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Established: 1972
Line of Business: Real Estate Development and Building Contracting
Address: Office Adress: 4 Meir Ariel St., Business Center, Grand Netter, Kfar Netter
Mailing Adress: 9 H aLohamim St., P.O.B 1406, Even Yehuda 4051651
Phone: 972-9-8996258
Fax: 972-9-8996263
Email: office@fadlon.co.il
Website: http://www.fadlon.co.il
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  • Herzl  Fadlon, Fadlon Group

    Herzl Fadlon


    Fadlon Group

  • Ido Fadlon, Fadlon Group

    Ido Fadlon

    Co CEO

    Fadlon Group

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    Ido Fadlon
  • Roy Fadlon, Fadlon Group

    Roy Fadlon

    Co CEO

    Fadlon Group

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    Roy Fadlon
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About Fadlon Group

Fadalon Group, a down-to-earth family, from the cream of the construction industry. The group was founded in the 1970s by Mr. Herzl Fadalon. Over the years, the family’s next generation, Roi and Ido Fadalon, took the company’s reins and grew the group to new heights in the execution and development fields.

The group has an “Unlimited” contractor classification and is a recognized contractor for government works, a strong financial back, and professionalism and expertise that were accumulated in dozens of years of operations in the various real estate sectors – In the Ministry of Defense, in the public sector – from hospitals to student dormitories, in residential construction – from boutique buildings to luxury towers, alongside with prospering business centers and mix-use projects.

The group specializes in projects that are complex and challenging from the engineering aspect on a national and international scale. Furthermore, the group takes care to work in accordance with standards of green building and the ISI. The group strives to remain abreast of the latest construction technologies and works with highly advanced project management and QA systems. Extensive resources are invested in improving the quality of service to the buyers and the direct contact with them throughout the years. The group’s customers benefit from a good and profitable product of the highest quality alongside with excellent service from a single point of contact which is accessible at any stage and for every issue.

As persons with the DNA of contractors and developers, the group’s current guiding principle is the connection between its development arm and its execution arm and their perfect integration under one roof, which provides the group with the planning flexibility that streamlines the processes and enables to upgrade the end-product in every parameter: from size, through the extraordinary quality and luxury standard, and up to the strict compliance with the schedules.

The group is one of the few companies that operate as a one-stop-shop with a uniform managerial concept. From the project marketing and finance departments, through the residents’ changes and up to the post-construction checkups department. All are managed by leading architects and professionals. This is one of the reasons for the group’s impressive growth over the past few years.

Areas of Operations


In cooperation with the Shponder Group, Fadalon locates and develops lands in high-demand areas of Israel, develops and builds turnkey residential and commerce projects. 

Residential Construction

The group is active in every residential construction segment, in scales of dozens and hundreds of apartments, with careful attention to high construction specifications and compliance with the strictest standards. This division maintains a residents’ changes department which is managed by engineers and practical engineers, in order to provide a professional and comprehensive response through every stage of the project. The group maintains direct and continuous contact with the buyers throughout the entire construction period.

Special Construction

The Group has organic teams specializing in operations on complex construction sites that require extraordinary solutions alongside with the management of bureaucratic proceedings and engineering challenges, as evident from the company’s status as one of the only companies in Israel that specialize in the construction of technology and knowledge-intensive departments in hospitals and medical institutes, groundwater lowering projects and underground construction in urban environment.

Public Buildings

The group has the capability to manage complex projects while enabling regular activities and accessibility in the institute and demonstrating execution capabilities with high sensitivity to the field management, particularly in projects where there is constant contact with the public.

Notable Projects that were Executed by the Group

Student Dormitories in Netanya College, Publica Hotel in Herzliya, The Autoimmune Department of the Safra Children Hospital and the Oral and Maxillofacial Department of Tel HaShomer Hospital, Leon Tower on Herbert Samuel St., Tel Aviv and more. Under construction, the Pallacio business complex, student dormitories of the College of Management, The Green Kfar Saba country club, Home Place and more.

Notable Projects that were Developed by the Group

The Nitzanim in the Green and Love projects with a total of 190 apartments, two luxury towers in HaPark Neighborhood of Bat Yam with a total of 160 apartments, the Gigis business complex in Rishon LeZion, The Fadalon-Shponder and the Keshet Ta’amim business complexes in Poleg Industrial Zone, Netanya, The business and entertainment center Tel Mond, HaMoshava Even Yehuda with about 102 apartments and more.


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