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Largest Trade Companies

Rank 2020Company Name Revenues NIS MillionsRevenues Change (%)Net Profit NIS MillionsProfitability (Net Profit of Total Sales) %Equity NIS MillionsEmployees No.Revenues per Employee NIS (000)Parent companySector2019 Rank
Rank 2020Company Name Revenues NIS MillionsRevenues Change (%)Net Profit NIS MillionsProfitability (Net Profit of Total Sales) %Equity NIS MillionsEmployees No.Revenues per Employee NIS (000)Parent companySector2019 Rank
2 Paz
The company trades in Israel
12,696.0-10.1-262.0-2.13,568.02,2215,716.3-Petroleum & Infrastructure Companies 1
4 Rami Levi Chain Stores Hashikma Marketing 2006
The company trades in Israel
5,936.39.2110.41.9487.27,446797.2-Food Retail5
5Champion Motors
Company data are evaluated
5,600.0----43013,023.3Allied HoldingsImport and marketing Car agencies4
6Mayer's Cars and Trucks 5,484.011.5---1,9012,884.8-Import and marketing Car agencies8
7Super-Pharm 5,189.05.4---9,000576.6-Cosmetics & Toiletries7
8Delek Israel 5,000.0-0.7--1,192.02,0002,500.0Delek GroupPetroleum & Infrastructure Companies 6
11 Dor Alon
The company trades in Israel
4,110.3-4.2148.03.61,086.63,2151,278.5Alon Blue Square IsraelPetroleum & Infrastructure Companies 12
12Union Motors
Company data are evaluated
4,000.0----9004,444.4-Import and marketing Car agencies10
13 Carasso Motoros
The company trades in Israel
3,907.5-10.1126.63.21,438.11,2853,040.8-Import and marketing Car agencies11
*Dor Alon Retail Sites Management 3,795.02.9--186.63,0001,265.0Dor-Alon Energy in Israel (1988)Petroleum & Infrastructure Companies *
14Marav Mazonkol 3,760.016.8---1,6392,294.1-Food Retail16
15Delek Automotive Sys.
The company trades in Israel
3,534.9-0.9377.210.7901.92,0151,754.3-Import and marketing Car agencies15
16Talcar 3,384.3-8.2---21915,453.3-Import and marketing Car agencies14
17UMI 3,071.1-3.2--717.01,3822,222.2-Import and marketing Car agencies17
18 Yochananof
The company trades in Israel
2,880.318.977.32.7708.23,287876.3-Food Retail31
20 Fox
The company trades in Israel
2,764.933.4241.18.7849.78,497325.4-Fashion & Footwear24
21 Electra Consumer Products
The company trades in Israel
2,747.54.3184.86.7677.11,7891,535.8ElcoElectronic Appliance Import and Marketing Agencies20
22NCSC 2,613.0-13.9--122.025104,520.0The Israel Electric CorporationPetroleum & Infrastructure Companies 19
24David Lubinski 2,186.714.3---6003,644.4-Import and marketing Car agencies25
26Hatzi Hinam
Company data are evaluated
1,950.0----1,6001,218.8-Food Retail26
27C-Data 1,900.06.0---9719,587.6-Import, distribution and marketing of computer equipment 27
28Mediterranean Car
Company data are evaluated
1,800.0----3505,142.9-Import and marketing Car agencies60
29 Victory Supermarket Chain
The company trades in Israel
1,747.34.827.31.6268.32,920598.4-Food Retail29
31James Richardson 1,715.05.8---1,1501,491.3-Retail Chains30
32Neopharm 1,706.02.0---7302,337.0-Wholesale Distribution of Med. Equip. & Medicines28
33IKEA Israel
Company data are evaluated
1,550.0----1,800861.1Havatzelet HagilboaFurniture & Home Appliances 32
35Bikurey Hasade Darom 1,278.029.6--282.08401,521.4Bikurey Hasade (Holdings)Wholesale Food and Drinks Distribution45
36The Southern Marketing Co 1,229.65.5--230.13233,806.8Sano Bruno's EnterprisesWholesale Consumer Products37
37 Suny Communications
The company trades in Israel
1,183.04.718.61.6240.92474,789.7-Import, distribution and marketing of computer equipment.39
38 Freshmarket
The company trades in Israel
1,163.614.158.05.0295.32,410482.8-Food Retail42
39Team Netcom 1,153.06.0---1,0001,153.0Malam - TeamImport, distribution and marketing of computer equipment 40
