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Pavilion Spark Trading
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Established: 1973; Following the merger of two companies Pavilion and Spark, that started operating in the early 60s
Line of Business: Importing of Automotive Parts and Accessories
Address: 68 Mivtza Kadesh St., Bene Beraq 5120080
Phone: 972-3-6251666
Fax: 972-3-6251667
Email: [email protected]
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    Doron Keidar
    Gideon Reiss
    Uri Lang
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About Pavilion Spark Trading

Pavilion Spark is a leading importer in the automotive spare parts sector in Israel for already 60 years. The company specializes in importing and marketing tens of thousands of products made by leading spare parts manufacturers worldwide. The company’s turnover in 2022 amounted to NIS 160 million (US$ 46 million).

Pavilion Spark leads in its areas of expertise as well as in the quality of its products, innovation, and the vast variety of car spare parts in the categories of body parts, electrical parts, accessories, and car care products offered to customers. Committed to its core values for already 60 years, the company’s hundreds of clients throughout its years of operations are the best testimony to its strength, reliability, and unique capabilities as Israel’s market leader.

Pavilion Spark operates a computerized logistic center, extending over 11,000 sq.m. enabling fast and precise processing of clients’ orders. The company’s distribution array operates over 50 daily supply lines, through dozens of vehicles, trucks, and scooters, providing the required products to clients according to the service level agreements, quickly and efficiently.

Pavilion Spark has around 120 employees with vast professional knowledge and experience in their fields of activity. The company’s sales force includes 35 professional sales staff, who has worked for many years in the automotive sector. The call-center’s representatives as well as field salesmen provide customers professional advice and service until they find the most suitable solution.

Contacts with the clients are available and dynamic during all the hours of activity, through the company’s advanced call center system and mobile applications of the field salesmen, which are integrated into the company’s data and logistic systems.

Customers include spare parts distributors and shops, leasing and car rental companies, Retail chains insurance companies, garages, and car importers.

The company has hundreds of suppliers worldwide, some of them under exclusive distribution agreements. The company meticulously selects its suppliers and requires them to meet high quality, service, and reliability standards. The procurement staff is well acquainted with the suppliers and their plants and maintains regular contacts with them. All imported products meet the standards and directives required by the authorities.

Pavilion Spark believes in professionalism, fairness, and responsibility. The company maintains total transparency and availability towards customers and aspires to lead in state-of-the-art product technology, distribution, and sales.

Pavilion Spark strives to always promote its vision of personal services and professional availability, both by countrywide deployment and by providing the shortest delivery time.

The company nurtures its employees as a valuable human resource that will advance and develop the company and maintain its innovativeness. The company’s relationship with its business partners is based on fairness, reliability, and common commitment to success.

Pavilion Spark aspires to become a source of knowledge, introducing to the Israeli market awareness about quality and reliable spare parts, both from professional-safety and consumer-economic points of view.

Involvement in the Community

Pavilion Spark has adopted “Ofakim”, a town located in the south of Israel. Every year, during Passover, in coordination with the municipality’s welfare department, the company’s management and employees conduct a vast donations campaign and distribute food packages to the needy families of this town.

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