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Rank 2015CompanyIncome NIS MillionsIncome change (%)Equity NIS MillionsEmployees No.Parent CompanySectorRank 2014
Rank 2015CompanyIncome NIS MillionsIncome change (%)Equity NIS MillionsEmployees No.Parent CompanySectorRank 2014
3AFI GROUP Africa Israel Investments Ltd.
The company trades in Israel
3,841.3-4.83,009.71,486Construction & Entrepreneurship2
5Shapir Group
The company trades in Israel
2,307.84.41,038.51,413Construction & Infrastructure5
6Malibu Group Initiation & Construction
The company trades in Israel
1,470.318.683.9475Construction & Entrepreneurship7
The company trades in Israel
1,355.0-13.4190.1529Gazit GlobeConstruction & Entrepreneurship6
11Moriah The Jerusalem Development Co. 730.010.375.034Jerusalem MunicipalityConstruction & Infrastructure12
17Menorah Izu Aharon Group 490.0-2.4300Construction & Infrastructure19
19El-Har Engineering & Construction
Company data are evaluated
460.0Kardan Real Estate Initiation & DevelopmentConstruction & Entrepreneurship21
20Elyakim Ben-Ari Group 436.729.567.6234Construction & Infrastructure32
21Magnezi Group 430.019.492.6180Construction & Infrastructure29
22Electra Infrastructure Hofrei Hasharon 416.3-22.5130ElectraConstruction & Infrastructure16
24Einav HaHetz Ltd. 363.04.393.254Sharif Masarwa InfrastructureConstruction & Infrastructure27
27Prashkovsky Investments and Construction
The company trades in Israel
343.8-16.6117.357Construction & Entrepreneurship23
28Y. Lehrer 334.0-48.676Y.Lehrer HoldingsConstruction & Infrastructure11
30Nave 297.233.2243.519Hadarim PropertiesConstruction & Entrepreneurship39
32The Lesico-Leshman Group 272.04.748.0170Construction & Infrastructure34
33Avraham Yitzhak
Company data are evaluated
270.0Construction & Entrepreneurship51
35Sarfati Shimon Ltd. 260.0-32.5280.0210Construction & Entrepreneurship26
36Guy & Doron Levy Engineering 250.0-52.1175Construction & Entrepreneurship17
*Drachim 233.8-8.638.7130Ashtrom GroupConstruction & Infrastructure*
38Asum Building Contracting Co.
Company data are evaluated
225.0Construction & Entrepreneurship40
39Zalman Barashi & Bros. Co. 220.0-17.480.0100Construction & Infrastructure33
40YAAZ 220.04.220Construction & Infrastructure-
42Reisdor Development Ltd. 216.410Construction & Entrepreneurship-
43Olizki 216.05.0103.0230Olizki Mining (1990)Construction & Infrastructure42
44 200.050Construction & Entrepreneurship-
45Sharbat Brothers
Company data are evaluated
198.0Construction & Entrepreneurship43
47Bardarian Brothers 190.015.2125Construction & Infrastructure56
51K.S.M.G Co Ltd Construction and Development 176.3-17.6130Construction & Infrastructure41
52Ram Aderet Civil Engineering Ltd. 175.8-21.637.480Construction & Entrepreneurship38
53Omer Construction 170.013.456.0150Construction & Entrepreneurship65
54Movilei Hamercaz - Kohav 170.0-4.721Construction & Infrastructure48
58Y.D. Ashush Infrastructures 160.02.6168Construction & Infrastructure57
59Abu Ayash Bros. Ltd. 158.38.622.555Khmsa InvestorsConstruction & Entrepreneurship62
61Dunietz Bros Ltd.
The company trades in Israel
156.723.3116.4115Construction & Entrepreneurship68
62Nadim Kamal & Sons 150.0110Construction & Infrastructure59
63Delouya & Entrepreneurship74
64Rolider 150.0-11.8100U.S.R Investment and Electronics (1991)Construction & Infrastructure54
65Morad Yehezkel 150.0100.080Construction & Infrastructure60
66SBI Shjrawi Brothers (1989) Ltd. 150.025.045Construction & Entrepreneurship73
67 150.040Construction & Entrepreneurship61
70Agrotop 142.0-2.140Hapach Metal IndustriesConstruction & Entrepreneurship63
73 138.0-8.032Construction & Entrepreneurship-
74Madan - Roads and Quarries (1964)
Company data are evaluated
135.0Construction & Infrastructure67
75Ben Rahamim Brothers 131.5-45.879.080Construction & Infrastructure63
77Bonei HaTichon
The company trades in Israel
129.5-64.1150.784Construction & Entrepreneurship28
80Haim Zaken 110.0-12.080Construction & Entrepreneurship79
81Aluel - Construction Company 110.044.545.0Construction & Entrepreneurship-
82Euro - Israel 110.060.020Ayala (Y.H.A.H.) HoldingsConstruction & Entrepreneurship-
83Karnil Engineering Cunstructing Company & Infrastructure-
84Asik 105.0-0.818.575Construction & Infrastructure76
85Kedem Earthworks and Developmen 101.131.414Construction & Infrastructure-
86Gabali Bros.
Company data are evaluated
100.0Construction & Infrastructure80
87Mordechai Aviv
The company trades in Israel
99.6-15.0160.9385Construction & Entrepreneurship71
89Zelig Shimshon & Co. 95.4-19.744Construction & Entrepreneurship-
91Barad 87.0-10.234.050Kushi Barashi HoldingsConstruction & Infrastructure-
* Parent company ranked
Company data are evaluated Company data are evaluated
Company shares are traded abroad Company shares are traded abroad
The company trades in Israel The company trades in Israel
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