40 Scope
The company trades in Israel
1,143.9-2.979.46.9416.95032,274.1-Construction Input, Metal, Plumbing & Wood 36
41Tiv Taam Reshatot 1,130.8-0.3---1,140991.9Tiv Taam Hacarmel HoldingsFood Retail38
42Novolog (Pharm-Up 1966)
The company trades in Israel
1,004.110.310.11.0263.86411,566.5-Wholesale Distribution of Med. Equip. & Medicines47
43Ten Petroleum Company
The company trades in Israel
1,001.8-,855.2Tiger HoldcoPetroleum & Infrastructure Companies 41
44Tal Hel Yasca 995.01.1---3342,979.0-Wholesale Food and Drinks Distribution46
46 Amir Marketing & Investments in Agriculture
The company trades in Israel
955.5-,976.3Amir-Supply Company Of The Farmers Association In Israel Wholesale Consumer Products43
47McDonald's Israel 948.814.7-----AmiruriFast food chains and restaurants58
48Schestowitz 941.05.7---1,100855.5Schestowitz HoldingsWholesale Consumer Products50
49 Golf & Co
The company trades in Israel
935.,606359.1Clal Industries Fashion & Footwear49
50Keshet Teamim 904.020.2---1,245726.1-Food Retail62
*Pazgas 880.0-13.6--83.05011,756.5Paz Oil CompanyNatural Gas Companies*
51Zoko Enterprises 869.40.9--214.06721,293.8The Israel Tractors and Equipment CompanyImport and marketing of automotive products54
52 Tadiran Holdings
The company trades in Israel
853.67.870.58.3342.14042,113.0-Electronic Appliance Import and Marketing Agencies61
53Cafe Cafe 850.00.0--220.06,500130.8Nimro Nave Assets & InvestmentsFast food chains and restaurants55
54H.Y. Group
Company data are evaluated
850.0----6501,307.7H.Y. Korean TechnologiesElectronic Appliance Import and Marketing Agencies56
55Getter Group
Company data are evaluated
850.0----5801,465.5-Import, distribution and marketing of computer equipment 57
Company data are evaluated
830.0----1846,111.1Proalum S.A.Wholesale Food and Drinks Distribution59
57Auto - Deal 805.0-8.5---7011,500.0-Import and marketing Car agencies51
58 Mendelson
The company trades in Israel
802.2-7.619.82.5297.45401,485.6Emilia Development (O.F.G)Construction Input, Metal, Plumbing & Wood 53
59Netiv Hachesed
Company data are evaluated
800.0----1,100727.3-Food Retail117
60Medison Pharma
Company data are evaluated
760.0----2852,666.7Medison Biotech (1995)Wholesale Distribution of Med. Equip. & Medicines63
61SOS Energy Express 702.0-20.0---1504,680.0-Petroleum & Infrastructure Companies 52
Company data are evaluated
700.0----2253,111.1Salt Of The EarthWholesale Food and Drinks Distribution66
64Ten Electric Group 700.00.0---5140,000.0-Electronic Appliance Import and Marketing Agencies67
65MasterFood 688.05.5---1604,300.0-Wholesale Food and Drinks Distribution70
66Zenziper 669.1-9.0---883,635.3-Import companies64
67Mavo Shomron 643.0-2.7---758,573.3-Petroleum & Infrastructure Companies 69
68HPE Israel
Company data are evaluated
640.0---65.72502,560.0Hewlett Packard EnterpriseImport, distribution and marketing of computer equipment 65
69 Ilex Medical
The company trades in Israel
634.05.564.510.2222.83321,909.5-Wholesale Distribution of Med. Equip. & Medicines72
70Dizengoff Trading 630.070.3---2031,500.0-Import companies101
71Amisragas 626.9-1.5---4001,567.3OPU & Gas Corp.Natural Gas Companies71
73Eastronics 595.0-0.7---1304,576.9-Electronic Components73
74Maadanei Menia 580.011.5---5701,017.5-Food Retail82
75Supergas 571.0-0.2--303.03401,679.4Granite Hacarmel InvestmentsNatural Gas Companies75
76Aztek 560.05.3---3516,000.0Sky InvestmentsImport, distribution and marketing of computer equipment 78
78CMS 554.05.3---609,233.3Mars Information Product GroupImport, distribution and marketing of computer equipment 80
