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Construction of residential apartments and residential, commerce, offices, assisted living, hotels, workshops and industry structures throughout Israel

Mizrachi & Sons Group
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Established: 1963
Line of Business: Construction of residential apartments and residential, commerce, offices, assisted living, hotels, workshops and industry structures throughout Israel
Address: 33 Nisanboim St. Bat Yam 5962025
Phone: 972-3-5551818
Fax: 972-3-5533664
Email: mizrachi@sons.co.il
Website: http://www.mizrachi-sons.co.il
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  • Roni  Mizrachi, Mizrachi & Sons Group

    Roni Mizrachi


    Mizrachi & Sons Group

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    Roni Mizrachi
  • Haim  Michael, Mizrachi & Sons Group

    CPA Haim Michael


    Mizrachi & Sons Group

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    Haim Michael
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About Mizrachi & Sons Group

Mizrachi & Sons Group – the name behind the projects: Mizrachi & Sons Group has been active in the construction sector for 55 years, since its establishment in 1963, and has built thousands of apartments and residential, commerce, offices, workshops and industrial structures and buildings throughout Israel. The group includes several companies that develop, build and provide maintenance services for real-estate projects.

The Group is owned by the Mizrachi family and managed by Avraham and Roni Mizrachi, who have 40 years of extensive experience in all of the various construction sectors: residential, commercial, offices, industrial and workshops, and has built thus far 15,000 apartments, and 800,000 sq.m. of commerce, offices and industrial spaces.


A Professional Team and with Financial Stability

In addition to members of the Mizrachi family, the group employs a professional and senior management team, which has been leading and supporting the company for almost 40 years.

Mizrachi Group has a large equity and resource base and a solid economic-financial back. It owns 70,000 sq.m. of yielding properties in various areas of Israel and another 140,000 sq.m. at planning construction stages.

* Mizrachi Group doesn’t have outstanding bonds in the capital markets.


Thousands of Apartments under Construction

The company built, builds and plans more than 2,200 apartments and commercial, industry, workshops, hotels and office buildings in 20 cities and local authorities in Israel: Tel-Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa, Ramat HaSharon, Rishon LeZion, Holon, Rehovot, Ashdod, Bat Yam, Nes Ziona, Gan Yavne, Netanya, Kanot, Beit Dagan, Herzliya, Or Yehuda, Zichron Ya’akov, Hod HaSharon, Ramat Gan and Even Yehuda.


One of Israel’s Largest Construction Groups

Mizrachi Group is considered to be one of Israel’s largest private construction groups, in terms of completed construction scale.

Three of the company’s groups have the highest construction classification - C-5 Unlimited.

Selected Projects

Bat Yam – “City Center”: A project in the planning stage, with 864 residential units. Would include a total of 264,000 sq.m. of commerce, offices and hotels spaces.

Bat-Yamon Tower 1: A project in the planning stage, Under the (approved) zoning plan B/539– would be located between Nisanboim St. and Ehud Cinnamon St. in Bat Yam. The first stage will include 170 apartments in two 46-story buildings – With 3 floors for commerce, 5 floors for offices and hotels, 2 floors for assisted living homes and 36 floors for residential units in each building, as well as 6 floors of underground parking.

The complex is located on a 10 dunams area next to a major transportation route and subject to the B/600 plan. It would cover a total of about 120,000 sq.m.

Bat-Yamon Tower 2: Would complement Bat-Yamon 1 to a total of 280 apartments, 200 hotel rooms, 14,000 sq.m. of assisted living and 20,000 sq.m. of commerce and office spaces.

Gan HaOmanim Park Complex, Bat Yam: A project Near the B/410 complex. Two towers above 4 base levels: a 25-story hotels and offices tower and a 40-story residential tower with 200 apartments. The base levels would include commerce, galleries, and a 4,000 sq.m. sculptures and art garden. Total built area - about 62,000 sq.m.

Avenue View: A project at the planning stage, in 1 Bar-Ilan St. Bat Yam. 9-stories, 28 apartments, 5,500 sq.m.

Victory Garden: 2 planned buildings, on Klausner 11+13 Bat Yam, a total of 50 apartments.

Sea Line: In planning, in area B/410 of Bat Yam. First line sea-view, two 25-story buildings, 192 apartments – 45,000 sq.m.

Sea Park Towers: A project at the planning stage, under zoning plan B/410 Bat Yam – 252 apartments with about 70,000 sq.m. in three 23-story buildings.

Apollo Tower: A project at the planning stage, under zoning plan B/410 of Bat Yam. A 40-story tower with 152 apartments, 35,000 sq.m.

Liborno: A 180 apartments project in two towers in Bat Yam.

Merkaz Kanot: A mixed-use commerce, offices and industry building with 20,000 sq.m. Currently at the planning stage – a new zoning plan for another 4 floors with 16,000 sq.m. of offices for a total of 36,000 sq.m.

Mizrachi Loft: A 14-story (above ground) residential building with 34 apartments, in Hod HaSharon’s new Har/1200 neighborhood, with a total built area of 9,734 sq.m.

View Terraces: 1st stage populated, 2nd stage population 2016/17 – includes six 7-story residential buildings with 66 apartments in Neve Ya’akov, Jerusalem.

Ramot: Under construction – completion expected 2019-2020 – two 14-story residential buildings with 82 apartments, above two underground parking floors, in the Ramot neighborhood of Jerusalem.

Kikar HaMeyasdim – A project in Even Yehuda.

Mizrachi Perfect, Holon: Completed and in the population stage, 21-story residential building with 66 apartments in Holon’s upscale neighborhood, H/501. 13,792 sq.m.

City Tower: Completed and in the population stage, 30-story (above ground) residential building with 100 apart-ments in Holon’s upscale neighborhood, H/501 – Holon’s highest tower! 28,834 sq.m.

Centurion: Under construction – completion expected 2018, 23-story residential building with 80 apartments in Holon’s upscale neighborhood, H/501. 20,699 sq.m.

“Terraces”: a project at the planning stage, completion expected 2020 - 13-story residential building with 48 apartments in Holon’s upscale neighborhood, H/4/370. 16,345 sq.m.

Triangle: In planning, completion expected 2020 - 12-story residential building with 39 apartments in Holon’s upscale neighborhood, H/4/370. 12,530 sq.m.

Neve Yehoshua 42, Ramat Gan: In planning, 8-story residential building with 28. 4,100 sq.m.

Savyonei Denya, Haifa: Pending immediate population, a 14-story residential building with 72 apartments in Haifa’s Savyonei Denya neighborhood. 15,364 sq.m. Above 3 levels of underground parking.


Hotels: A Hotels Chain

3 planned hotels with a total of 650 rooms:

Business Hotel – Sea City: 35 Nisanboim Bat Yam, 200 rooms, 3-stars hotel.

Blue Sea – 6 Bursekai St., Bat Yam:, 200 rooms, 4-stars hotel.

Upscale Business Hotel - Sea and Business: In Komemiut St., Bat Yam – 4-stars hotel with 250 rooms. Near the red-line train.

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