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Established: 1972
Line of Business: Real Estate Development and Building Contracting
Address: Office Adress: 4 Meir Ariel St., Business Center, Grand Netter, Kfar Netter
Mailing Adress: 9 H aLohamim St., P.O.B 1406, Even Yehuda 4051651
Phone: 972-9-8996258
Fax: 972-9-8996263
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.fadlon.co.il
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  • Ido Fadlon, Fadlon Group

    Ido Fadlon

    Co CEO

    Fadlon Group

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    Ido Fadlon
  • Herzl  Fadlon, Fadlon Group

    Herzl Fadlon


    Fadlon Group

  • Roy Fadlon, Fadlon Group

    Roy Fadlon

    Co CEO

    Fadlon Group

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    Roy Fadlon
  • Moran Greidi Narvona, Fadlon Group

    Moran Greidi Narvona


    Fadlon Group

  • Shlomi Bados, Fadlon Group

    Shlomi Bados

    Chief Engineering Officer

    Fadlon Group

  • David Leibovitch, Fadlon Group

    David Leibovitch

    Chief Operating Officer

    Fadlon Group

    Gil Asherov Head of Home Inspection and Customer Service
    Keren Yerushlmian Head of the Tenant Changes Department
    Adi Baranes Head of Purchasing and Logistics
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About Fadlon Group

The Fadlon Group is a senior family-based construction company. The Group began operations in the 1970s and was headed by Herzl Fadlon. Over time, the next generation, Roee and Ido Fadlon, took over and propelled the Group to new heights in construction and entrepreneurship.

The Group holds the “unlimited” contractor classification, has solid financial backing with its professionalism and expertise tested over decades of work in various real estate fields. The Group has carried out many projects with an engineering complexity that combines knowledge and advanced technological capabilities.

The Group’s experience in the public sector includes the construction of hospitals, hotels, country and leisure complexes, and student dormitories. The Group has constructed many buildings in the residential construction sector, from boutique buildings to luxurious towers, all alongside thriving business centers and mixed-use projects.

The Group keeps up to date with the newest technologies in construction and works with the most advanced systems for project management and quality control. Substantial resources are invested in improving the quality of service to buyers, and the Group maintains direct contact with them. The Group’s customers enjoy the best, most profitable, and high-quality product, with the highest level of finish and excellent service provided from one address, which can be contacted at any stage and for any issue.

As contractor and entrepreneur, the Group’s guiding value is the connection between the entrepreneurial arm and the executive arm and the combination of both under one roof, in perfect dynamics, giving the Group planning flexibility that streamlines the process and upgrades the final product in every parameter: The Group is one of the few whose services are concentrated under one roof, under a uniform management concept. From the project marketing department and financial management, tenant changes to the inspection department through the project coordination and planning department. Leading architects and professionals manage all projects. This is the reason for the Group’s impressive growth over time.

Significant Projects That Have Been Completed:

• The Group has been active for a consecutive 15 years in the construction of Tel Ha’Shomer Hospital while being sensitive to work in busy hospitals - many departments at Tel Ha’Shomer Hospital.
• Hotels and student dormitories, including the Publica Hotel, Leon Herbert Samuel Towers, Netanya Student Dormitory, Tashah and Rishon LeZion Student Dormitory.
• Tens of thousands of square meters for the commercial and office sector, large projects, and industries - the Palacio business complex, the Holmes Place country complex in Kfar Saba, the Roladin Center shopping center, the Fadlon-Shponder House business complex in the Poleg industrial area.
• Tel Hashomer Hospital - Building a ward for premature babies and a rehabilitation pool.


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