79Renuar 550.05.8---1,300423.1- Fashion & Footwear81
80Big And Cheap
Company data are evaluated
550.0----600916.7-Food Retail-
81A.A.A. Tassa 549.017.3---1403,921.4-Construction Input, Metal, Plumbing & Wood 89
82Bug Multisystems
Company data are evaluated
540.0----630857.1Cultural & Educational EnterprisesImport, distribution and marketing of computer equipment 79
83 Brill Shoe Industries
The company trades in Israel
537.2-1.8-6.3-1.2120.33621,483.9- Fashion & Footwear77
84A. Lapidot Pharmaceuticals
Company data are evaluated
520.0----2252,311.1-Wholesale Distribution of Med. Equip. & Medicines83
85Hamashbir Agriculture
Company data are evaluated
500.0----1603,125.0S.H. Sky Investments (H.K.L), Limited PartnershipWholesale Consumer Products85
86Bikorei Hasadeh Tzafon 1994 495.05.3---3001,650.0-Wholesale Food and Drinks Distribution88
87Leiman - Schlussel 492.011.1---530928.3-Wholesale Food and Drinks Distribution91
88Avnet Components Israel 490.6-16.2--126.31184,157.2Avnet IncElectronic Components74
89ER-CO 490.00.6--200.03851,272.7-Construction Input, Metal, Plumbing & Wood 86
90 Brimag Digital Age
The company trades in Israel
474.,531.2-Electronic Appliance Import and Marketing Agencies87
91S.Al Bad Kal 474.04.2--117.03501,354.3S.AL HoldingsConstruction Input, Metal, Plumbing & Wood 90
92Dabah Salah & Sons
Company data are evaluated
470.0----650723.1-Food Retail-
93Razgal Energy Group 453.0-12.0---627,306.5-Petroleum & Infrastructure Companies 84
94Draco 452.010.2---756,026.7A.N.R. 4 HoldingsImport companies94
95N.O.B.R Fuels 427.05.4---1528,466.6-Petroleum & Infrastructure Companies -
Company data are evaluated
420.0----815515.3Estee LauderCosmetics & Toiletries96
97Hadiklaim 396.0-1.0---3013,200.0-Wholesale Food and Drinks Distribution95
98 Willy-Food Investments
The company trades in Israel
395.617.049.412.5305.21622,442.2B.S.D CrownWholesale Food and Drinks Distribution109
Company data are evaluated
385.0----904,277.8Comasco Holdings (1993)Import companies98
100Tuboul Building Supplies 377.33.9---2921,292.0-Construction Input, Metal, Plumbing & Wood 102
101Hakvutza Hayerushalmit 377.0-12.8---847,125.0Tadmir Group Management And Operating (2006)Import companies93
Company data are evaluated
370.0----774,805.2BSH Huishoudapparaten BVElectronic Appliance Import and Marketing Agencies97
103P.E.I 365.73.6--1,339.0389940.1State of IsraelPetroleum & Infrastructure Companies 104
Company data are evaluated
360.0----1652,181.8Allied HoldingsImport companies106
105Tamnoon Texstile 354.03.2--201.01,186298.5- Fashion & Footwear105
107M. Akkerman 344.01.2---903,822.2-Wholesale Food and Drinks Distribution108
108Naaman Group 335.09.1--70.0700478.6Alon Blue Square IsraelRetail Chains114
109Shukha 335.07.7---814,135.8Sons of George ShukhaWholesale Food and Drinks Distribution113
110Dizol Energies
Company data are evaluated
335.0----704,785.7-Petroleum & Infrastructure Companies 107
111 Telsys
The company trades in Israel
331.9-12.541.512.5247.5556,034.4-Electronic Components99
*Super Bareket
Company data are evaluated
330.0----350942.9Bikurei Hasade North 1994 G.DFood Retail-
*Shilav 324.018.7--25.0700462.9Fox WizelRetail Chains112
112 Hamama Meir Trading
The company trades in Israel
322.6-8.7-1.7-0.568.9476,864.9-Wholesale Food and Drinks Distribution103
113Marina Mushrooms
Company data are evaluated
320.0----2201,454.5Marina Galil GroupWholesale Food and Drinks Distribution120
* Medtechnica
The company trades in Israel
307.,024.0Ilex MedicalWholesale Distribution of Med. Equip. & Medicines*
*Dor Alon Gas Technologies 306.9-5.0--112.91102,790.2Dor-Alon Energy in Israel (1988)Natural Gas Companies*
