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SBC Shagrawi Planning & Construction Ltd.
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Established: 2007
Line of Business: Real estate planning and construction
Address: Nazareth office: 114/36 Paul VI St., P.O. 50606, Nazareth
Tel Aviv office: 7 HaOmanim St., Tel Aviv
Tel: 04-6575557 / 03-6868555
Fax: 03-6868444
Phone: 04-6575557 / 073-2862000
Fax: 04-6554615
Email: [email protected]
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Company Executives

  • Kamil  Shagrawi, SBC Shagrawi Planning & Construction Ltd.

    Kamil Shagrawi

    Chairperson and Founder

    SBC Shagrawi Planning & Construction Ltd.

Leading Executives

    Rober Shagrawi CEO
    Nour Shagrawi VP Marketing & Project Initiatives
    Shadi Shagrawi VP Projects
    Rabea Shagrawi VP Acquisitions
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About SBC Shagrawi Planning & Construction Ltd.

SBC Shagrawi Planning & Construction Ltd. specializes in initiating and executing a broad range of projects, including residential neighborhoods, industrial structures, office buildings, luxury towers, as well as historic preservation projects – all at the highest standards. Founded in the1930s, the company is currently privately owned by Kamil Shagrawi; a13th generation of the Galilee native Shagrawi family, and the 3rd generation to operate the company.

Initially, the company focused operations in the northern region (Galilee), building residential, commercial and infrastructure projects. Over the years, the company acquired extensive knowledge and professional experience in constructing residential neighborhoods, luxury towers, and commercial projects; earning an excellent reputation. The underlying principles that guide the company are the service quality, the professional excellence and the adherence to schedule, making every client a VIP client. SBC Shagrawi is classified at the highest level of classification by the Contractors Registrar and the Ministry of Construction and Housing.

Clients at the Center

At SBC Shagrawi clients’ satisfaction is central. Starting from the planning stage, the company creates the most practical, convenient and suitable product for each client. Thanks to the extensive knowledge that it amassed over the years, the company optimally analyzes the residential market, and wisely plans each project around the desires and aspirations of its target population.

Professionalism, Expertise and Quality Control

The company espouses three important values that guide its professional excellence: The first is the outstanding professional staff readily available to its private and business clients. Our professional team includes consultants, planners, architects, landscape and interior designers – all recruited to make up the company’s elite professional core. The second value focuses on the skilled, devoted and professional workforce that stands behind every promise. One that is ready to serve the client 24/7 regarding every question or problem. The third value is quality control and involvement – the company was among the first in Israel to implement the ISO 9002 standard in its quality control system, at every stage of apartments’ planning and construction. This standard allows the company’s managers and owners to have absolute control of each stage of the building process, making it possible to identify and solve problems quickly and efficiently.

Fields of Expertise

Construction - As an established construction company that has been active for decades, the company has built thousands of residential units throughout Israel. All of which have the “SBC Shagrawi seal of excellence” in common.

Project Initiation - The company specializes in initiating a broad range of projects, including luxury towers, project housing, single-family houses, and private neighborhoods.
Selected projects include:
Ehad Ha’Am (Haifa) – a 158 residential units luxury tower, plus a preservation of a historic building (Populating) 
Selected Towers (Nof Hagalil) – 98 units 
Selected Klil HaH’oresh (Nof Hagalil) – 30 units 
Carmei Selected (Carmiel) – 42 units
View Selected (Carmiel) – 56 units (under construction) 
Almogi Selected (Haifa) – 78 units(under construction) 
Reef Selected (Atlit) – land for building 66 units (under construction) 
Park Selected (Kiryat Yam) – 303 units and commerce areas (under construction) 
Ra’anana Selected - (Ra’anana) 148 units (planned).

Historic Building Preservation - In the last decade, the company has noticed a demand for preserving buildings of historical value. Today, thanks to the subsidiary Shagrawi-Leibowitz, the company is proud to be among the pioneers in a field that requires a high level of expertise, precision and the ability to work with special materials adapted to preservation.

Urban Renewal - Shagrawi is very active in all types of urban regeneration projects through two companies:

Nof Carmel - A subsidiary that identifies, manages and carries out urban renewal projects, mainly in Haifa and the North. The company is currently working on a number of projects in well-regarded locations in the Carmel and Haifa region.

Eco City - Shagrawi is a partner in the company, which has been ranked in first place in Globes’ urban renewal index. The company is currently involved in building ten projects in the greater Tel Aviv area, with over 40 additional projects in advanced planning stages.

Financial scope - Project initiation: NIS 500 million;
Construction: NIS 500 million;
Urban Renewal and Preservation: NIS 250 million.


Shikun & Binui Real Estate – Chalomot Kfar Yona: 108 units, Chalomot H’arish: 252 units, Chalomot Tirat HaCarmel – 202 units, Hadera Commercial Center – under construction; Chalomot Hadera – 120 units, Chalomot HaSharon – 77 units – populated.

Africa Israel Residences – Chalomot and Savyonei Kiryat Bialik – 228 units, Savyonei Nof Hadera – 208 units – under construction; Savyonei Yam – 477 units, Savyonei Netanya – 132 units – populated.

Community Outreach

The company undertakes numerous activities aimed for the greater public good, including contributions to NGOs and public institutions throughout the year.

Supporting the Environment and Green Construction

Environmental sustainability is deeply embedded in the projects that the company plans and carries out. Therefore, the company insists on building according to the standards of green construction.

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