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Software development in the fields of cyber security, artificial intelligence, big data and more

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Established: 1991
Line of Business: Software development in the fields of cyber security, artificial intelligence, big data and more
Address: 3 Alan Turing St., Herzliya | 144 Menachem Begin Rd., Tel Aviv | Matam, Building 25, Haifa | 104 Paul VI, Nazareth | 11 Torat HaYahasut St., Beer Sheva
Phone: 074-711-1000
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About Microsoft Israel R&D Center

Microsoft's R&D center in Israel is one of the three strategic centers of Microsoft worldwide. Over 40 product groups are located in the Israeli development center, responsible for leading a significant part of Microsoft's core products worldwide and entrusted with cutting-edge technologies. 

Making an Impact

The development center in Israel is a strategic center that focuses on innovation that produces impact and encourages the entrepreneurial spirit of its employees to create services and platforms based on technological innovation. Many of the company's employees have a startup background, and some joined due to acquisitions. As a result of ideas that were born in Israel, a number of different groups were formed to develop and mature them as a product open to all Microsoft customers, and many of these products have grown and developed to become leading products in Microsoft worldwide. The spirit of innovation lies deep in the company's DNA, and Microsoft's vision is to "Empower every person and organization on the planet to achieve more”. In addition, Microsoft operates the Innovation & Makers Space in the development center, which is open to all employees of the company and also holds technological workshops for the general audience.

The space includes innovative equipment that includes 3D printers, laser cutters, and other technological equipment that allows employees to create prototypes for new ventures or to create new technologies. As an innovation laboratory, the Innovation & Makers Space also initiates many collaborations in Israel and around the world. For example, its project, together with Beilinson Hospital, which was developed in the development center and is based on VR/AR technology, allows doctors to see three-dimensional imaging of the liver during the actual surgery and helps locate tumors while shortening the surgery time. The Innovation & Makers Space also helped during the Corona crisis in the development of intelligent automatic ventilators, which can be produced cheaply and in large quantities in laboratories - without the need for factories. Since the product has an open-source nature, all the instructions for its construction are available to the public, both in Israel and internationally. The innovation lab donates rare equipment, materials, and components. 

Bring Your Talent. Do Your Thing.

While many companies offer good working conditions and environments, it is essential for Microsoft employees to also receive additional value for their work. Employees come and stay because they understand that each of them has an important role to play within the company. Employees can develop into a variety of roles within the 30 product groups at the development center - and follow the career path that suits them best. The development center also provides them with the best and most professional technological tools available on the market, as well as full support in how they choose to do this. There is an existential potential in every idea, whether it was born in a Hackathon, received funding, was formed into a group, or was initiated by an employee for a social accountability project. 

The Development of Professional Knowledge

One of the central values ​​that Microsoft promotes is the Growth Mindset, a state of constant learning and development. Microsoft's concept encourages the approach of “Learn it all” instead of “Know it all”. In line with these values, Microsoft invests heavily in each employee's professional development and skill acquisition. Through a variety of technical training throughout the year, the company exposes its employees to new and up-to-date technologies and listens to their specific needs and requests for learning. Every employee has free access to Reilly's Pluralsight, LinkedIn learning, and Kindle books in a variety of fields, in addition to dozens of courses and learning opportunities. As part of a strong focus on student development, Microsoft's development center in Israel keeps up-to-date with industry trends and innovation by attending leading international conferences.

Microsoft's development center in Israel organizes Israel's leading cyber research conference, BlueHat IL, which has been very successful for the past five years. Each year, the conference hosts about 20 lectures by world-renowned researchers, many of whom are visiting Israel for the first time. 

The Employee Experience

For Microsoft's employees to maximize their professional skills and encourage creativity, they require a work environment that addresses all their needs, both at work and beyond. When employees are provided with an environment that goes beyond their functional needs, their motivation to invest in the company and contribute to its success increases significantly. In line with this belief, Microsoft puts a lot of thought into creating innovative workspaces for employees and welcoming public spaces for their employees and guests. Microsoft wants its employees to start their working day with a smile every morning and feel confident about their decision to join the company.

Besides all the indulgences, the company also emphasizes supporting its employees in all aspects of their lives inside and outside of work.

It offers employees the option of working from home or in the office according to their convenience, with completely flexible hours and an employee service center that provides them with all the necessary services. The innovative Out Of Scope program allows enrichment in a variety of Issues that are outside the main focus at work, a well-equipped gym, play areas, music rooms, well-equipped and pampering kitchens, long paid maternity leave for mothers and fathers, paid leave to care for a close family member, dog-friendly working environment, events, treats, and much more.

This is done with the belief that providing a supportive environment as much as possible helps prevent burnout and maintain a balance between their professional and private/personal lives - which ultimately makes employees want to take part in the company's success. 

Work-Life Balance

Microsoft has always allowed flexible hours. The company allows employees to work from home or at the office according to their convenience, thus allowing room for maneuvering and meeting all their needs, including those beyond work. Additionally, Microsoft offers a wide range of services that allow employees to remove tasks from their personal to-do lists to enhance their quality time outside work. The services include receiving packages of online orders and other postal services, laundry and dry cleaning services, a store offering company products and convenience products, and utilizing the size advantage in various transactions such as credit cards and cell phones (some services are paid for by the employee). 

Giving Back to the Community

Even by connecting with the community, our employees can make a difference. Throughout the year, Microsoft encourages and allows its employees to volunteer and donate to associations and projects that are near and dear to them - whether it's by giving them a platform for promoting an association that speaks to them and encouraging donations or by doubling the amount collected by the organization as a whole.

As part of various fundraising campaigns, and in the last year alone, the employees donated over NIS 4.5 million to various associations. Also, Microsoft collaborates with various communities to promote technology professions from a young age. It initiates projects jointly with the Rashi Foundation and the Center for Cyber ​​Education, which includes the Magshimim and Cyber ​​Girls programs (shift) collaborations with She Codes, W2W, Upward, QueenB, and "Baot".

Many groups hold bonding days as part of volunteering in various associations, so the day of team-building gets the additional value of giving back. Each year, the company holds dog adoption days and invites its employees, along with their families and friends, to adopt a new family member. Also, on International Accessibility Day, the company launched a campaign encouraging employees to foster a service dog awaiting training for a family with special needs or people with visual impairments.

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