114Benda Magnetic 306.0-5.3---1701,800.0Benda InvestmentsImport, distribution and marketing of computer equipment 111
115Hacarem 301.17.3---1801,672.7Hacerem SocietyWholesale Food and Drinks Distribution119
116Lilit Cosmetics 300.00.0---800375.0-Import companies100
117Sofer Avi 290.0-4.6---1302,230.8A.A. Sofer InvestmentsElectronic Appliance Import and Marketing Agencies115
Company data are evaluated
280.0----830337.3Yaakov & Vera Brand AssetsCosmetics & Toiletries121
119D.S. Southern Distributors - Marketing
Company data are evaluated
280.0----2001,400.0-Wholesale Consumer Products123
120Bnei Fouzi Samsum (2009)
Company data are evaluated
280.0----803,500.0S.F.S Holdings and TradingWholesale Food and Drinks Distribution122
* Cofix
The company trades in Israel
273.6-4.8-11.3-4.143.0748365.8Rami Levi Chain Stores Hashikma Marketing 2006Fast food chains and restaurants116
121 Birman
The company trades in Israel
272.8-,318.1-Construction Input, Metal, Plumbing & Wood 118
122Alony 264.01.9---2281,157.9Hezibank Design Construction Input, Metal, Plumbing & Wood -
123Nisko Electricity & Electronics
Company data are evaluated
260.0----2151,209.3-Electronic Components124
124Ordilan Import & Marketing Co 260.00.0---1501,733.3Noam Wood & Building MaterialsConstruction Input, Metal, Plumbing & Wood 126
125Semicom Industries 253.0-3.4--110.01581,601.3-Electronic Appliance Import and Marketing Agencies125
126Har - Kor 252.02.0--43.01401,800.0-Wholesale Food and Drinks Distribution131
127Amtel Computers 252.05.9---594,271.2Mango InvestmentsImport, distribution and marketing of computer equipment 136
128Domino's Pizza 250.00.0---2,200113.6-Fast food chains and restaurants128
129G.M. Maayan Alpaim (07)
Company data are evaluated
250.0----500500.0-Food Retail-
130Hasson P.A
Company data are evaluated
250.0----2301,087.0Hason Mordechai HoldingsConstruction Input, Metal, Plumbing & Wood 127
131Ego Crops 250.00.0---1002,500.0-Wholesale Food and Drinks Distribution130
132Gali Moshe Boker Marketing & Packaging 240.00.0---1002,400.0-Wholesale Food and Drinks Distribution133
Company data are evaluated
230.0----802,875.0-Wholesale Food and Drinks Distribution129
134Sbitany 224.14.6---1012,218.5-Electronic Appliance Import and Marketing Agencies140
136Laline 222.17.1---737301.4-Cosmetics & Toiletries142
137Mody Ceramic Import & Marketing 222.00.0---1901,168.4-Construction Input, Metal, Plumbing & Wood 137
138Averbuch Formica Center (Marketing) 221.1-7.3--39.01491,483.6-Construction Input, Metal, Plumbing & Wood 134
139Optica Halperin
Company data are evaluated
220.0----650338.5-Retail Chains145
140Yair Duchovni Cables 220.00.1---425,238.1-Electronic Appliance Import and Marketing Agencies139
141Conlog 215.0-2.3--89.01701,264.7Green Life PoldekImport companies138
142M. Lasser
Company data are evaluated
215.0----1401,535.7-Wholesale Food and Drinks Distribution-
143Electro Kubi
Company data are evaluated
210.0----1801,166.7-Electronic Appliance Import and Marketing Agencies146
144Glicksman Eggs Marketing 210.00.0---1002,100.0-Wholesale Food and Drinks Distribution141
145 Ralco Agencies
The company trades in Israel
203.5-1.416.07.865.7523,913.1-Electronic Appliance Import and Marketing Agencies144
146Deal Engineers 201.01.0---728,714.3-Import companies148
147Rhenium 200.14.5--45.41461,370.5Gdyr Holdings (2018)Wholesale Distribution of Med. Equip. & Medicines151
149E.F. Design 195.0-5.8--10.0300650.0Ikoo DesignsFurniture & Home Appliances 143
150A.P.I. Churi Distribution
Company data are evaluated
195.0----1301,500.0-Wholesale Consumer Products150
