company and the Ofer Brothers; City Park Bulgaria in Sofia, a 6,600 sq.m. office building and 150 apartments, stores, offices and a two-story underground parking, covering overall 30,000 sq.m., for Tivon Propartis Ltd. (Bulgarian company owned by Itzhak Stern & Co. Ltd.); Azrieli Holon - state-of-the-art office building in the Holon Industrial Zone on 48,000 sq.m., includes 11 floors of offices and 3 floors of underground parking, for the Azrieli Group; City Plaza in Petach Tikva - offices and splendid floor lobbies on 30,000 sq.m. for the Fishman Group; Gav-Yam Negev - magnificent office building for high-tech companies on 28,500 sq.m., plus another building on 16,000 sq.m. in Beer Sheva, and others.

Residences - The company has built residential buildings in numerous areas, including: Ordea Towers in Ramat Gan - a 34-story luxury tower in the heart of Ramat Gan, built for Tishbury Holdings Ltd. and Shuli Ltd.; Rotshtein Or Akiva - three 18-story residential towers near the Caesarea golf course, for Rotshtein Real Estate; Nativ Yam in Kiryat Yam - 2 luxury residential towers with 145 apartments; Achuzat Yitzchak in Haifa - 66 apartments for Itzhak Stern & Co. Ltd., and many others for Azorim, Kardan, Tzifha, purchasing groups and more.

Commerce and industry - The company is building the new Cinema City complex in Netanya, with 15,000 sq.m. of underground parking, about 4,000 sq.m. of commercial space and the movie complex, for Rogovin Federman; Rogovin’s new commercial center in the Ramat Hadar neighborhood of Givat Shmuel; Design Center in the Segula Industrial Zone in Petach Tikva, including an upscale office building and a shopping and entertainment center, for Rogovin; high-tech facilities for such companies as Intel, Gav-Yam, Big Mall in Tiberias, logistics center for Amot, Big Azrieli and others.

Hotels - Kinar Galilee Hotel with 245 rooms at especially high standards; Kibbutz Lavi Hotel -added 60 new rooms, dining halls and kitchens.

Public buildings - Convention Center in Haifa - with a huge shell-shaped steel and aluminum roof, for the Haifa Economic Corporation; several buildings on the Technion campus; clinics for Maccabi Healthcare in Modi’in; a new academic complex, auditorium, lecture halls and Yad Lebanim at the Ruppin Academic Center, and many more.


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