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Established: 1972
Line of Business: Real Estate Development and Building Contracting
Address: Office Adress: 4 Meir Ariel St., Business Center, Grand Netter, Kfar Netter
Mailing Adress: 9 H aLohamim St., P.O.B 1406, Even Yehuda 4051651
Phone: 972-9-8996258
Fax: 972-9-8996263
Email: office@fadlon.co.il
Website: http://www.fadlon.co.il
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  • Herzl  Fadlon, Fadlon Group

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    Fadlon Group

  • Ido Fadlon, Fadlon Group

    Ido Fadlon

    Co CEO

    Fadlon Group

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    Ido Fadlon
  • Roy Fadlon, Fadlon Group

    Roy Fadlon

    Co CEO

    Fadlon Group

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    Roy Fadlon
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About Fadlon Group

Fadlon Group is a longstanding and leading private entrepreneurship and construction company specializing in entrepreneurship of income-producing real-estate and real-estate for sale. The group has a robust and independent construction division, with most of the operations of the construction subsidiary dedicated to entrepreneurial commerce and residential projects for the group, and another part for external institutions and entrepreneurs. Fadlon specializes in institutional, residential construction, special engineering, marine closeness, hospitals, hotels and commercial construction while promoting the urban renewal field and the Pinui-Binui process which also include a unique historic preservation expertise. The group, founded in 1972 by Herzl Fadlon, is currently managed by his sons, Roee and Ido, who serve as Co-CEOs, and benefits from an excellent reputation thanks to the uncompromising building quality, financial resilience, and longstanding experience.
Fadlon meets the strictest standards as a group with an unlimited contractor classification (C5) and it works as a recognized and unlimited contractor in public and government works in the institutional, Ministry of Defence, and public sector. The group specializes in complex projects with challenging engineering aspects in national and international standards.
As part of its innovative character, the group particularly emphasizes entrepreneurship and project construction with a glance to the future, and it uses Green Building s elements, as expressed in the construction of the green neighborhood in Kfar-Saba.

Maximal Returns with a Minimal Investment

The unique strength of the Group lies in its being an entrepreneurial and operational group, just as it believes in its commercial business concept to provide its customers with maximum return with minimal investment; In the past two years, the Group has identified the needs of professionals in small spaces, ranging from 25 square meters to 100 square meters. As part of the current commercial trend, large companies requiring 500-2000 sq.m. and receiving an ongoing response to their needs are taking up a small and diminishing market share; the need for small offices of 25-100 sq.m., on the other hand, it is possible to see that the market trend clearly attests to significant growth in accordance with the need and the increasing demand. Therefore, with the unique yield model developed by the Group under the Group’s MINIMAXI principle, it enables end-users in the independent office sector to acquire the minimum required capital, a luxurious lecture room, this is true both for entrepreneurs and end customers, This format currently exists in the Fadlon & Shponder Commercial and Office Center in the Poleg Industrial Zone and the compound Gigi’s Center in Rishon Lezion - Commercial and office complex with more than - 174 offices which is now marketing offices.

Areas of Expertise

Entrepreneurship - Fadlon locates and develops lands in high-demand areas, and initiates and builds turnkey projects of a particularly high building quality. Fadlon has an extensive track record of successes in building income-producing real-estate projects with commerce and residential construction.

Residential Construction - The Group handles all aspects of residential construction, in scopes of dozens to hundreds of apartments per project while carefully maintaining a first-class building standard which complies with the strictest standards, both Israeli and international. Fadlon Group has a special department consisting of interior designers and architects in order to provide a professional and exhaustive response through all of the project stages under one roof.

Special Construction - The Group has organic teams specializing in operations in complex construction sites. The group has the capability to manage numerous special engineering construction projects simultaneously. The Group’s ability to handle engineering challenges that require a well-timed performance was built over several decades, as evident from being one of the only companies in Israel that specialize in the construction of technology and knowledge-intensive departments in hospitals and medical institutes. Fadlon Group dominates expertise in the execution of special projects involving groundwater lowering while digging and constructing in a challenging urban and geological environment.

Public Buildings - From an understanding of the needs of the public service system and each institute that the project concerns, the group has the capability to manage projects while guaranteeing that the public institute’s regular operations continue as usual, without interruptions.

Selected Construction and Entrepreneurship Projects: The flagship entrepreneurship projects of the Group include the Shponder & Fadlon Commercial and Office Center in the Poleg Industrial Zone, Netanya, The LOVE project the Green Neighborhood project in Kfar Saba which includes 240 3 and 3.5-room apartments in Kfar-Saba’s high-demand area. As well as the Bat Yam Towers, Bat Yam Towers a residential project in the Sea Park which is currently under construction. Leon Herbert Samuel Towers - Tel Aviv, The Mann Auditorium, Tel Aviv, Publica Hotel - Herzliya, Student dormitories in Netanya, Safra Children’s Hospital, The Autoimmune Department at Tel Hashomer The Yuvalim neighborhood project - Ra’anana, The Pardes neighborhood project - Petah Tikva, Roladin House - Kadima, Center of the mouth and jaw - Tel Hashomer, And many more.


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