151R2M Corporation 193.116.8---850227.2-Fast food chains and restaurants160
152Field Produce
Company data are evaluated
190.0----603,166.7Nuts & Cotton MarketingWholesale Food and Drinks Distribution149
153Isfar Consumer Products 190.0-9.5---533,584.9-Electronic Appliance Import and Marketing Agencies*
154Super Sapir-Hachi Zol 189.09.9---220859.1-Food Retail157
155Nechemia Lachovitz 189.03.8---404,725.0-Wholesale Food and Drinks Distribution153
156Hamagash Shaked 188.012.8--38.7802,349.9Wine Palace HoldingsImport companies159
157Taaman 185.08.8---1001,850.0-Wholesale Food and Drinks Distribution147
158F.K Electra Generators 180.04.7--10.81621,111.1ElectraConstruction Input, Metal, Plumbing & Wood 158
159M. Bar Maintenance 172.09.6---842,047.6-Construction Input, Metal, Plumbing & Wood 163
160ALDO & Call It Spring
Company data are evaluated
170.0----600283.3- Fashion & Footwear156
161Amphenol Tel-Ad 170.0-5.6---1551,096.8Amphenol CorporationElectronic Components154
162Sorpol 170.044.1--110.0247,083.3-Import companies181
163Hanamal Packaging & Marketing 166.06.4---1481,121.6-Wholesale Food and Drinks Distribution164
165Topolski & Co 165.0-10.3--12.01601,031.3S.S.T.M. Holdings And AssetsConstruction Input, Metal, Plumbing & Wood 152
166Telefarma 161.0-10.6---1201,341.7Fishman ChainsWholesale Distribution of Med. Equip. & Medicines155
167ADI Systems
Company data are evaluated
155.0----200775.0E. Schnapp & Co. WorksImport companies161
168Oz Bat - Galim 155.010.7--1.0562,767.9-Petroleum & Infrastructure Companies 174
169Mial Impex 155.09.2---256,200.0-Import companies172
170April 153.02.0---265577.4Jacques Bogart International BVCosmetics & Toiletries166
171Mafil 146.0-2.7---215679.1Josef Zwillinger Holdings (2000)Import, distribution and marketing of computer equipment 167
*Comtal Technologies And Engineering 146.09.8--40.01051,390.5ConlogImport companies*
172Hydco - Givati 144.05.9--26.0652,215.4Ronpaz InvestmentImport companies168
173Tradis Gat 142.05.2--56.0662,151.5Gat Holdings - Medical Equipment (1996).Wholesale Distribution of Med. Equip. & Medicines175
Company data are evaluated
140.0----400350.0- Fashion & Footwear173
175Ohev Zion 140.012.0---175800.0-Import companies177
176Levidey Lavi Import & Distribution
Company data are evaluated
140.0----1251,120.0-Construction Input, Metal, Plumbing & Wood 169
177Future Electronics 133.0-14.5--29.0393,411.3Future ElectronicsElectronic Components165
178Ashdod Timber Trade 131.0-8.4---245,458.3Nior HoldingsConstruction Input, Metal, Plumbing & Wood 171
179Solina 130.6-,667.3-Petroleum And Infrastructure Companies-
180Aaron Montecchio 130.02.4---1101,181.8Ko-Gol UnitradeImport companies176
182David Czapnik 125.0-7.4--85.01061,179.2-Import companies162
183My Baby
Company data are evaluated
120.0----270444.4-General trade178
184Telecode Computers 120.00.0--105.0250480.0-Import, distribution and marketing of computer equipment 179
185Bar - Of 119.8-0.1---619,966.7-Wholesale Food and Drinks Distribution180
Company data are evaluated
110.0----370297.3Eyal Lider Investments and HoldingsFashion & Footwear184
188Orout Haamkim 109.09.0---641,703.1-Electronic Appliance Import and Marketing Agencies-
189Lindo Chain 109.06.9--13.0343,205.9-General trade-
190Dip Marketing 107.08.1--36.0721,486.1-Wholesale Food and Drinks Distribution-
191 S.T.G. International
The company trades in Israel,863.5-Electronic Components-
* Parent company ranked
Company data are evaluated Company data are evaluated
Company shares are traded abroad Company shares are traded abroad
The company trades in Israel The company trades in Israel
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