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Construction, Initiation and Public Construction in Israel, Initiation Abroad

Amiram Sivan Ltd. Construction Co.
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Established: 1985
Line of Business: Construction, Initiation and Public Construction in Israel, Initiation Abroad
Address: 15 Robinson, Petach Tikva 49560
Phone: 972-3-9222003
Fax: 972-3-9044704
Email: [email protected]
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    Amiram Sivan Chairman and Owner
    Ariel Ben Hamo CEO
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About Amiram Sivan Ltd. Construction Co.

Amiram Sivan Ltd. is a private company that specializes in contracting, initiation and public construction in Israel and has also been initiating real-estate in Poland thorough foreign companies over the past decade.

The company started its operations in 1985 with the construction of small-scale residential buildings. Currently, it handles mainly the construction of education and public buildings for local authorities, the Ministry of Defense and private customers. In addition, the company initiates residential and office projects in Israel and abroad. Among other projects, the company is constructing, through foreign companies, hundreds of apartments in Poland. The company is involved in projects which involve advanced technologies that provide it with quick and efficient engineering and execution solutions for complex and multidisciplinary projects. The company is active in the execution of residential and infrastructures contracting works in the public sector, including the construction of office, commerce and industrial buildings, IDF camps, public institutes and Israeli embassies abroad. In addition, the company specializes in the execution of contractual construction works in the business and private sectors, such as the construction of residential, office, commerce and industry buildings and logistics centers.

Amiram Sivan provides engineering and execution solutions for complex projects. The company has a C5 (unlimited) execution contractor classification, a Recognized Contractor approval and an ISO9001:2000 certification. It is also a Registered Engineering Works Contractor in the Ministry of Defense and Public Agencies. It has also been serving as a franchisee of Local Government Economic Services Ltd for several decades, in the framework of the planning and execution of education and public institutes, including sport halls and community centers.

Associated Corporations

Rolzur Tunneling - Israel’s leading tunneling and subterranean mining company. Amiram Sivan owns 50% of Rolzur Tunneling.

Rolider - Rolider Ltd. was founded in 1966 and is one of Israel’s leading civil engineering companies, and takes part in complex and extensive infrastructure projects. Amiram Sivan owns 33% of Rolider.

Fellow Company

Tius Logistics - Tius Logistics Provides a wide range of logistics services in Israel and abroad, support, manpower hiring, and procurement services. Nowadays the company provides logistics services, mainly procurement and engineering equipment for Rolider Ghana.

Prominent Public Projects

Building Embassies across the World - Amiram Sivan has longstanding experience in the construction of embassies for the State of Israel throughout the world, including the construction of the Israeli embassies in:  Budapest, Moscow, Rome (to the Vatican), Cairo, Berlin, Alexandria, Gana and the renovation of the security delegation in New York.

Extensive Construction for the Ministry of Defense - During its 30 years of operations, the company constructed hundreds of thousands of square meters for the Israeli Security Forces, including residential buildings, office buildings, multi-purpose warehouses, an office building, The Erez Crossing Terminal, unique projects for the Israeli Security Forces, the Holot Complex in the Negev, the IDF Spokesperson Building and buildings for the Prime Minister Office.

Education Institutes and Sports Facilities - Amiram Sivan has extensive experience in building education institutes which includes the execution of hundreds of projects in this field, including schools, synagogues, community centers, community Pais Centers, sports arenas (such as the Drive-In Tel Aviv sports arena, Eilat’s basketball arena and more), synagogues and Yeshivas such as the Har HaMor Yeshiva and Beit Shemesh Yeshiva, with accurate compliance with the schedules and first-class execution quality.

Office Buildings and Logistics Centers - Amiram Sivan’s vast experience in this field includes the construction of office buildings for various government ministries, for the private and public sectors, as a derivative of architectural planning for self-use or for customers which are interested in yielding properties investment. In addition, the company has vast professional experience in the construction of advanced logistics centers, such as the IEC’s logistics center in Akko, The logistics centers of Osem Ltd. and Teva Ltd., and numerous other projects in this field.

Notable Projects in Poland

Poznan - The company acquired lands in Poznan, planned and was permitted to execute a 778 residential units and 1,200 sq.m. of commercial spaces project, covering about 90,000 sq.m. The 2 first stages of 410 apartments and 1,200 sq.m. of commercial spaces was completed. The company is now executing the final stage of the project, which includes 368 apartments. Population pending for September 2023.
Wilanów - the company will soon begin construction of 93 units in a total area of 12,000 sq.m., the neighborhood is in southern Warsaw.
Konstancin, Warsaw – the company established a project of about 106 ground-level units in a town adjacent to the capital city of Warsaw. The project was built as a closed community that enjoys security and guarding.
Wroclaw - the company established a residential and commercial project in the city center including - 310 apartments, 1,000 square meters of office spaces and 3,000 sq.m. of commercial areas.
Zoliborz, Warsaw - the company has built a 440-unit residential project in the green space of Warsaw.
Lublin - the company is currently in the process of purchasing 3 plots for the establishment of residential projects in combination with commercial areas of about 100,000 sq.m.

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