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Development and Construction of Residential and Commercial Real Estate

B. Yair Group
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Established: 1988
Line of Business: Development and Construction of Residential and Commercial Real Estate
Address: Main Office Jerusalem - 3 Yad Harutsim St.,
P.O.B. 53176, Talpiot 93420
Phone: 02-6299999, 8567*
Fax: 972-2-6733299
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.b-yair.co.il
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Company Executives

  • Yossi Biton, B. Yair Group

    Yossi Biton

    Active Chairman of the Board

    B. Yair Group

  • Nir Yehezkeli, B. Yair Group

    Nir Yehezkeli


    B. Yair Group


    Yoram Biton Deputy Director Construction
    Bella Avgustovsky CFO
    Eitam Lotem CLO Corporate Secretary
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About B. Yair Group

B. Yair is a publicly traded company focusing on growing markets with business opportunities that have potential. The company, controlled by the developers Yossi and Yair Biton, was founded in 1988 and operates through several subsidiaries: local development and constructions companies and threw an international company developing and building projects abroad. Due to B. Yair’s strict adherence to the highest standards of construction quality and its advanced technological applications it has earned the nickname “The Best Home in the City”. The company transformed Jerusalem’s housing culture with “Mishkenot Ha’Uma,” a new residential neighborhood in the National Precinct on a strategically located hill near the picturesque Nachlaot neighborhood and the green swathe of Sacher Park. “Mishkenot Ha’Uma,” which is built to the highest and latest standards in a European-style near the main highways at the western entrance to Jerusalem, has attracted high-end buyers ensuring the long-term value of the properties. The project includes 650 luxury units and a European-style commercial boulevard.

Israeli Activities

The main goals that B. Yair has set for itself are to lead Israel’s residential culture, to adapt itself to the needs of the Israeli society, and to design and construct unique and prestigious projects throughout Israel and abroad. B. Yair chose to participate in tenders for the Ministry of Housing’s “Mehir Lemishtaken” program (in its old version). B. Yair has won three such project tenders in Ramat Beit Shemesh, in Modi’in’s Tzipor neighborhood and in Ramla’s Mazliach neighborhood. Over the years, B. Yair has built and is building in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Netanya, Rishon Lezion, Modiin, Ma’ale Adumim, Beitar Illit, Beit Shemesh, Givat Zeev and Tzur Hadassah.

Projects in Marketing and Population Stages

  • “Mishkenot Ha’Uma” a new neighborhood in Jerusalem’s most exclusive setting providing perfect luxury, quality of life and status encompassing 282 luxury housing units in its first stage, 108 units in the second stage and 125 units in the third stage (company’s part is 36
  • “Arnona Exclusive” – In Jerusalem’s prestigious Arnona neighborhood. Two luxurious buildings of 12 floors each are located, encompassing 120 luxurious units. The project is adjacent to a park and an ancient aqueduct that brought water to the Jerusalem Temple.
  • “Chen Ha’Ayalot” in Givat Zeev. The project offers 5 buildings with a total of 30 residential units.


Commercial Real Estate

  • Commerce Area, Mishkenot Ha’Uma – a Parisian commercial boulevard, which includes about 5,000 sq.m. of commercial space. Located at the foothill of “Mishkenot Ha’Uma” and designed to attract local and foreign populations, the boulevard will entertain not only the project’s residents, but visitors from other parts of the city and the country. The area will include an elegant shopping boulevard with a variety of boutique shops, galleries, restaurants and cafés. The first stage of marketing was completed and populated, the second and third stages are currently being marketed.


Urban Renewal

  • “Lev Yehud” is an urban renewal project. The project is going up in the heart of Yehud between Weizmann, Alpert and Katznelson streets with 600 units. These days, the company is operating in order to approve a new master plan for the complex with all the proper authorities.


International Activities

The company has several projects in Prague and Budapest, and focuses on the development and construction of residential units and commercial spaces. 

Czech Republic - ByTy Malesice

The project includes about 600 residential units and 5,000 sq.m. of rentable commercial space. In the one of the city’s up-and-coming neighborhoods, close to main traffic routes, in a green and peaceful surrounding and offering an attractive price with vast commercial spaces in the project’s bottom floor. This project will allow, not only a central location along-side a contemporary living space, but also the vision of covering every public area, such as balconies, yards and rooftops, with green vegetation. This project was designed with subterranean parking. The project was completed and populated, with a few additional rental spaces still available. 

Hungary - SiDi Angel

Project SiDi Angel is located in Budapest’s 10th quarter, on the corner of Teve and Petnehazy Streets, next to the metro station, a unique 330 residential units. Construction of the project was completed and its marketing was completed with the exception of part of the commercial space. 

Hungary - SiDi City

The company owns additional land in Budapest (105 dunam) in the up-and-coming 10th quarter, which is currently in its planning stages. The land is designated for residence, commercial and offices.

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